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HomeGauge is the official software provider for Buyers Protection Group, HouseMaster, and NACA.

Success stories from home inspectors

Read home inspection software reviews directly from inspectors:

I am continually and thoroughly amazed and impressed with the level of support I get from HomeGauge every time I call for help. I always get a real person that can always solve my problem. I just talked to Kristin and she knew immediately what I needed and assisted me quickly. You have really put together a great team and the concept of immediate help is outstanding. I wish you would sell it to Charter Communications and several other companies that don't have a clue.

Oh, by the way, your products also work great. I recently bought the HG Companion and it was easy to get started and I use it all the time. Thanks and keep up the good work.

Doug Mickle, ASHI Certified Inspector
Housechek Inspections

Just wanted to drop everyone at HomeGauge a quick note and say thanks for all the support you guys (especially Shancy) have provided. HomeGauge has given me my life back by being so much more efficient. No more office time behind the scenes after the inspection. 70 inspections in the past 7 weeks equals 70 hours of new found free time and no more desk time re-creating the report at home. Not to mention my clients and referral base love the report format and video feature. Thanks again for everything!

Quality Assurance Home Inspections

I wish I knew then what I know now!

.....I would have saved $800 on the previous software I purchased; but you know the old saying, "You Get What You Pay For". I was trying to save a few hundred buck$ so I went with another software that had good reviews. Instead, I was presented with a headaches worth of problems and a report that was slightly above average. With HomeGauge, I no longer have to worry if another inspector has a better reporting software than me. I know my reports are far superior that anyone else not also running HomeGauge.

The online business scheduler is amazing with its ability to keep my appointments in order while automatically e-mailing out confirmation emails to both the client and the realtor. Plus my accountant loves me now that I am able to link my invoices to QuickBooks; and that's not even the best feature. What really sets me apart from my competition is my ability to add video to my reports!!! There are so many more easy to use features, but I don't want to spoil all the surprises for you.

Special thanks to Russell, Shancy & Kate for the support as I migrated from one software to the other. Keep up the great work! I don't typically write testimonials, but if I can save a fellow inspector some money from the start... TRUST ME when I tell you that HomeGauge is a valued investment and worth its price. Or you can be hardheaded like me and pay for it twice before you learn HomeGauge is the best and easiest to use :)

Happy Inspecting

Frank Jensen
Coast 2 Coast Home Inspections, LLC
Fort Myers, Florida

I wanted to take a moment to say how much I love the HomeGauge products and support, especially the home inspection software. I just recently purchased it and after setting it up for my business I will be using it today. I say a big thank you to Shancy, Michaela, and David, who have all been so helpful. I am starting to understand the software to where I am now solving my own issues. My only regret is that I did not find it sooner. HomeGauge is a quality company and a Home Inspector’s dream. Thank you for all you and your team have done, and I look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with HomeGauge. Take care and keep up the great work!!

John Shaffer
Cascade Home Inspections LLC
Seattle Washington

I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the HomeGauge home inspection software, it is so easy to use and the HomeGauge tours make learning to use the software fun. My clients are very pleased and impressed with my reports.

Randy McKay
Mr. Home Inspection Services, Inc.

I'm assuming you probably hear this on a regular basis, so I thought I would pass on my thoughts as to my recent interaction with HG support. As I have come to experience each and every time I call support, I get outstanding help. My most recent contact was with Kate and I will have to say WOW. She exceeded and surpassed every expectation I could have asked for in helping us with a template challenge. It is such a pleasure to speak to your group of professionals. Thanks again Kate!

Bob Jennings
HomeView, Inc.

The best marketing tool I have ever implemented in my business has been to begin processing reports with HomeGauge Software. My customers love the format and professionalism of my printed reports, and many show it to their friends, family or co-workers. That has generated additional inspections for my company from these customer contacts. In 2009 almost 10% of my inspection total came from those types of referrals. I made the right choice 2 years ago by signing up with HomeGauge, and I want to thank you for your high quality product.

Bill Moss
Firm Foundation Home Inspection, LLC

I wanted to provide you all with feedback from a customer that has used your services for four years. Selecting a reporting software company (several months), was a difficult choice. Several phone call to perspective options.

Your company delivers, Excellent Professional Reporting Software, Superior Customer Support, Streamlines my need to build a web site, marketing, training and the list goes on and on.

It has been a pleasure working with and having HomGauge — you not only help me deliver professional reports to my clients, but also provide personal attention without equal. Would not only Recommend you but will encourage all Building Consultants to use HomeGauge!

Keep up the good work!

Michael Harrison
If Walls Could Talk Home Inspections

I really enjoyed the class Friday! (I did not want the day to end.) Thanks for the great lunch, too. It was well beyond my expectations ... everything I have seen that you guys have to offer has exceeded my expectations!

I will tell all my Inspector-peers about you guys ... I wish I had made the switch to HomeGauge 5 years ago!!! Think of all the Business and $ I have not capitalized on by not switching to HG and HG Services.

Looking for a long relationship with ya’ll….I hope to be doing this another 20+ years — if I am allowed to be so blessed.

Thanks again for stepping out years ago and starting HomeGauge ... thanks for doing what all you do and for developing this HG system.

Chris Keeling
Chris Keeling Home Inspections

Read home inspection software reviews directly from inspectors:

I would like to thank you and your staff — when I found your company several years ago you said you were founding your company on service — and that you have. It means a lot to me to be able to call and get help for a problem when I’m in the field. I don’t know how, but it seems everyone I talk to is happy to help, almost like family, and I know you don’t know me from Adam. Thanks for making me look good.

Dennis Shaw
I Spy Homes

For 15 of my 17+ years as a Home Inspector I have been utilizing report writing software in one form or another. I have even assisted in the development of a couple of the more popular brands, and they all seemed to lack something. That is until now.

After reviewing HomeGauge 4, I have found the answer to my software frustrations. HomeGauge 4 is easy to learn, can be manipulated to fit any reporting style, and is operated on a stable platform. The ability to use HomeGauge 4 with a handheld device is not only convenient, but it reduces my reporting writing time considerably. And my clients rave about the online report retrieval service.

When reviewing their products, it is obvious that HomeGauge listened to the inspectors in the field and adopted those suggestions into their products. In my opinion, HomeGauge is the best home inspection software suite available.

Jim Turner, CRI
PresidentNational Association of Home Inspectors

I purchased your software at the KREIA Conference in Louisville, KY through Ron Levine back at the end of October 2008, and had no computer experience at all prior to that. I needed a lot of help, and this is to let you know I always got the help I needed, but I've got to tell you about Patrick. Anytime my Wife or myself would call the support number we would always hope that Patrick would answer the phone. It did not matter how stupid, simple, or obvious the answers or questions were, he always takes the time needed, and explains everything in an easy to understand way that even I can understand. HE IS GREAT! I would also like to let you know that the main reason I purchased the software was because Ron assured me I would be able to catch onto the program, and he was right. Ron is a great rep. for your company, not to mention the fact that he's also a super nice guy. I've put a lot of time in on it, but it was well worth it. Russell you have a great team assembled. My transition from a hand written report to the computerized report has been so much easier than I could have ever hoped, and I believe it is directly related to your designers, tech guys, and your staff in general. All you guys are great, and I look forward to a long working relationship with you and your people. Have a great day, and thanks again for a Great product that helps make me an even better home inspector. Thanks again!

Doug Smith, License HI-2023 ASHI Certified 246401

THANK YOU!!!! HomeGauge has been one of the lights in this difficult business. It is a rare thing these days to find customer service anywhere. HG is one of the best customer service companies I know. The efforts that are made to make your software the best in the industry shows. It takes time, money and passion. I just want you to know that I see what you do and appreciate you all very much. Your software is the cornerstone of my business. Without HG I would be just another inspector. I cannot tell you how many times I get the credit for your work with comments like "your report rocks". Continue in your efforts with passion. You are all making us out here in the trenches look better and better.... And that is saying something for someone who crawls on all fours all the time!

Troy Walton, Certified Master Inspector
Superior Home Inspection, LLC

I have been using your services for about four years and I must say I am very, very pleased. When I was studying to become a Home Inspector in 2001, I was concerned about using a sensible reporting method that was quick and easy to produce and read. Once I was ready to start my business, I researched the industry for a reporting method that made sense. I found that HomeGauge had the best set-up for a professional home inspector. HomeGauge could host my website, my client could schedule me through my website, get their reports through my website, and even pay me with a credit card on my website. This was great, not to mention the reporting software, training and support I received through HomeGauge. Finally, I liked the fact that everything was paperless and I could have a turnaround time within 24 hours. In other words, if I do a home inspection for you today, you will have your report in your email the next morning. How can you beat that kind of service? I have found in my four years in business as a home inspector, the fact that I am trained in home inspecting, fully ICC code certified, and continue with my education through GAHI, is not what sells my business. The HomeGauge reports and their services sell my business. I have had several clients compliment me on my website and services offered. All of the clients that I have done inspections for have told me that they love the report and the ease of receiving it over the Internet. Now, I am looking forward to pursuing additional training in the commercial inspection field and I plan to use the new HomeGauge commercial inspection template.

Thank you HomeGauge!

Keven J. Gehring
Your Assurance Home Inspections

Thank you so much — I followed your directions and was able to load the Pocket HG software. It is even better than I expected. You guys (HomeGauge) really are great. You were really helpful as well, thank you. I really feel like I made the right choice in home inspection software. We have been in business since 1998 and have previously been using outdated software. We will now be able to serve our clients and agents much better thanks to your software. I will be in touch about the HomeGauge Services that I have started paying for, I know I will have questions about getting the website going and I know that you all are here to support me/your clients. Thank you ;)

Stuart Stackelhouse
High Desert Home Inspection

I asked one of the home inspectors I often use for your name and contact information. I have been a Realtor for many years. I have recently had the enjoyment of seeing your HOMEGAUGE reporting system. One of the inspectors I use is Rocky Brenner of Accent Inspections, LLC of Byron, GA. The reports that are generated on HomeGauge are absolutely the easiest and most complete I have ever seen. It has been my pleasure to be served by your system. I wish all of the inspectors we deal with had this same service to offer. Thank you for your thought and application of HomeGauge Software.

Neil Johnson
Realtor, Golden Key Realty

Warner Robins, GA

You haven’t disappointed me yet, you "all" do an awesome job.

Let me qualify that statement with a little F.Y.I. I retired from IBM (over 35 years) a few years ago, I was one of the first in their PC support staff when they got into the PC business in 1981. While I was with them, I helped develop their PC Support, Internet and other systems. When I left, the support staff was over 1200 people supporting IBM Customers worldwide. I retired as a PC support Manager a few years ago. So when I say that the HomeGauge product, education, customer support and staff are awesome.... I think I’m more than qualified to make that statement.

Keep up the good work.

August (Augie) Olsen
2-4-1 Home Inspections, LLC

I'm just emailing to compliment you on your great product. I have been giving HG's home inspection software a review for 6 months now, and after help editing and tweaking my report I feel I have a tremendous system. My one concern early on was that I was competing against inspectors that give a "Book" type presented report with information and tips. However, I have found that by adding links and downloads from my website to the program, clients can access a huge resource of information online.

Keep up the good work,

Paul Oliner
Coast Mountain Home Inspection (BC)

Thanks for all the information you imparted to Daren and James at last Friday's HomeGauge training class. They both came home excited about your software and all of your available support. They also learned very much from the class. They said it was a very diversified class and they got a lot of good information from both of you as instructors, and even from their fellow classmates, many of whom were existing HomeGauge users.

You're very welcome for the "Thanks" for our business. I feel we have made the correct choice in software for our inspection business and have been very pleased with all the help we've received from your company.

We look forward to a great working relationship with HomeGauge and a continued friendship with all of you as individuals.

Terry Waggoner
Benchmark Residential Inspection Services

Thanks for the support yesterday. I don't know if you could tell it, but I was in panic mode. After I explained my problem you knew exactly how to fix my issue. This is typical of the support I have received by the staff at HomeGauge. From the first time I downloaded the software to test, I received the same support to questions and issues I thought I had. The friendly and courteous replies from the staff made my task of reporting so much easier. Even after I purchased the software the prompt support continued whenever I placed a call, which was for enhancements of my reports.

Last year I left my business during our slow period for what I thought would be 90 days to help with the Katrina disaster, but that lasted 7 months, in which time I let my subscription expire while I was out of town. Re-activation of HomeGauge services was as simple as a phone call.

I'm always looking for ways, or technology, to improve and speed the inspection activities where I can provide my client with the most comprehensive and thorough report. I feel that's what I would want my home inspector to do for me if this was my home they were inspecting. I've been using the handheld version since it came out, and you just don't realize how easy and fast it has become, not having to transpose notes to my tablet and search for photos to add to various categories. In the real estate business they say 'time is of the essence'. Using the handheld allows me to reduce the time getting the report uploaded and e-mailed to the client and realtor.

All of you at HomeGauge deserves a big Thank You.

Benny Stewart

First, let me start by saying that I have no doubt made the right decision on the inspection reporting system and the company behind it for my new home inspection business. I am a Kaplan/ITA graduate and have spent months researching and eventually finding what I consider to be the best company that offers the best support for the best inspection reporting system, period. HomeGauge is that company. I want to thank the all fine people that have displayed an unbelievable amount of patience with me and exhibited great knowledge of your products. A special "Thank you" to Patrick, Ron, Peter and Wayne.

Bob Jack - VT

"... I am happy to say, now three months into my business, that I made the right decision with HomeGauge. In fact, I can honestly say that what I thought I was purchasing from HomeGauge was reporting software. Little did I know that what I actually purchased was an entire system for success in the home inspection business. The software is only the beginning of what HomeGauge has provided to me.

During the last several months, I have found myself greatly enjoying the software and its ability to be customized to meet my specific needs. But, in addition, I now have a professional looking website, the ability to accept credit cards, an internet driven distribution system for my reports, and an entire network of home inspection professionals that are very willing to share ideas with me and other home inspectors. The list goes on and I continue to find new things daily that I can use to help grow my business.

Thanks again for exceeding my expectations and helping me establish a successful home inspection business."

Keith Hutcheson
Coastal Home Inspection Services

You guys have style. Here's some insight from my perspective. The reason I do business with you folks is because you make me want to. On top of your expertise, I appreciate the sincere care and support you have shown.

Dan Rogers - Virginia Beach , VA

You guys are awesome!! I used this new version on two inspections we had 'today'... I love it ... you're making my life easier! Thanks so much.

Pat Redmon - Reno, NV

Russ and all the folks at HomeGauge, I just want to say "Thanks" for having such a great product, you make me look good.

Joseph DeGiorgio - Cumming, GA

I think you folks are great.  My business is booming and it is in no small part to the fabulous reports I create and the ease with which I can offer them on the net.  Keep it up!  

Wendy Stanley - Portland, OR

I wanted to write a short note to inform you personally about the outstanding customer Service that HomeGauge has provided for All Islands Home Inspections. I have one of the largest and most professional Inspection businesses in Hawaii and have used other software packages over the years, but was so impressed after downloading your software that I bought it with only a two day trial. I have required many changes to customize several pages that fit the Asian community in Hawaii and have never called your customer service line and found it busy or put on hold. I am very satisfied with not only your software, but with the real value of people that know what they are doing. Thank you's to those professionals on your team that make my job easier to maintain our image as the very best Home Inspection service in Hawaii. 

With Aloha,
L.B. Woffinden - Honolulu, HI

Your HomeGauge team is doing an awesome job!  Congratulations on your company's growth!

Steve MacKenzie - Sevierville, TN

I use Russ Harrell and Arnie Bojak almost exclusively because of the quality of service that they provide. HomeGauge is one of the key examples of how professional they are, as your reports give greater detail on situations present in the home and better leverage on defect resolution. Thank you for a phenomenal tool for real estate agents and consumers alike!

Kale Wright

Keller Williams Realty Intown Atlanta

We've been checking out other Inspectors, their reports and their websites. Nothing comes close to HomeGauge...NOTHING!! We are amazed at what some Home Inspectors give their clients. And the websites.....very unprofessional. You've got your act together and we really appreciate it. Thanks again for your're the best (or as my kids would say.....'YOU DA MAN!!')

Stephen and Barbara Spurlock - Chandler, AZ

When I started with HomeGauge, it was the best investment that I made as a rookie home inspector. I now have a second inspector and a second copy of HomeGauge. Coincidence, maybe or maybe not. I give it a positive review!

Mike Everett - Southern Home Reports, Oxford, AL

We are very happy with HG and it has contributed to a massive growth in our inspections.

Larry David - Charleston, SC

"I have been wanting to let you guys at HG how happy I am with the products and support. It's everything I'd hoped for. Uploading reports is turning out to be a great thing for my clients and for me. And you've sure been there for me plenty of times on the support front. Keep up the good work and I sure hope that my competitors don't hear about you :-) "

Ken Zigler - Newhall, CA

I just got this from an agent - "I love the new format & website. The report came out very clear & understandable. The photos were great also. I will recommend you again in the future ;') "

I am getting very positive feedback from customers and agents like the quick email I got above. Thanks.

Harris Breit - Tucson, AZ

Anyone that is afraid to make the leap for fear of not having adequate support should put this out of their mind. Not that he wants to do this everyday but, Russell has been on the phone with me at 11:00 PM trying to work out issues.

I will close with a straight forward thank you for your support and I look forward to a successful mutual relationship that we all will learn and profit from.
Michael Patton - Melbourne, KY

" I always look forward to dealing with a new realtor! Case and Point......A realtor calls me out of the blue from a referral of one of my clients. She has a buyer that needs a home inspected and the appointment is set for March 19, 2002. I perform the usual inspection and inform her of the upload and to be looking for the notification email. At 10:00 am on March 20th(the next morning) I receive a phone call on my cell phone and it's this realtor looking at the report in her office and she has 5 of her realtor/friends standing around the computer admiring the HomeGauge Report. These ladies are amazed at what they are seeing and it is apparent that they feel like they have stumbled onto a great find! So after a 10 to 15 minute Q & A session with these 6 ladies by phone, I thank them and they thank me and we conclude the phone call. Since that day, I have done a home inspection for 2 of those 5 realtors and I have appointments for inspections with 2 more of the 5 realtors next week! One report resulted in 4 new clients within a day! None of these 5 ladies had met me previous to viewing the report and it led them directly to me......that's strong. The big advantage for me is the fact of being paperless with this process. NO FAXES! Virtually all our realtors and buyers prefer the use of the internet and email. When I meet a realtor for the first time I always get their email address and when I get back to my office I send them a 3rd party direct link to one of my past inspections. If I didn't quite sell them when we met I usually get them after they have taken a look. Thank you Russell and everyone at HomeGauge for the great product and good support. "

Paul Forsyth - Snellville, GA

My review: "One of the big selling points of your package is the ability to get answers from you. I checked out the Message Boards last night. They are a great resource. I've looked at most of the software packages available on the web over the last six months. You guys are by far the best. You made one change that I suggested before I became a customer. You can't beat that for support."

Randy Friar - Hartselle, AL

"I have just completed my first full week with the HomeGauge system. I wish this was available when I started my business. This has saved me so much time each day. I no longer waste time delivering reports to the agents office or waiting in line at the Post Office. I just email the reports all over the country and to each agent. I find myself looking for things to do each night. This is the time I use to spend filling out reports, invoices and summary pages. The best response I have seen is from the agents when the report is handed to them minutes after the home inspection is complete. They say " very impressive", "awesome", "professional looking report", and I have picked up 3 new agents this week from the use of this system. This is wonderful and I hope my competitors do not find out this type of system is out there. I wish to thank you and your staff for the time you have spent with me on the phone getting me up and running. I look forward to each day and can not wait to see the reaction of the agents once I hand them the report. I know the pay back will be quick and the agents will continue to jump on board. Thank you."

Michael Landry - Naples, FL.
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Latest comments on this page
bmcleese (Inspector)
The HomeGauge platform is my tool for success. I like the software is completely configurable yet easy to use. I also like the complete integration of functions from online scheduling to reporting to capturing client testimonies. I'm very impressed with HomeGauge's quality of upgrades -always trouble free. Oct 7, 2014 9:13 AM
leninkster (Inspector)
All the inspectors I know who use Homegauge are more than happy with it. That's not why I use it. Software to me is a tool, and as with any tool you need proper training to use it properly. Homegauge provides that training and more. I've tested all the other solutions, and the reason I chose Homegauge was not solely for my benefit, it is because it is such a great product for my clients. Homegauge allows me to produce clear, concise, narrative reports with photos AND video. I can include forms that allow my clients to print certificates for insurance and mortgage requirements, my clients can book me directly through the Homegauge web services, and more importantly the reports are available for my clients 24x7 for 5 years regardless of what happens to me or my business. This software is not just a tool for me, but a full-service facility for my clients and their needs too. Jul 30, 2014 10:50 AM
StocksHomeInspection (Inspector)
All I can say is no more. There is no more staying up late at all times of the night trying to complete inspection reports. No more telling my clients that they have to wait next business day for the inspection report, no more taking days off just so that I have time to finish reports, & no more not being able to spend time with my family because I am too busy with inspection reports. This software has definitely made my life a lot easier, For the first week I didn't even know what to do with myself due to all the extra time I saved myself with HomeGuage software & the companion app. Jul 21, 2014 8:02 AM
RandyMcKay (Inspector)
I've been a HomeGauge customer for a few years and I recently switched my website hosting to HomeGauge, Kate Burch did a fantastic job of building my site and getting it set up and running. I was paying way to much with my previous site and now I have the site I want for a GREAT!! price, call Kate you'll be glad you did! Mar 3, 2014 11:19 AM
PROMAX (Inspector)
Russell and HomeGauge WIN the InterNACHI Throwdown HANDS DOWN!! Russell had the best presentation of the best software (in the best time). He is miles ahead of the closest competitor (Home Inspector Pro) and the others are still light years behind. Russell's software has so much functionality and ease-of-use that it makes the others look like they are running on DOS. His team gives phenomenal service, better in fact than any software service I have ever had in 35 years. You can't help but be a winner, when you team with HomeGauge! Submitted by *David Brogdon* *** PRO/MAX Construction *** Dec 16, 2013 10:56 PM
aaainspectiongrp (Inspector)
The Best Inspection Software Jan 5, 2013 2:12 AM
XyXyXShayHG (Inspector)
Chris, no problem I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving as well and we look forward to speaking with you again! Nov 23, 2011 4:27 PM
chrisstankus (Inspector)
Stankus HomePro,Inc Thank You Michaela for all of your help loading the software to our new computer. Happy Thanksgiving!!!! Nov 23, 2011 2:46 PM
I just wanted to say thanks for your great program and I just got the up dated 4-4 version. The program is so easy to use and like everyone says it is the Home Gauge reports that keep my work coming in. So easy to upload the reports & to send out email notices to my clients and for them to view their reports on line is really fantastic as my company is based here in Cabo San Lucas and my clients live in the US & Canada and they can view the report anywhere in the world is unbelievable, also to be able to make payment on line is even better!! Jul 30, 2011 5:24 PM
PaulaWilliams974 (Buyer/Seller)
I needed an inspector for the next business day and a dear friend recommended Darryl Peace. I was very please with the inspection. Darryl not only cover all aspects of the home during the inspection, he also explained all findings making sure I understood what to recognize as a problem (small or large). His professionalism and knowledge showed in his performance. Being able to receive the report on site was a BIG plus in helping me as the client to further understand my future home. Thanks Again for your excellent service. Jun 24, 2011 3:20 PM
ShannonConaway366 (Buyer/Seller)
Mr. Peace did an exceptional job on my inspection. Your were very knowledgeable and made myself even more knowledgeable about what I should be looking for in my home. It's always important when your dealing with someone who cares about the customer and not about the money. You and a great personality and a great spirit and that will continue to take you a long way in life. Thank you again and I look forward to working with you in the future. Shannon Conaway- Atlanta, Ga May 27, 2011 10:49 AM
mgbinspect (Inspector)
The real beauty of HomeGauge - if you can dream it, you can do it with this software. The report layout, style and language are completely up to you. And, if I can learn how to manipulate this software, anyone can. Way to go HomeGauge! Dec 14, 2009 7:56 PM
tmelandro (Inspector)
The Homeguage software is a great system, my agents and buyers have told me the completed rports are very professional and easy to understand. I recommend Homeguage software system to all my interns and they have been using it withh graet success. The support system is great they always help and assit with any problems we might have. Tony D. Melandro Sep 14, 2009 2:03 PM
sphi09 (Inspector)
This was simply the best business decision I have ever made! This software has become the heart of my business. Thanks for developing a product that is truely second to none. Russ asked me over the phone, "would you recommend Home Gauge to anyone?" I kindly told him absolutely as long as they were not within 100 miles of me. Thanks! Keith Jensen Southern Premier Home Inspections,Inc North Georgia Aug 3, 2009 8:31 PM
xpert (Inspector)
I'm a happy Home Gauge User. Over the two years i've had the system, i developed my reporting systems way beyond the out of the box offering. There is not a week that goes by that the system get better and better and with almost every report filed, my "core" expands. Home Gauge is a great tool, and the more you use it, the more you can get out of it. I cannot imagine using any other system. I can produce a thorough, well scripted, detailed report in less than an hour. Thanks to all at Home Gauge! Jul 26, 2009 11:37 AM
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