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David Warren

Don't get stuck with a “problem house”. The last thing you want is to move to a new home with potential for problems to arise. Repairs that could be costly or beyond repair. This is why it is important to choose an inspector like AWP Home Inspections. We provide a comprehensive digital report including digital photographs on the property.

Our inspections provide you with valuable information on one of your largest investments by helping you: 
- Evaluate overall condition of home
- Identify potential problems or concerns 
- Document recommended repairs and upgrades
Have confidence about your investment and any negotiations. 

Our job is to provide an objective and independent evaluation to help you better understand your valuable investment.  Your interests are our interests – before, during, and after the inspection.

We encourage you to accompany us during the inspection. We will explain items visually seen which may cause a future issue to arise. The inspection provides an invaluable learning experience during which your questions can be answered on the spot. As always, all of our clients are offered free telephone consultation after the inspection to explain any questions the client may have after review of the report.

Our Services
Home inspections can help you buy or sell your home with confidence. As trained professionals we have seen it all, and we'll provide invaluable help in turning you into a knowledgeable consumer. Home buyers can identify problems and take preventive measures to avoid costly repairs. Sellers can understand conditions the buyers inspector may point out and put your property in better selling condition by making repairs. Our inspection services can help you sell your home faster! 
- Full Home Inspection  
- Wood Destroying Insects
- Water Testing Analysis
- Sewage System Test
- Well Flow Testing
- Investment Inspections
- Four Point Inspections

Our Inspection Services Include:
Buyers Inspection
In both new and older homes, the best way to ensure that you are well informed about the strengths and weaknesses of a property is to have us give you a professional home inspection. We are trained and certified to identify problem areas both small and large that may have been overlooked by the previous owners and to identify which require immediate attention.

Pre-Market Inspection
Whether you are selling your home and acting as your own realtor or using a professional realtor, it's always a great idea to have a professional home inspection. All homes have strengths and weaknesses: we help you answer how serious the problems are, which must be immediately addressed, and which can wait. The more you know about your home, the more prepared you will be for negotiation.

Four Point
Insurance companies have become increasingly reluctant to issue Homeowner Insurance Policies on older homes (usually 25 years old or more). Common concerns there may be conditions in an older home which become a liability to them. (For instance; a home with a roof nearing the end of its reliable service life may fail while under the policy and the homeowner may seek reimbursement from their insurance company for damages to the home or its contents.) 


BS, Industrial; MS, Technical; Executive, Leadership; IN Professional Home Inspector; WDI Inspector, Category 12


Our job is to provide an objective and independent evaluation to help you better understand your valuable investment. Your interests are our interests- before, during, and after the inspection. Professional. Reliable. Everytime!


It simply does not get any better than this in today's business world! My hats off to your professionalism.
- G.S., December 2017
David was so great to work with! Answered my phone call right away, was able to work with my schedule and I had my report in less then 24 hours! Very satisfied with the inspection and the entire experience! We will definitely be using this business again!
- J.W., December 2017
I can't thank you enough for your professionalism. In today's world when a contractor arrives on time, completes the task and takes the time to answer any question is A++ in my book! Thanks Again for putting a realistic, positive spin on some answers that I really hoped you wouldn't confirm!
- G.S., December 2017
Very quick to give me an appointment and very nice to work with
- L.C., Avon IN, October 2017
David: I can't imagine how I could suggest improvements in your work. I was deeply impressed by your manifest expertise, coupled with your courtesy, responses to our questions in elaborate and relevant detail, and your capacity for engaging conversation. Your help and presence were a highlight in our purchasing of the house. Robert & Rita
- , August 2017
David was very thorough and knowledgeable with my home inspection. He explained everything he looked at and provided a very nice folder of information for me with maintenance checklists and other great services that AWP Home inspections can offer. Great guy!
- D.O., Greencastle IN, August 2017
I really appreciated having such a knowledgeable inspector. I accompanied him during most of the inspection and learned much about the condition of my house and how to resolve the issues. He has broad knowledge about how things should be and was very patient about explaining them to me.
- J.R., August 2017
His findings were very helpful for me to understand what things would need to be repaired in the home. I recommend him to University Lending today.
- P.W., Crawfordsville IN, June 2017
I really enjoyed working with David. He was very kind and prompt on helping me with my home inspection.
- R.M., June 2017
Enjoyed working with David
- A.H., Crawfordsville IN, May 2017
This is my first time going through this whole process so I have no basis of comparison, but David was very friendly and made it a point to be available and answer questions while he worked. He was very responsive afterwards in helping us understand our report and tie up loose ends. We're looking to purchase an old house and he was able to address all of our major concerns with this to our satisfaction and made us much more informed about our decision. Thanks!
- C.A., Plainfield IN, May 2017
This is the second time working with David. Both times he has been very professional and is very thorough when conducting the inspections.
- D.B., May 2017
David did a great job explaining what he was doing and why. He was knowledgeable and friendly.
- D.J., BRAZIL IN, April 2017
My first time buying a home and he helped me and answered my questions to where I could understand them. Even couple days after I had a question and he was more than happy to help me.
- K.B., Crawfordsville IN, April 2017
David was very polite and professional on the initial call soliciting his services. David arrived prior to the scheduled time, which I like! David was very thorough and passionate during the inspection process which was very impressive! David took the time to explain all findings, good and bad. I felt David looked at the home as if it was a home he was going to purchase. After reading the report I emailed David with questions and he follow up with a phone call to discuss. I really liked this approach as it was great to see David cared enough about me as a client to call instead of just sending a return email.
- R.S., Indianapolis IN, April 2017
David was excellent. He was friendly, thorough, and patient.
- D.F., Greencastle IN, April 2017
David did a very thorough job. He took the time to explain items found as he went thru the property. I found him to be very knowledgeable and an excellent resource in understanding the complete current condition of our new home. I very much appreciate his professionalism and all of the information he was able to pass on to my wife and I.
- M.H., Crawfordsville IN, April 2017
David was very professional and allowed me to follow him throughout the inspection process. He gave me advice and allowed me to ask questions about every area of the home. I highly recommend David and want to thank him for his patients with me as well.
- Z.P., Crawfordsville IN, March 2017
Exceptional Service. Thanks for being very thorough in the inspection of our home. Also thanks for taking the time to explain everything to me as we went through the house. I walked away from this inspection with a piece of mind. I will definitely recommend anyone I know to you.
- A.A., Greencastle IN, March 2017
very nice and did an amazing job!
- H.G., March 2017
David was a pleasure to work with. He was very knowledgeable about the areas that he was inspecting. He took the time to answer any questions that i had and explained key points about every area that had concern. He was very quick to respond and had the inspection scheduled the following day. His report arrived sooner than i anticipated and was very detailed containing pictures and explanations on every aspect of the home. I am very happy with David and would highly recommend his services to anyone in need of a home inspection.
- B.L., March 2017
You were extremely thorough in your work! You paid attention to every little detail! Thanks so much!!!
- B.F., Indianapolis IN, March 2017
Very friendly service and welcomed questions. Did an excellent job inspecting and a very thorough inspections as well. Will defiantly recommend David for anyone having a home inspection done. Thank you!
- A.S., Crawfordsville IN, March 2017
Very friendly and easy to ask questions. Felt he did a wonderful and thorough inspection. Will recommend him for anyone getting a home inspection!
- A.S., Crawfordsville IN, February 2017
You were very professional and explained what you were doing and why. Thank you!
- D.B., Brownsburg IN, February 2017
Absolutely terrific from the first time I spoke with him on the phone, subsequent phone calls, day of inspection, and delivery of home report. Very professional throughout every aspect. Thank you so much for making this process as easy as possible!
- L.M., February 2017
Very professional and courteous. I would highly suggest David to anyone that was looking for a home inspection.
- A.L., January 2017
Thank you for going above and beyond and explaining everything every step of the way. The report was very well written and there wasn't any surprises because you took the time to show the realtor and me everything you put in the report. The pictures in the report are excellent as well as the remarks. By far the most thorough and best inspector I have ever dealt with.
- D.P., Veedersburg IN, January 2017
He did a great job! He was honest, efficient, personable, and great with our kids! He also came on very short notice! I'd recommend him any day!
- A.G., Justin TX, December 2016
David was wonderful, he did a thorough inspection of my new home and made sure to explain everything that was going on. He was very fast about completing it and getting all the information to me and to my mortgage company. I would definitely recommend him to anyone buying a new home. Thank you so much for the wonderful service.
- C.R., Indianapolis IN, November 2016
David Warren was great and very helpful with any question or concerns we had.
- H.W., Crawfordsville IN, November 2016
I was impressed with David's knowledge and professionalism. He took his time inspecting every room and was more than happy to explain everything he was seeing as well as thoroughly answer every question I had.
- G.R., Danville IN, October 2016
David was great and did a very thorough job. His report was detailed. The pictures and videos really helped. He explained things to me very clearly and was very friendly. I would definitely recommend him.
- H.D., September 2016
Wasn't home when inspection was done, but thought the report was very thorough. We received the report right away
- G.S., August 2016
Very happy with our inspection. The report was very precise and easy to read and understand. We would definitely recommend everyone to use David for their inspection needs.
- J.G., July 2016
He was wonderful!! Being a first time home owner we were clueless. He was so helpful and explained everything. He answered every question throughly and even let us walk around the place with him and see things for ourselves. He was very nice, professional and easy to talk to! I felt very comfortable the entire time and knee my future house was in good hands!!
- S.T., Brownsburg IN, July 2016
Great guy! Did an awesome job on the inspection. I would for sure recommend him to anybody.
- Z.C., July 2016
Very professional and friendly.
- T.C., Waveland IN, June 2016
really appreciate you taking the time to talk to us after the inspection report so we could better understand. will definitely pass on the referral to others
- M.B., May 2016
Thanks for the help, talk soon.
- D.D., Coatesville IN, May 2016
David is genuine, responsive, and a true professional! As a first-time home buyer, he was thorough in explaining the process and provides materials to reference when questions arise later down the road. Overall a great experience!
- O.S., Danville IN, March 2016
David was an excellent inspector that brought may items to our attention in great detail and in a very matter-of-fact way. We appreciate his sincereity and also his ability to verbalize the issudes going on, as well as document them.
- M.M., Crawfordsville IN, February 2016
David did a tremendous job on the inspection and was very helpful explaining the defects he had found. His inspection report was spot on and provided pictures which were very helpful. would highly reccomend.
- , February 2016
David did a tremendous job on the inspection and was very helpful explaining the defects he had found. His inspection report was spot on and provided pictures which were very helpful. would highly reccomend.
- Q.B., Thorntown IN, February 2016
I was very impressed with the entire experience. David was extremely thorough and took the time to explain everything patiently yet professionally, easily demonstrating an advanced knowledge of all aspects of home construction and maintenance, as well as a true concern for his customers. The price of the inspection was more than reasonable and the customer service was fantastic. I highly recommend David for any service offered by AWP, and will certainly call upon him again myself.
- R.M., Crawfordsville IN, November 2015
Great job! We appreciate your hard work and prompt service!
- V.M., September 2015
Really appreciate your help David!
- K.B., Avon IN, September 2015
You did a wonderful job. I was told you were very professional. I will recommend you. Thank you very much.
- J.P., August 2015
Thanks Dave Great working with you, Money well spent, Your Detailed and easy to understand report is probabley one of the most comprehensive reports I have seen after the last 7 homes I have purchased in the last 10 years. Thanks again Dave
- C.R., July 2015
David Warren was very friendly when going through my new house. He was very informative and explained any question i had.
- K.R., July 2015
David was on time, thorough, and wrote a detailed report that included pictures and videos. His price seemed comparable to other nearby inspectors. His service was great and he was able to squeeze in a radon test, even though I had said we would not need it. I definitely recommend his service.
- J.M., June 2015
Absolutely! Very informative, and very kind! As a first time home buyer/home inspection, he took the time to inform me of the things I need to know, without overwhelming for second!
- A.C., June 2015
AWP was very professional at the inpsection. Was very good at explaining things to me as the procsess went. Always answers any questions I had about the tasks he was doing.
- G.W., Darlington IN, June 2015
Excellent job! Nice, friendly, honest guy to deal with. Highly recommend for anyone looking for a great home inspector. Thanks David
- D.D., Crawfordsville IN, June 2015
Did a fantastic job, very pleased with your extensive report. We will highly recommend you to anyone we know needing an inspection
- J.H., Crawfordsville IN, May 2015
Very Professional and Knowledgeable.
- L.S., May 2015
David. I shared my inspection report with family and friends because I was so impressed with how through and professional the findings were presented. Thank you David!
- C.G., May 2015
David you impressed me with the detailed home inspection report and would highly recommend your services to anyone that is thinking of purchasing a home.
- G.W., March 2015
Very personable I feel like I was given a list of things to do that will help me maintain and protect my investment.
- J.K., March 2015
Very thorough and detailed inspection complete with recommendations. I would definitely recommend him to friends and families for future inspections.
- J.B., March 2015
David did a very thorough and competent inspection, was courteous and friendly. I highly recommend.
- A.B., West Lafayette IN, February 2015
Very professional, on time and explained the process to me very well since I am a first time home buyer. I would highly recommend him.
- L.W., January 2015
On Time... did a fantastic job, he provided all the options I needed for a custom home inspections. He answered all of our questions with detailed information and recommendations. The online Inspection Report was very detailed, lots of pictures and videos.
- J.L., Danville IN, January 2015
David was very thorough, professional, and knowledgeable. He has a friendly affect and exceeded our expectations.
- J.G., Brownsburg IN, December 2014
Awesome job very thorough, awful weather conditions and he stayed right there with me
- T.C., November 2014
Very professional, dependable and informative. I'm very happy with the thorough job he did.
- K.R., Crawfordsville IN, November 2014
liked his personality and his thoroughness. will always refer him to anyone that ask
- T.W., Greencastle IN, November 2014
David did an absolutely wonderful job and performed a thorough home inspection. He was able to squeeze me in on short notice and delivered an easy to read report that I could go through item by item. His expertise protected me from a potential money pit and I plan on using him again in the future.
- D.P., Danville IN, September 2014
David was very thorough and knowledgable! He took time to both show and explain to me his findings throughout the inspection. He also made recommendations as to possible solutions for any areas of concern. He also returned our report promptly! I would recommend him most highly in the future and would certainly use him as my choice for home inspections.
- R.P., Crawfordsville IN, August 2014
awesome job, talked me through everything, didn't get frustrated that I was following you around the whole time, very very detailed inspection I was completely satisfied. I will definitely call you anytime I need an inspection again! keep up the good work and thanks again. Trent Cox
- T.C., June 2014
It was great working David, he was very thorough and professional. He was also very personable and easy to talk to. The report we received was clear and detailed. I would definitely recommend him to others and use him again.
- J.T., Greencastle IN, June 2014
I was very pleased with David's work. He was very thorough and it was clear that he takes his work seriously. I felt comforted knowing that David was looking so closely at the house we were purchasing. His report was very clear and helpful. He got the report to us the very next day and was available for us to consult at any time. I would absolutely recommend David for anyone needing a house inspection! Thank you for being so helpful!
- L.M., June 2014
David Warren, of AWP Home Inspections, responded quickly to a request for a home inspection. He was punctual for the appointment at the house and briefed me on exactly what he would be doing. David was flexible and accommodated my desires to provide more focus on elements of the inspection that were of primary importance to me. I was invited to observe the inspection and to ask questions as the job proceeded. My questions were answered in a polite and knowledgeable fashion. A comprehensive, written report was emailed to me the day after the inspection was conducted. The report included both video and still photos to supplement the written text, which was presented in an easy to follow, organized fashion. I learnt a lot about the property, which helped me to make an informed decision about how to proceed. I feel comfortable about recommending David’s services, to anybody seeking a home inspection.
- M.C., Carmel IN, May 2014
David was very thorough thru out the inspection. Very professional at all time.s
- P.N., May 2014
Thank you for allowing me to ask questions while you worked. The report is thorough and easy to understand.
- T.G., McCordsville IN, April 2014
Used you both times we needed an inspection. Wouldn't dream of using anyone else! We'll be sure to recommend you to friends and family!
- E.M., Indianapolis IN, April 2014
David was very warm and friendly. He helped us feel at ease during a stressful time. He was very thorough with his inspection, and he didn't rush things even when the seller dropped by. We really appreciated how flexible he was with scheduling. He was extremely willing to work on our time table, and he went out of his way to not only help us feel valued, but also to explain what he saw. We would absolute recommend him to friends and family as well as use him in the future!
- E.M., Indianapolis IN, March 2014
David did a very good job all the questions i asked him he always got me great answers and he did an great job
- F.M., Lafayette IN, February 2014
Very Professional and informative. If I ever am in need of a home inspection again I would not hesitate to call AWP and ask for David to do the inspection.
- T.V., Lake Village IN, December 2013
I am so pleased with the inspection that David Warren did. David was very easy to ask questions to during the inspection, which resulted in a very thorough and very easy to follow report. I will definitely be using David in all future inspections.
- T.O., Terre Haute IN, November 2013
It was a pleasure meeting you and I feel you have done a fantastic job. Thank you so much for your hard work.
- A.C., September 2013
It was a pleasure meeting you and I feel you have done a fantastic job. Thank you so much for your hard work.
- A.C., September 2013
Thanks David! Such a huge help to me!
- K.A., Attica IN, September 2013
I thought you were wonderful. Thorough with the inspection, kind enough to stop and answer any questions, and exceeded my expectation.
- B.B., Lebanon IN, August 2013
Dave was very thorough. He explained things and took his time with his inspection.
- T.M., Crawfordsville IN, August 2013
It was a very detailed inspection! David was very professional, friendly, and knowledgeable. I think he did a great job and my husband and I would definitely recommend him for a home inspection! Thank you David :)
- A.J., August 2013
Great job, recommending to others
- C.B., June 2013
Thank you so much! Your explanation of potential problem areas in the home were so helpful and your report was very detailed and professional. I feel more confident in my purchase knowing exactly what I'm getting myself into! :)
- N.M., April 2013
I was VERY pleased with the inspection of my new home! David was very professional, (on time and professionally dressed), very thorough, and he cared that I was satisfied. I felt comfortable asking him questions and he was able to answer them. He was respectful of the property and was very pleasant and patient on my follow-up calls. I would definitely recommend him again and I hope to have opportunities to do so in the future.
- M.T., Avon IN, April 2013
Dave was polite and professional. Also very thorough, explaining problems to us. We would highly recommend him to our friends.
- E.C., Crawfordsville IN, March 2013
My out of town buyers were very impressed with your very thorough inspection. They feel at ease about their purchase. Thank you very much!
- A.L., March 2013
- D.S., Griffith IN, March 2013
Very good job, very comprehensive report.
- G.J., February 2013
David did a great job. He was very helpful when our bank needed more information. If you are looking for an inspector David Warren is your man.
- J.S., Roachdale IN, February 2013
David was on-time, courteous and professional. He was very thorough and turned the report around well before he said it would be available. I would recommend him to anyone needing a home inspection. Thanks!
- H.J., Indianapolis IN, October 2012
David - I could not be more pleased with your report. Having spent a considerable amount of time myself looking over the condition of the dwelling I thought I knew the score. You have pointed out things I would have never considered. Thank you, obviously the seller isn't pleased but you provided sufficient evidence to more than make my case. Negotiations continue, thanks to you I am able to bargain from a position of strength.
- T.W., Niles MI, September 2012