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Our Video in Your Report Contest is Over!

See our Featured Videos!   Final winners will be announced soon!

video contest

Enter our monthly contest to be entered in our 4 big drawings!

Monthly $100 contest for 12 months: Video clip of the month with Cash Prizes!

Each month we will feature at least one inspector (maybe more) and they will each receive $100 and recognition on our website!

Double Down Entries Get $200!
Video clip of the month featured video entries will receive an extra $100.00 ($200 total) if the last report they uploaded has at least 2 video clips in the report (see rules). Demonstrating regular use of video in your reports gets you an extra hundred bucks and gives you stand out status in your town!

Entering is easy! Easy! EASY!

Just upload your report containing at least 1 video, and find the button (shown above) to submit that report in your list of uploaded reports on It's that easy!

Contest Tips:
Submit each month (up to 4 times a month). We not only look for wow defects, but also good descriptions or info you give to your customer, safety tips, nice pans of the yard for the cover page that may include greetings or introductions to your company, describing unknowns based on signs like drainage, etc., or short clean descriptions of the water shut off locations or filter locations. We’re looking for creativity and usefulness.

Inspecti Report Video

1st Drawing
Drawing: January 4, 2013: “Luck of the Draw!” BIG MONEY! $250 or $1250 in cash*
(*with 5x odds!)

2nd Drawing
Drawing: May 3, 2013 “Luck of the Draw!” BIG MONEY! $500 or $2500 in cash*
(*with 5x odds!)

3rd Drawing
Drawing: September 6, 2013 “Luck of the Draw!” BIG MONEY! $750 or $3750 in cash*
(*with 5x odds!)

4th Drawing
Drawing: January 3, 2014 “Luck of the Draw!” BIG MONEY! $1000 or $5000 in cash*
(*with 5x odds!)

*5x Odds Winner: If you win the Luck of the Draw we will randomly choose 3 reports you uploaded that month, — if they have at least 3 video clips in each of the three reports, we will pay you 5x the winning amount. By demonstrating regular use of video in your reports, you get 5x odds and it gives you stand out status in your town! Now that’s a winner! (see contest rules below)

Anyone can win!

We will pick one lucky winner from all entries we collect regardless of whether or not you were featured in the Video Clip of the Month! This means everyone who submits an entry has a chance to win!

Market yourself!

Create a sample report with videos. Add a link to your report on your website/email signature and send emails to all your agents telling them this:

Dear (Agent First Name),
I just upgraded my inspection report to an Inspection Presentation! I can now include video in my inspection report! Also, you can click on the pictures and they will enlarge for better viewing! To add ease in reviewing the report with your client, we have also added a Live Contents Tab that stays visible while you scroll through the report! Other inspectors offer the same old report, but we now offer an Inspection Presentation! Click on this link to see and experience our new report. It is our goal at (Company Name) to add value to your customer's experience. It is just one more benefit they get when they choose you as their agent when buying or selling their home! See my new Inspection Presentation!

5 Video Clips to always include on every report!

(about 10-20 seconds each)

  1. Cover page pan (record the front view)
  2. Attic pan
  3. Crawlspace pan
  4. Filter location and tip
  5. Water shut-off location

More ideas: Garage door reverses, AC in operation/condensation, gas log/starter operation, thermal, drainage concerns, leaks, damage, FP damper operation tip, GFCI reset location, hydronic, gas water heater or temp tips, unique feature of the home, maintenance area tip, thermostatically controlled vent fan info, attic insulation opinion, loud disposer or dishwasher… and any defect you find!


Want all the agents talking about you?
Excite agents in your area by telling them that you now include video in your report! Do it now because your competitors can’t! Take advantage of this unique feature to make your reports come alive! Give your customers an Inspection Presentation! Change your sample report and start adding video clips in every report!


Enter now and up to 4 times a month towards the random drawings. You can enter as many times a month as you like for the Video of the Month awards, but only 4/per month will count toward the random drawings. You can enter by clicking a button by your report in your list of uploaded reports or by sending a link of the report to For more info call us at 877-274-4299! Get in the game!

Upgrade your company image, stand out from your competition, and have a reason to contact every agent, mortgage broker, and real estate attorney in your area — tell them you include video in your reports! Give them an Inspection Presentation!


If you are not using HomeGauge Version 5 Software or HG Services, now is the time! Call us for support in upgrading your software or helping you understand HG Services and how to upload a report with video! Toll free: 877-274-4299

Contest Rules:

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Free trial users are eligible to enter.

  1. Entries must use HomeGauge 5 Software and HomeGauge Services.
  2. Video clip must be submitted in an uploaded inspection report. If desired, you can duplicate the real report in the HG software and change any private information and even exclude all other sections. Or, you can identify the item # in the report for submittal. Send the report link to or submit using the button next to your uploaded report. Note that if we display any content from a report, we will remove any private information first. We will not share any of your customers or agents private information. Depending on the report, we may pull out just the video itself if we want to showcase it, removing it from any identifying information.
  3. Any report you submit must have been uploaded within the last 30 days from the date of submittal. If you want to submit an older report, you will need to upload a new copy first.
  4. Winners will be announced in subsequent news alerts and whether or not they won the Double Down or 5x odds. You can win more than once.
  5. Any entry or video clip submitted can be used for HG promotional purposes without any compensation to the entrant.
  6. You may enter up to 4 times a month for the random drawings. You are encouraged to enter as many times each month as you like for the Video of the Month awards.
  7. Double Down winners are determined before the winners are announced in the news alert. Once we select the winner of the video clip of the month, we will immediately look at the winner’s last uploaded report “folder” to see if there are 2 video clips in the report. If so, the winner receives double the original amount.
  8. 5x odds winners are determined immediately after the drawing. We will choose 3 reports at random from the instant winner's uploaded reports . If all three reports have 3 video clips or more in each report, they qualify and win 5x odds. A report must be real and customer viewed to be selected as the 3 reports. Selection of the 3 reports will be from the last 30 days from drawing date.
  9. All decisions are final, informal and at our sole discretion.
  10. Cash winners are subject to taxes.

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