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  Find Inspectors, Energy Pros, Contractors, Plumbers, etc.

The HomeGauge Network is designed to save real estate agents time and increase efficiency per sale transaction!

HG NetworkBeing in the HomeGauge Network is free to agents. Just use a home inspector that’s in the network and gain access to:

  1. An electronic inspection report with illustrations. This report can be saved on your computer or stored online with a password. It can be viewed from your mobile phone as soon as the inspector uploads the report.
  2. Forward your report to anyone involved in the transaction (in or out of the Network) on the buyer’s behalf.
  3. Your profile picture, company information and special message will be stored with the report. This affords an opportunity for “Repeat Business” should the buyer retrieve the report while considering selling the home.
  4. Gain Access to the Tradesmen or Service Providers in the HomeGauge Network! Painters, Handymen, Plumbers, etc., all available and local to your area. Search the main database or search from within the inspector’s network. Better yet, add your tradesman to the network where they can be accessed by you, your buyer, or all buyers and home owners in your area. Note: Service Providers pay a fee to be listed in the main search and can join multiple inspectors' networks.

Sign in and send invitations to your Tradesmen or Service Providers to get in your network! They get 6 months free when they get an invitation from you using our automated invitation.

New to HomeGauge? You get in automatically when you use a home inspector from our search. Or, Sign up now for free here!

The HomeGauge Network for Agents saves time and increases efficiency on every real estate transaction!

  Find Inspectors, Energy Pros, Contractors, Plumbers, etc.


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