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Vector InspectionsNeed a great website?

Choose which service is best for your company.

DIY (Do it yourself), or Full Service (we do it all):

Service providers need a web presence! How do most people search for a local plumber, electrician, contractor? On search engines. They usually search with local town and then the trade. You need a web presence. Many of you do not have the expertise to learn to create a website, or the time to maintain it and keep it fresh. You are likely loosing business without a website. Let us build it, and take care of it and all you do is email us the request for changes, edits or some pictures as frequent a once a week!

A wise ole man once said..."Son, pay a plumber to do what a plumber does and you do what you know how to do!" We know how to make and manage websites and we can keep them fresh as long as you can send an email with requests. With our "Full Service" at only $49 a month just a job or two can pay for your entire web presence and maintenance for a whole year!

Full Service: $399 set up fee to build your site and $49 a month for full service, or $25 to maintain it yourself

HomeGauge will create your own website using WordPress that has the latest animation, video imbed capabilities and more! Have the latest website in your town. You provide the content and pictures and we will do the rest. After it is created you have a full 30 days free for any changes or edits and then billing is just $49 a month for Full Service. You can email requests once a week or month for edits, changes, etc. You email it to us and we will do the work and maintenance to keep your website fresh! We take care of your website for you. Many web site managers charge $100 an hour or more for edits or changes, but not with our Full Service plan! The HomeGauge Website Full Service Plan lets you submit (via email) changes or edit requests once a week for only $49 a month! Take advantage of our Full Service by emailing us requests, pictures and edits once a week and keep your website fresh! Full Service gives you the best value! Only $49 a month! Best price for the value anywhere!! Sign me up now! Or, if you would rather do it yourself, once it is built, we will host it for you for $25/month, and you can maintain it at your own convenience. Email support is still free!

*Full Service includes a unique support email hotline for your weekly or monthly submittals or edit requests for your site! This is an email only for those in our Full Service to get results fast!

With your website:

We build great websites for:

Plumbers, Electricans, Carpenters, Masonry and Stone contractors, General contractors, Painting contractors, Landscaping contractors, Appliance repair contractors, Roofing contractors, Energy contractors, Heating and Air contractors, Environmental contractors, Chimney repair and cleaning contractors, Pest control contractors and home inspection companies!

Get Full Service!
Are you to busy or do not want to maintain your website? Then Full Service will get you a web presence and we will maintain it for you! For Full Service click here to sign up or call us toll free right now (828) 254-2030 and we'll get started on your company today!


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