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Home Inspectors and their network of service providers are much like general doctors and their specialists. The doctor looks for signs of issues that may need further exam by a specialist in that field of study. The same is true for home inspectors who may discover issues with a building component and recommend further inspection by a qualified technician, tradesman or service provider, such as an electrician, handyman or contractor.

By providing a network of Service Providers, you can offer to your customers Service Providers that are “Gauged” by previous customers. Service Providers willing to be gauged are interested in satisfied customers, and that adds a level of quality in the selection. You can help your customer by giving them instant access to choice tradesmen, which will save your customer's and agent’s time and increase the likelihood of a pleasant experience.

Using the “Gauge” at the HomeGauge Network, previous customers can rate their experience with the Service Provider that your present customer is about to hire. These standards, along with the inspector controlling who is in their network, can help raise the bar on quality, performance and experience of those Service Providers in the HomeGauge Network.

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What are the benefits of the HomeGauge Network for home inspectors?

Number one is providing a full service to your customers that they cannot get from inspectors outside the HomeGauge Network. When you upload your report using HG Services, the report is stored for your customer to view. Below the report is your network of Service Providers. If you note issues in the report, the customer or seller will want to address those issues, whether it is estimates to facilitate the real estate transaction, second opinions or to perform the work. It may be that the customer does not know any service providers or how to choose wisely from the phonebook or Internet. By providing them immediate access to service providers in their area that are willing to be “Gauged” by other buyers and home owners, they can make a better decision and reduce their risk. The inspector can help ensure a quality list by having full control of which Service Providers are in his or her network. If a Service Provider in your network does not deliver consistent quality service to your customers, you can talk to them or even take them out of your network. Agents sometimes need access to Service Providers too in order to get quotes or estimates from the results of your inspection. You provide a service to the agents affording them easy access to your network, increasing the agent’s efficiency and reducing the time and hassle that comes from a blind search.

More than just an uploaded home inspection report!

Giving the buyer or home owner access to service providers and a comprehensive inspection report gives them a unique work area for their home's future upkeep. HG plans to add additional features and services to this work area, aimed to allow the inspector to provide more services to the same customers, enabling repeat business for the inspector.

The HG Network makes it easier to add more services and gain a closer business relationship with the homeowner.

The following extra value added services you can now provide:

What makes your relationship stronger with your customers and helps them to think of you and your services beyond the initial inspection is a closer bond with them. The HomeGauge Network with the interface and Timed Released Messaging (TRM) can forge a long term repeat customer. It’s all about service! Provide your customer with as many value added, easily accessible services you can offer and they will not want to go anywhere else.

The HomeGauge Network makes it easy for you to have a full service company and a continued presence with the customer. You can naturally be thought of as the home’s manager (consultant) because of your special connection to the home and the homeowner. Through our “Timed Released Messaging”* or TRM service you can set template letters to be sent on a specific date. These could be reminders of extra services you provide, maintenance recommendations, or, for instance, after a seasonal change to suggest an energy inspection, or other services the home may need.
*TRM to be built on the HG Network Platform and some features or special programs of TRM may incur a fee. This service is coming soon.

Another major benefit of the HomeGauge Network is that you, the inspector, will also be in the network of all the Service Providers that you include in your network! Now you have increased your exposure within your community and gained opportunities to perform inspections (full or single component inspections) through the plumber, electrician or energy professional as they perform work unrelated to your inspection. Many times they come across problems unknown to the home owner that needs a home inspector. The Service Providers will have your company in their network featured at HomeGauge! Now you have Service Providers connecting you to their homeowners.

How much does the HomeGauge Network cost home inspectors? It’s tied in to the HomeGauge Services at no extra cost, as long as you have HG Services (currently $300 a year or $30 a month for HG Services).

How much do Service Providers Pay? They can be in the zip code search and in multiple networks for only $200 a year.

A special offer: To help you add to Your Network, HG will give the Service Provider FREE initial* access for 6 months when you the inspector or energy professional sends them an HG Network Special Invitation. Without your special invitation they can sign up free for 3 months rather than the six. The inspector will be able to send out as many of these 6 months free invitations to as many tradesmen in his or her area!
*(initial access means one free 6 month trial per Service Provider company)

Does the customer become part of a network? No, the customer is not part of anyone’s network and their identity is not known or searchable to anyone other than the home inspector that performed the inspection and their agent.

How does the inspector know if the contractor performed good work and service to his customer? The service provider is “Gauged” by their customers and is visible to the inspector.

Do I receive any money from the referral of the contractor or service provider or HomeGauge? No. According to most national organizations, ethical standards, and some state licensing boards, the inspector is not to receive compensation, either directly or indirectly, from his inspection report. However, networking is a part of doing business, and the more service providers you have in your network, the more exposure you will receive when people view their network.

The HomeGauge Network makes it easy for you to communicate with those parties involved in each report. It’s also easy to communicate with your network and connect with others.

The HomeGauge Network is different than any other social or business network site, because the home inspector has just inspected their customer’s home and its condition. Any other contact moving forward that is related to the home involving repairs, renovations and future improvements, puts the inspector at an advantage to help encourage quality, fair pricing of repairs, and professional service. The home inspector is poised to be the “Home Manager” for their customers.

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Join the HomeGauge Network, grow your business, promote repeat business and provide superior service. Sign up for HG Services and get the HomeGauge Network working for you!

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