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For $895 we will setup your WordPress website (domain name not included). We will design and write original content for your website. We will get you up and running fast, and once it is completed, you can take over the site yourself for only $25/month.

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Responsive websites

We build websites to be responsive, to work well on mobile devices.

Built with WordPress

WordPress is the best website manager available today!

Backed up daily

Our hosting includes daily backups so we can restore your site in an emergency.

Top-notch support

We have experience with WordPress and can help you when things go wrong.

We know how to make websites for inspection companies

Some benefits of having your own inspection website

  • Use a professional email address (i.e
  • Includes virus and spam filtered email addresses.
  • WordPress websites give you great flexibility with SEO and plugins that can give you additional functionality.
  • Have buyers and agents come to your website to pick up the report! (requires HomeGauge Services).
  • Use HomeGauge's online scheduler directly on your website (requires HomeGauge Services).
  • Display testimonials from your customers to help sell you services (HomeGauge Services includes a testimonials widget).
  • Once it is setup, you can edit your website yourself! Add as much content as you like! Add pictures, sample reports, links, and more!
  • HomeGauge support! Get the same quality support for all your business needs.

Why host with HomeGauge versus the bulk hosting sites?

  • Daily website backups: HomeGauge runs daily backups of your website and can restore it for you when something goes wrong. The bulk hosting sites will leave this up to you.
  • Website support: Need help adding a new page, inserting a photo or adding a new widget? Did that new plugin you just installed break your website (it happens). HomeGauge can help with these types of things, while bulk hosting companies typically will not.
  • Better email storage: Many of the bulk sites have very small limits on email storage, but HomeGauge starts you out with 10GB per email address, and we can increase it if you need more.
  • Secure setup: HomeGauge has had years of experience working with WordPress and we know what to expect. We setup your site right, right from the start.
  • Excellent server performance: HomeGauge keeps our servers in good shape. We know what the limits are, and don't overload our servers with websites. Too many websites on a single server can hurt performance, so we don't do that. Bulk hosting companies, however, will sometimes push the absolute limit on server capacity to maximize their profits, but HomeGauge knows when it is time to add new servers.

How do I get started?

  • Sign up. This will create an account.
  • Create a sample report (upload a sample report and we will do the rest).
  • Gather up some pictures of you, perhaps shaking someone's hand, up on a ladder, etc., and email them to us.
  • (optional) Have a company logo? Email it to us at
  • (optional) List your credentials, strong points in a paragraph and email it to us...or you can add them after we kick-start your site.
  • (optional) Send us any additional content you want included in your Kick-Start Website. (You can add anything later on yourself!)
  • Call us and tell us you want us to kick-start your site (828) 254-2030.
  • Upon completion you will be able to edit it all yourself.

Call us right now to kick-start your website! (828) 254-2030

View Sample Websites

See what our customers are saying:

We've been checking out other inspectors, their reports and their websites. Nothing comes close to HomeGauge...NOTHING!! You've got your act together and we really appreciate it. Thanks again for your're the best!

Spurs Mechanical Specialties — Chandler, AZ

Hi Lisa, the site is absolutely beautiful work! I appreciate all your attention to detail. You certainly have a professional eye for quality and design aspects — I couldn't be more satisfied. This site stands out and clearly represents and exceeds my expectations for the highest standard in website design. I've been with HomeGauge for over 10 years and the fact that HG offers this type of service is why HG is my preferred choice for report software and website services. Thank you for all your efforts and awesome work!

Tri-County Inspection & Consulting Services — Huntersville, NC

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