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HomeGauge is the official software provider for Buyers Protection Group, HouseMaster, and NACA.

Add-on INACHI Commercial Template

NACHIHomeGauge has released a special version for InterNACHI Members. By downloading the InterNACHIGauge version you will receive:

  1. The InterNACHI logo on your cover page of your report
  2. Residential Templates (according to the InterNACHI Residential SOP)
  3. InterNACHI Inspection Agreement (automatically populates the contract with customer info from the report)
  4. Full flexibility of HomeGauge 4.1 (including the import/export comments feature that allows InterNACHI inspectors to share their comments)
  5. Special add-on available — InterNACHI Commercial SOP Template (see below)*

Get started today and have your agents and customers come to your own website to pick up their reports using the HomeGauge Service.

Infrared certified software*Special ADD-ON — Only $99!

Now released: InterNACHI Commercial SOP Template for $99!

Why pay $1000 for separate commercial software when you can add it to your InterNACHIGauge software for $99? See a sample report.

This add on includes a template for InterNACHI Commercial Inspections with the InterNACHI commercial contract agreement and the thermal camera addendum.

ACT NOW and receive free with the Commercial SOP Template:

accessibility InterNACHI "AIR" Accessibility Inspection Report Template (No extra cost) this is the alternative to an ADA template.
green Go Green!Also included free is the Commercial Green Inspection checklist report.
stairways Stairways Inspection Report Template built in at no additional charge!

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Sample Inspection Report

Below are links to a sample commercial inspection report using the InterNACHIGauge software with the optional InterNACHI Commercial SOP template add-on. These links show the same report with different print settings applied to it, all shown in a narrative format (checkbox type formats and the TREC format for Texas are also available). InterNACHIGauge gives you several options on the report output style. The same software is used to create residential inspections (the InterNACHI Residential SOP templates are included with the standard InterNACHIGauge software).

sample nachi report Sample 1 - Modern Gradient, With Section Header Icons

sample nachi report Sample 2 - Modern Green, With Section Header Icons

sample nachi report Sample 3 - Modern Navy, With Section Header Icons

sample nachi report Sample 4 - Modern Red, No Section Header Icons

sample nachi report Sample 5 - HomeGauge Orange, No Section Header Icons


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Latest comments on this page
hgmike (Inspector)
If you mean the INACHI templates for HomeGauge, you can download them from the Exchange and Extras page under the support menu at the top of the page. If you mean the INACHI SOP, you can probably download that from or copy it from one of your other computers. Sep 27, 2011 10:21 AM
bhisinc (Inspector)
I belong TO NACHI and I would like to have the residetal SOP on my lap top I have them on my offic computer butI can't remember how I received them. Can you help me? Sep 26, 2011 5:06 PM
russell (Inspector)
The INACHI commercial template is specific to the commercial standards of INACHI. We have many inspectors in Ontario and Canada using HG whether its commercial or residential, it seems to work great for our fellow canadian folk. Is there a specific standard you are looking for? May 7, 2009 3:20 PM
curak (Inspector)
do you have add-on inspection templates for Canada, Ontario May 7, 2009 1:01 PM
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