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  Find Inspectors, Energy Pros, Contractors, Plumbers, etc.

Your Home can have Free Access to the HomeGauge Network!

HG NetworkThousands of home buyers come to our site each week to view their inspection report, purchase home warranties, and select Tradesmen from our HomeGauge Network! Access is free when you select a professional inspector from our network.


  1. Know your home’s condition. Have your home inspected first by searching here for participating inspectors (fee based). Your report will then be delivered online (can be emailed or printed) and you gain free access to the HomeGauge Network!
  2. Gain access for free to Tradesmen in your area that have agreed to be Gauged (rated), by customers just like you on their service.
  3. Competitive pricing saves you money!
  4. Choosing among local tradesmen who were Gauged by customers before you helps create a pleasant experience the next time you need a:
    Plumber, Electrician, Heat and Air Specialist, General Contractor, Painter, Handyman, Roofer, Landscaper, Pest Control Expert or Appliance Repairman!
  5. Store your report online, password protected, and use the report to work on repairs, future projects, and your home energy path. Use the messaging system to stay in touch with all the tradesmen in your network. This feature is automatic when you have a home inspection from participating inspectors.

HomeGauge provides homeowners and home buyers a network of Service Providers initiated by a Home Inspection or an Energy Audit. The service providers in the HG Network are Gauged by previous home owners or purchasers and develop a reputation based on their prior service. Home owners and purchasers can use the network for all their home’s needs.

Service providers (i.e. contractors, plumbers, electricians, painters, handyman, etc.) can sign up with HomeGauge to be in the HomeGauge Network (subscription based) on their own, but must "connect" with Home Inspectors and Energy Professionals to be listed in their network. Our Service Providers (tradesmen) have paid to be listed, have joined a home inspector's network, and are Gauged on how well they treated their customers in workmanship, punctuality, professionalism, and price. Customers like you help the next customer choose their tradesman. This act alone can eliminate unwanted tradesmen who cannot withstand the "Gauging" process and reduces the chance of an unhappy encounter with a tradesman on your home. Tradesmen in our network realize that the next "customer job" they get depends upon how well they take care of each customer.

  Find Inspectors, Energy Pros, Plumber, Electrician, Heat and Air, General Contractor, Painter, Handyman, Roofing, Landscaping, Pest Control or Appliance Repairman and more!

Why use the Home Inspector's Network of Tradesman?

Home inspectors work from a level of trust with their home buyers and sellers. They are like a home manager of sorts, and do not want to be associated with less than stellar tradesmen. Usually, the tradesmen in a home inspector's network have been interviewed by the home inspector. If a tradesman does terrible work, or is inconsistent with charges or is unpleasant to work with, it can affect the home inspector's reputation indirectly, and the home inspector will not want him or her in their network. The home inspector only wants good quality work done on the home he inspected. He doesn't want unprofessional, amateur or sloppy work. You, the customer, can reduce the likelihood of an unpleasant experience even further by choosing tradesmen or Service Providers who have joined a home inspector's network!

Free Access to the HomeGauge Network!

It's free and easy! You can search now from the zip code search (link below). Many homeowners will start with a home inspection of their home's condition first, and then gain access to tradesmen in the home inspector's network who can perform repairs or help in a remodel or renovation of your home. Your home inspector will perform an inspection of your home's condition and will upload the report to a password protected storage site just for you. There, you can return time and time again, working from the report on repairs or improvements to the home. You will see the inspector's network of tradesmen or Service Providers that have been "Gauged" by previous customers or will be awaiting your Gauge after they are hired by you. You can choose from the inspector's network or search the database within your zip code for tradesmen outside the inspector's network. Get quotes, ask questions and read their "Gauge." You decide who you want to use and when. You pay the Tradesperson directly for their services, same as always, and you get to "Gauge" them when the job is complete.

  Find Inspectors, Energy Pros, Plumber, Electrician, Heat and Air, General Contractor, Painter, Handyman, Roofing, Landscaping, Pest Control or Appliance Repairman and more!

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ScooterBurgess (Inspector)
I have just had the pleasure with working with Bethany. She answered all of my questions and was just a pleasure to work with! People like her and your other support staff is the reason we have been with home gauge since 2006 Mar 26, 2015 11:28 AM
hgmike (Inspector)
You can add a new listing service to your account by logging in to your account, and from your dashboard, click on the "Account" tab, then click on "My License & Services". Apr 27, 2012 10:06 AM
tmelandro (Inspector)
How do I list my conpamy services we perform air testing for toxic mold in home and commercial properties. How do you become a participating inspector Apr 23, 2012 6:47 PM
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