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Steven Bradfute

Buying a home can be a stressful experience for anyone. We are here to help you through that process and bring peace of mind that you are informed about the decision you are about to make. Many homes look great to many individuals, but unless you know what things to look for the home could contain potentially serious defects in construction that may cost you more money in the long run. Having your home professionally inspected by HG Home Inspection early in the buying process can save you thousands and help ease your mind that this is the right property for you. We find items such as faulty wiring, leaky roofs, which the seller or builder can correct.

HG Home Inspection Hilsher Group LLC performs high quality inspections to include all major components of the home for both functionality and safety. HG Home Inspection are recommended to Buyers, Sellers and any Homeowner who has not had a professional inspection performed on their home in the last 5 years. We cover the greater Houston area traveling as far north as Huntsville, east to Cleveland, south to Galveston and west to Katy.


Steve was readily available to answer any questions or concerns noted during the home inspection. Steve was very thorough in completing the home inspection.
- L.W., February 2018
Thank you for the detailed inspection. Excellent work.
- V.S., February 2018
Thanks for always taking good care of my clients Steve.
- C.I., February 2018
Steve always do an excellent job. I will recommend him and your company for my future clients.
- C.F., January 2018
A straight forward guy! Knowledgeable. Easy to talk and really professional. I definitively look forward to do business with this company and with him.
- A.M., Houston TEX, January 2018
Definitely recommend to others
- R.T., December 2017
Steven was absolutely terrific. He inspected my home thoroughly and found things I wasn't even looking for. Steven was very professional and also nice to talk to during the inspection so I didn't become bored. After the inspection was completed he explained everything to you and broke down the report. I would definitely recommend him to anyone I know who needs this service in the future.
- D.G., December 2017
Good thorough inspection. Steven had good recommendations for issues.
- H.L., November 2017
Very professional and friendly. Was at the location on time as scheduled. Did a very thorough job and the reports were very detailed. I would recommend him to others. Thanks!
- J.J., November 2017
Steve was very thorough in his report which led to the seller agreeing to address 90% of the items listed, so very grateful for his due diligence.
- V.B., Aledo TX, November 2017
Steven was very throughout and detailed in his report. His recommendations were very useful. He took the time to explain everything to me and was patient to answer all my questions. He was personable and professional. He did not make me feel intimidated and was very respectful. I appreciate the way he broke everything down so that I can understand. He definite did an excellent job with the inspection and it’s worth every penny! I will definitely recommend your company and Steven Bradfulte!
- K.T., November 2017
Great to work with and thorough!
- D.E., November 2017
Steven was a wonderful inspector and did a great job. He was very efficient and friendly. He answered any questions I had and went above and beyond.
- A.K., October 2017
Thank you for your time and honesty. It was a pleasure sir.
- J.M., October 2017
This inspection seemed quite thorough and the report is nicely detailed with photos for clarity. Great job!
- R.G., September 2017
All though inspections can be scary for the buyer when everything under the sun needs a repair, the pictures and inspectors explanation is super helpful. I have liked all of the inspectors that have been on my transactions. I will always use Hilshire for my buyers. The reports are very Realtor friendly and the method of building of the repair list is top notch! Hilshire makes my job work smarter !
- D.K., September 2017
Very Knowledgeable person!
- P.R., HOUSTON TX, August 2017
Thank you for the report, it was quick and accurate and it helped us a lot to find things that need to be fixed, that we wouldn't have found out about ourselves.
- M.M., August 2017
Steve was very thorough and shows passion about his work. Excellent job!
- R.M., August 2017
Steven did a wonderful job and he was very patient with my clients! Highly recommend him to anyone needing a home inspection!
- S.T., August 2017
Very quickly completed and thorough!
- S.M., August 2017
Thank you for a very detailed inspection. You did a wonderful job.
- A.S., August 2017
Steve did a very through and detailed inspection of the home. He was professional and answered all of my questions.
- D.M., July 2017
Very professional and get the report to me and client in a timely manner.
- R.B., July 2017
Steve was very thorough, informative and friendly. I appreciate all of his comments regarding the property. He was able to really put my mind at ease considering I am a first time buyer. Thank you Steve.
- B.S., July 2017
Steve did a great job going over everything with me.
- T.W., June 2017
Excellent service, very please with the thoroughness and professionalism, I am a realtor and I will definite recommend you to all my buyers, thank you Steven
- G.G., May 2017
Thank you for your detailed inspection Steven and for taking the time with Reynaldo and my daughter Tamara Batista to go over the findings with them..YOU came very highly recommended by them and I can see why. Have a great Memorial Weekend. Mary Rittierodt Camanche, IA
- M.R., May 2017
- C.V., May 2017
- S.P., May 2017
Great job Buddy.See you next time around.
- T.C., May 2017
He was thorough and took the time to explain his findings and answer all questions I had
- T.T., May 2017
Very knowledgeable and thorough. Caught things in his inspection that a previous inspection on the house had missed. Spent the time to go over the results and clearly explain the points.
- J.P., April 2017
Thank you Steve for taking care of my clients! This is the second inspection you have done for me and I look forward to many more.. Tasha Lacina
- T.L., April 2017
Steven always is on time and is very professional. I will recommend Steven to my future clients.
- C.F., April 2017
Steven is always on time and his job is very professional. I will recommend your company and him to my future clients.
- C.F., April 2017
I was very pleased with the Inspection performed for my new home. He was prompt, courteous, helpful and informative. I am very happy with the service he provided and would be happy to recommend him again.
- K.R., March 2017
I absolutely loved Steve! He was great with everything and was okay with me being there with my family at the time. He was courteous, respectful and actually acknowledged us. I will definitely be hiring him again when needed.
- J.R., March 2017
Steve was very thorough and patiently answered any questions I had. I would highly recommend him.
- J.I., March 2017
Thanks for taking the time to explain all the issues that popped up during your inspection!
- B.B., March 2017
Great job, very polite and professional, I highly recommend Steven for home inspections, he was very thorough in his inspection and great communication skills
- K.E., San Leon TX, March 2017
Thank you very much for the thorough inspection. I will be calling on your services again for we are still looking for a house. You went above and beyond.
- J.N., Seabrook TX, March 2017
Thank you! We always appreciate the consistency of your reports.
- B.N., March 2017
Steve was a great guy. Would absolutely use again.
- Z.W., Spring TX, March 2017
Mr. Bradfute did an excellent job explaining any issues concerning the home. He was also very friendly, professional and courteous.
- , February 2017
Mr. Bradfute did an excellent job explaining any issues concerning the home. He was also very friendly, professional and courteous.
- S.T., Rosharon TX, February 2017
Steven did a thorough job for us.
- S.B., Houston TX, February 2017
Thank you for such an awesome inspection. Would use you again
- N.H., Willis TX, February 2017
Good report
- J.M., Sugarland TX, February 2017
Very thorough inspection. Couldnt be more pleased with the detail that he puts into his work. He really gives you peace of mind when it comes to such an important investment.
- A.B., January 2017
Excellent inspection.
- C.F., Spring TX, January 2017
Steven was a delight to talk to. He was courteous, and professional. After walking the property with him and pointing out some of my concerns, he thoughtfully prepared my inspection and didn't miss a thing! He even pointed out a few things I didn't notice. I would definitely recommend Steven and HG Inspections!
- M.S., Pearland TX, December 2016
I am a return customer of HG Home Inspection. The inspector, Steve, was professional and knowledgeable. Answered all my questions. Thanks Steve.
- K.L., Spring TX, December 2016
He's always great and On time and corteous
- S.N., November 2016
Great guy who takes the time to explain anything. Highly recommended.
- K.B., League City TX, November 2016
The inspection of the house on Peach was very easily understood.
- J.M., Houston TX, November 2016
Mr. Bradfute, your inspection of our "new" home was most informative. The pictures were the greatest help.
- D.H., Pearland TX, November 2016
He did a great job. He took his time and answered any questions or concerns I had during the inspection. The report was very well written and detailed. I couldn't have been happier.
- C.F., Conroe TX, October 2016
Steve did an exceptional job. His eye for detail is beyond amazing. He was very thorough and willing to explain what he was doing throughout the process. I would most definitely refer him to others. 10...10.....10!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
- S.P., Houston TX, October 2016
Steve was very thorough and was able to patiently answer all of our questions.
- K.C., Katy TX, October 2016
Steve was great & personable. He stuck to his time commitment and did an extremely thorough job in my home inspection. I felt like I definitely got my money's worth and would not hesitate to recommend him to others.
- J.S., Houston TX, October 2016
This is my first time to meet Steve. I will definitely recommend him to other clients. He was very thorough with the inspection and going over the report with my clients. Thanks for a great job!
- L.D., September 2016
Steven helped us a lot with our first house inspection. He was patiently explaining everything. His report was easy to read and it included pictures. I like how his report included all the photos to back up his statements. He tried his best to record everything that he could. I truly recommend him.
- A.N., Houston TX, September 2016
Quick and thorough! Inspection and report delivered the same day. Will definitely recommend and use again.
- L.T., September 2016
Thank you for such a thorough inspection and the corresponding detailed report. Also, Ms. Marilyn was a big help and very friendly!
- S.P., Atascocita TX, September 2016
Steve was very pleasant, thorough and gave great detail. I would gladly recommend him.
- C.H., Spring TX, September 2016
My Client felt confident the Inspector Steve would be thorough . It put him at ease. Very much appreciated.
- R.W., September 2016
Very nice, hard working man.
- P.T., Houston TX, August 2016
very informative and told me everything as he was thoroughly inspecting the home. highly recommend
- A.P., Richmond TX, August 2016
If there were a "Greatest Home Inspector" award, Steve should win it. He's the greatest!
- M.M., July 2016
This is the second time we have used Steve and could not have have asked for more. He is professional and thorough. Thank you again Steve!
- M.T., Houston TX, July 2016
steven was very informative, on time, and dedicated to his job. He knows what he is doing, totally recommend him.
- D.R., Spring TX, July 2016
Steve did an excellent job throughout the house, he really took his time to explain all of his findings. I highly recommend Steve for home inspections.
- D.L., Texas City TX, July 2016
Wonderful! Very detailed and handled in a very timely manner! thank you
- H.H., July 2016
Steve has a great personality and is very approachable with any questions/explanations. He is a true asset to your company.
- P.D., Conroe TX, July 2016
Thank you very much for such a thorough job!
- A.P., Laporte TX, July 2016
Explained each item and how it applies to the house and possible issues that could arise from each one.
- B.C., Magnolia TX, July 2016
Thank You for being prompt, thorough and helpful to my buyers!
- E.A., July 2016
Steve was wonderful with his inspection and goes over every detail of his report with suggestions and helpful hints for us to take if we felt. I have used Steve on 2 home inspections now and the first one he truly saved us. I will always use him for any future home inspections needed and recommend him to my friends and family. Thank you Steve!
- A.R., Hull TX, June 2016
Thank you very much Steven, you are an excellent inspector. My clients are always very satisfied with your job.
- C.F., June 2016
Thorough inspection done in professional manner. I would have no reservation recommending Steve to anyone. Thanks.
- P.R., Houston TX, June 2016
Steve was very professional and personable. He explicitly explained what he was doing and what his findings were, constantly helping us to make connections and checking for understanding. He was also very personable. When making a major purchase/investment in a new home, it is easy to get caught up in emotions and become nerve racked. Thank you for making the process a little less painless. Btw, Marilyn was a doll as well.
- J.S., Missouri City TX, June 2016
Thanks for all the information you provided while I was there during the inspection, you were very knowledgeable, thanks for your help!!!
- M.P., Friendswood TX, June 2016
Thorough and customer friendly
- M.O., Spring TX, June 2016
Thank you for all the information and explaining everything to the buyers.
- E.A., June 2016
My son was very happy with your inspection techniques and would recommend your services .By the way being that he decided not to go through with the sale he will probably need your services again do I hear discount LOL .Thank you Thomas Clemente KellerWilliams Northeast.
- T.C., June 2016
Very pleased with his performance, very helpful and professional.
- M.P., Friendswood TX, June 2016
Thank you for being so informative and taking your time to inspect our home! Excellent service
- A.F., Katy TX, May 2016
Great customer service spoke with the client throughout the entire inspection after completion did overview of the results before emailing them I would highly recommend
- F.T., Richmond TX, May 2016
You did wonderful. I loved how honest you were with us and how detailed you were with the inspection. You saved us from getting in a home that could have put us in debt. We will certainly use you next time and have already recommend you to a friend!
- A.R., Hull TX, May 2016
Steve was vary thorough and friendly. He took the inspection seriously and was vary professional throughout our engagement. I would definitely recommend Steve and HGI for anyone looking for the highest quality home inspection. Marcus Mc
- M.M., LaPorte TX, May 2016
Courteous, Honest and genuine, thorough and detailed. Felt most assured after walking and talking with him that he would give me accurate report without bias.
- V.B., Crosby TX, May 2016
Thank you for your quick and thorough inspection. It is greatly appreciated.
- J.P., Spring TX, May 2016
Steve, I really appreciated you taking the time to go over and thoroughly explain each item on the inspection report. You were very professional, friendly, and courteous. Thank you for making this a pleasant experience.
- S.S., Houston TX, April 2016
Excellent job Steven. Thank you!
- H.O., Pearland TX, April 2016
I was very pleased b
- D.C., College Station TX, April 2016
I don't think this inspector will ever miss anything. Spent 5 hours making sure everything is OK. Obviously will use again!! Love this company!
- O.G., April 2016
Steven I will recommend you to my next clients. You are very professional in what you do and always on time never late to the appointments.
- C.F., March 2016
Steve is the best. He knows the business and is great at what he does!. I would recommend him to everyone.
- K.J., Sugar Land TX, January 2016
Steve, thank you very much for being so knowledgable and informative. You answered all my questions and concerns. Your approachable and friendly personality made it easy for me to ask all my questions and you took time to explain everything to me. Thank you again for inspecting the house so thorough. Mary Tabrizi
- M.T., Houston TX, July 2015