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  See how many home inspectors are in your area now!

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HG NetworkBe among the "first in your trade" the home buyer sees when picking up their inspection report and considering repairs or renovations!

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Did you know a home inspector in your area performs an average of 250-400 home inspections a year?

Home buyers come to our website to pick up their reports and come back often to reference the report information. Many are looking for tradesmen or service providers in their new neighborhood. They are new to the area in most cases, and you have an extraordinary opportunity to get their business now and in the future!

Become networked with a home inspector and gain a special status display of your company, featured at the uploaded inspection report. Each home inspector in your area that adds you to their network means exposure to another 250-400 home buyers (per inspector, per year) that are new in the neighborhood.

Home owners moving to another location need new contacts — business contacts like you! Join the HomeGauge Network and gain special access to these buyers through the search listing and more importantly, through our home inspector network!

Join the HG Network Now!

Sample home buyer's landing page:

sample buyers page

When they click on your profile (see sample above) they will get to your company's profile page (see below) and it can display "Your Network" of service providers as well!

company profile page

Should I add tradesmen I recommend to the HG Network?

Yes! By adding your own list of Tradesmen you recommend, as well as the inspector whose network you have joined, you can increase your income as well as those in your network. If you are a plumbing contractor and while on a job discover electrical issues, your customer can see the electrician that's in your network. The same is true for your electrician's customer — they can see you in his network. The home inspector is providing you access to his customers, and you can do the same. The next time you are at a home and discover problems not related to your trade, you can refer them to a home inspector in your network. Now you offer more by providing access to Full Service for your customers — and your fellow networkers can do the same for you!

Who is eligible to be in the HomeGauge Network?

Any tradesman directly related to the home and its components: This includes Plumbers, Electricians, Heating and Air Pros, Energy Surveyors, Handymen, General Contractors, Roofers, Landscapers, Painters, Pest Control Technicians, Environmental Pros, Air Quality Pros, etc. If you are a service provider, you can join inspectors' networks and gain access to many new homeowners moving into the area.

SPECIAL: Free Sign up for 3 months!

Sign up now for free and get 3 months at no charge! This will give you plenty of time to get your profile and company information entered in and "connect" with home inspectors in your area! Remember, results vary, but the average inspector does 250 inspections or more a year, with some doing more than 400 a year! Join the network and connect with multiple inspectors. There is no limit to how many inspectors can add you to their network once you sign up and start connecting. After your trial, pay only $200 a year to be listed in the main search and be “Featured” on each and every home buyer or home owner report that your network inspector performs. In most cases, one job from the network can pay for an entire year of the service. This is the best value in advertising with real customers that you can get! Get started today!

Sign up now! Click here to get started!

Want to see how many inspectors are in your area right now?

  Find Inspectors, Energy Pros, Contractors, Plumbers, etc.

Where else can you gain access and have such targeted influence as being among the first in your industry to welcome a family into the neighborhood? A family who needs to establish new contacts with Service Providers? This can be a great value for your advertising dollars!

Join the HomeGauge Network and start contacting home inspectors in your area!

It’s easy to use our “Automated Invitation Request” feature to get added to home inspectors' networks in your area! Many home inspectors bring 250-400 new home buyers into the area each and every year. That’s 250-400 home buyers that need a new service provider for their home (i.e. plumber, electrician, HVAC, painter, landscaper, general contractor, etc.). Be on as many home inspectors' networks as possible and get exposure to many potential lifelong customers!

1. Are there any other fees to me besides the annual or monthly fee?
Answer: No

2. Do I need to know a lot about computers to be in the HomeGauge Network?
Answer: No, just sign up with your company info to get listed in our search! Next, use our search to contact home inspectors and ask to be in their network!

3. How exactly do I get exposure?
Answer: Many ways!
a. From a search listing on our website, where more than 200,000 agents use our website to pick up their reports during the course of the year.
b . Thousands of buyers arrive each week to pick up their reports.
b. When the buyers come back, again and again, referencing their report.
c. When others are sent the report link at the discretion of the buyer (agents, attorneys, family, friends), bringing them to your featured listing at the report .
d. Multiply the above by how many inspections your network inspectors perform each and every year!

4. Is this territorial? Do I get exclusivity to my area?
Answer: There is no exclusivity. You can expect, however, that an inspector will only want 1-3 people per trade. Inspectors like professional people who are honest and take care of their customers. Follow these guidelines and you are sure to gain the confidence of those in the HomeGauge Network.

5. My company performs more than one service trade. Can I be listed in more than one trade?
Answer: Sure! You can sign up for multiple accounts under different trades.

6. If I need help can I call you for assistance?
Answer: Yes, please call us with any questions you have (828) 254-2030

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Please contact us with any question you might have!

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