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Mold Inspection Report

Included with your HomeGauge software purchase is the Mold Inspection template.

This template is designed for you to add to your services a "Mold Search" inspection. A homeowner will call you to come and perform a search for signs of mold in their home.

1. Perform an inspection looking for visible signs of mold.
2. Test areas suspected of mold according to your agreement with the home owner
3. Perform an air test inside and out (according to the organization you follow)

An additional service is to perform a test on a known area. Sometimes the owner or buyer discovers mold and wants a test only at that location. HomeGauge software will allow you to "exclude" all sections or items except for that area, so you can produce a report just for that specific area.

Note that the ratings or column headers can be changed, as well as the items or areas to be inspected, by modifying the template. See our tours page.



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hgmike (Inspector)
To move the template to your Android device, go to the menu in the HomeGauge 5 Desktop software "HG Services -> Upload Cloud Templates & Settings" and select all the templates you want to move over to the Android device (put a check next to each one). The mold template is found in the residential section. After they are uploaded to the cloud, you go to your Android device, and from the first home screen in the HomeGauge Companion Software, click on the menu button (your Android menu button), click on "HG Services", then click on the "Get Templates and Settings" button. This will pull down all the templates you uploaded. Apr 4, 2012 12:20 PM
melanda (Inspector)
How do I get this template on my Android? Apr 3, 2012 9:06 PM
blanehope (Inspector)
home gauge you guys and girls are WINNER'S Feb 25, 2009 12:02 AM
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