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Charles Shaver

Hello my name is Charles Shaver I am an Certified Home Inspector ID No. NACHI13052202
I preform Full home inspections and commericial inspections, Radon Testing and Wood Destroying Organisms inspections (Tremite)
Licensed Contractor For the State Of Michigan Lic. NO. 2101168492
I have been working in the housing industry since 1987

I have worked with The utility company Michigan Consolidated Gas and DTE Energy for 14 Years as a Service Tech.
doing HVAC repairs and gas appliances repairs. I have Installed and serviced utilities, under and above ground, gas and electric.

I have worked as a Union Sheet Metal Worker For five years fabricating and installing commercial HVAC equipment.

I have worked in the plumbing and pipe fitting industry (Fire Protection) for five years as a Pipe Fabricator, Shop Forman, Fire Protection Engineer, On Sight Project Coordinator.


I am married with 6 children ages 5-23. I enjoy sports of all kinds, Produce and record music, 
If you need to contact me call  248-667-2269
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Certified Home Inspector ID No. NACHI13052202 Licensed Contractor in the State Of Michigan Lic. NO. 2101168492


I have worked with The utility company DTE Energy for 14 years, have worked as a Union Sheet Metal Worker For five years, have worked for five years as a Pipe Fabricator, Shop Forman, Fire Protection Engineer, and Sight Project Coordinator.


Very professional...
- K.B., January 2018
Charles was very professional and knowledgeable. He made an experience that was so nerve wrecking for me as a new home buyer very pleasurable. The information he provided was extremely clear and consistent. He put my mind at ease, and I would recommend he services to anyone! Thank you Charles very much from the Troutman family :-)
- S.T., January 2018
Very professional and thorough inspection and follow up was very prompt.
- T.F., December 2017
Charles is extremely thorough and very knowledgeable about both what needs to happen to make a home safe and functional and how to make it happen. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a home, especially a first time home buyer like myself.
- M.D., Centerline Mic, December 2017
Thank you so much, Charles! Very detailed, professional, and personable. Thanks a lot Charles!!!!! M.H
- M.H., December 2017
Thank you so much, Charles! Very detailed, professional, and personable. Thanks a lot Charles!!!!! M.H
- M.H., December 2017
Charles arrived early and while I'm glad for that because it got dark early, I would have liked a heads up so I could have been present for the whole thing.
- T.S., December 2017
Thank you so much, Charles! Very detailed, professional, and personable. Took his time with everything, explained what we needed to know from start to finish. We greatly appreciate your help as we go through this journey!
- M.G., Warren MI, December 2017
We liked how he was very accurate and professional, easy to talk to and answered any questions we had. He was very respectful, and did a great job.
- J.H., November 2017
As a first-time home buyer, Charles made me feel extremely confident that I was getting a thorough inspection of my potential home. He was knowledgeable and friendly, answering my questions with confidence and easy-to-understand explanations. He took pictures of everything and provided a very detailed report that helped me make an informed decision. I would definitely recommend Mr. Shaver to anyone who wants a top-notch, worry-free inspection.
- E.S., Ypsilanti MI, November 2017
Thank you for everything! As first time homebuyers, my husband and I greatly appreciated your thorough work and willingness to explain things clearly to us!
- M.V., November 2017
Overall, excellent service that was recommended to us and we will now recommend as well.
- J.W., October 2017
Excellent work and best overall experience from ordering inspection to the actual report!!! Kudos!!!
- M.B., October 2017
He was awesome, and knew his job very well!
- K.M., October 2017
Charles thank you for that wonderful home inspection you perform on 10/16/2017 for me great job l really needed that done very knowledgeable man about house's!
- W.S., October 2017
Calm, cool and DETAILED!!! Mr. Shaver explained and answered all of my questions during the process. Thanks for the Professionalism!!
- L.B., October 2017
Great inspection
- P.P., October 2017
Very professional and extremely help with all of my questions
- S.T., October 2017
Charles was wonderful! He answered any questions we had, and gave us a thorough and complete look at the home we're looking to buy. Definitely feel confident in using him again!
- R.L., Ann Arbor MI, October 2017
Charles seems to have lot of knowledge and was detailed. He could answer all our queries and was very professional and nice. I would definitely recommend him.
- A.R., September 2017
Friendly, thorough, made us much MUCH more confident about our choice of house!
- N.S., September 2017
Thank you for keeping me in the loop during the inspection and also offering suggestions and advice. I also love that I was able to schedule this the day before!
- J.M., September 2017
Very professional and knowledgeable inspector.
- R.F., September 2017
Charles was prompt, thorough very detailed and professional. I would definitely recommend him!
- G.W., September 2017
Thanks Charles, I appreciated your knowledge/expertise and patience during my inspection. You exemplify professionalism, knowledge and compassion. I look forward to referring you to everyone who's in need of an Home Inspector. Thanks Nickie T.
- N.T., September 2017
Impressed with your report, Charles. Thanks!
- L.S., September 2017
Please keep up the level you displayed both times we have had the opportunity to use your service. Your attention to detail along with your cordial and professional attitude is refreshing and re assuring to a home owner. Charles, you can rest assure I will recommend your service!!!
- C.P., Warren MI, August 2017
Charles is very professional, thorough and makes sure he explains the outcome of the home inspection. I'm a first time home owner and the service he provides helps to make my experience worth every penny spent. I will highly recommend him to anyone.
- V.H., Harper Woods MI, August 2017
Charles was very responsive, thorough, and professional. He clearly and patiently explained any problems to us; and gave us indicators of how not only how serious the issue was, but a couple of possible solutions. Thank you!
- L.K., August 2017
Charles did an excellent job. This was my second time using his services.
- J.S., July 2017
Charles was great! He took this home a part piece by piece. He is very knowledgeable and informative. He gave me detailed suggestions. I really appreciate all of his help. I will definitely refer him to family and friends. Thanks Charles for a job well done!
- L.J., July 2017
Great job, you were very clear in your explanations and I feel confident you did a detailed inspection!
- R.C., July 2017
Very professional. The inspection lasted a couple hours and was very detailed and informative. I will definitely refer this inspector to others. Thank you from the Barrett family.
- L.B., July 2017
Charles was very thorough with his inspection. He answered all of my questions and addressed my concerns. He helped to make my home buying experience less stressful.
- D.T., July 2017
You did a very thorough job! Thank you so much Charles! I really appreciate it! Alex
- A.M., June 2017
Extremely thorough! Excellent communication throughout the entire process. Buyers were very happy with Charles service and was I. I highly recommend Charles for your buyers inspections, you won't be disappointed!
- D.Q., Rochester MI, June 2017
Charles was very friendly and spent lot of time looking at the interior and exteriors for action items and considerations for the home. He happily answered all my relevant and irrelevant questions. I would definitely recommend Charles in case if I come across a friend and colleague undergoing home inspection. He also provided contacts and store information where I can find tools/services for fixes/repair works.
- A.S., June 2017
Very thorough, professional, and knowledgeable. We appreciate his service and would definitely recommend him.
- R.G., Troy MI, June 2017
Charles Shaver did a great job. His inspection was very thorough and provided valuable information. One comment for the follow up service is: if the system could send out email about "Create the request list" earlier - maybe the same time when the report is available, it could be more useful to me. In my case, I already talk to my realtor to create a request list before getting email from the system. Thank you for your service!
- B.N., June 2017
Charles was amazing! Thorough, patient, and happy to explain the process and everything he was finding. He definitely took away most of the fear of buying a new home.
- J.L., Livonia MI, June 2017
Charles was a pleasure to work with. He was very thorough and very knowledgeable. He answered all of the questions my wife and I had clearly and he helped us totally understand the process. I would recommend Charles to anyone!
- J.O., June 2017
Charles Shaver is awesome.
- R.H., Detroit, June 2017
Charles Shaver was excellent very professional and very knowledgeable, he answered all of my questions and concerns. The inspection report he provided helped me out tremendously. I would refer Charles to any and everyone I know.
- B.V., June 2017
Excellent job. Mr. Shaver is very pleasant to talk to, polite and professional. He will walk through the house with you and give you valuable suggestions and detailed explanations. I will definitely recommend Mr. Shaver to the others.
- I.L., June 2017
On time, thorough inspection. Very polite and professional!
- D.K., May 2017
Charles does a wonderful job, I would recommend him to all my friends, family, or anyone! He is a great guy as well as a great home inspector. He is very knowledge, I trust his findings as well as his judgements. Will definitely use Charles for future home inspections as well. I will also tell all of my friends and family about him without a doubt.
- J.S., May 2017
Thank you for your thorough work, Charles!
- A.S., May 2017
Charles was very thorough, and a pleasure to work with. He made suggestions which the current homeowner and I will follow.
- A.W., May 2017
Charles, it was a pleasure having you perform the inspection on our potential purchase!
- D.E., May 2017
Charles was great! Very thorough and just an all around nice guy! I would recommend him to anyone looking for a home inspector!
- C.H., May 2017
Thank you for everything.
- L.A., May 2017
Very knowledgeable and thorough with his inspections. Is always willing to answer questions and elaborates on anything that the customer might have concerns with.
- S.A., April 2017
Excellent inspector. He is very Knowledgeable, detailed and thorough with his process . I highly recommend him.
- A.G., April 2017
Charles arrived on time and did a thorough and efficient job with the home inspection. He was very professional and friendly. He took his time to go over everything in the house and then gave us a comprehensive written and oral report. I would recommend him highly.
- S.M., April 2017
Great Service!
- A.F., April 2017
We called Charles to do a home inspection prior to purchasing a 80-year old house in Detroit. Charles was responsive, pleasant, professional, thorough, and very informative. We warned him up front that as first-time homeowners, we had very limited knowledge. He took the time and care to point out what he was seeing, how the problem could be addressed, and who should be doing the repairs and when. The report was provided within 30 minutes following the inspection and just as thorough. Thanks, Charles!
- M.A., April 2017
Great Job and fair prices. Charles was very diligent and responsive to all my questions. Even though I'm out of state he has been my eyes and ears when it came to buying a home unseen. Would definitely recommend him to all friends and investors. J.C.O California April 23rd, 2017
- J.O., April 2017
Very nice!! Did a great job! Will recommend to all my friends and family!!
- S.W., April 2017
Charles, you were absolutely wonderful to work with! You were informative, friendly and punctual. Any questions we had, you answered. And where there should have been questions, you educated us. As first time home buyers you were so helpful in knowing what we need to fix and how to take care of things that wouldn't come naturally to someone who hasn't owned before. I've already recommended you to a friend who's in the market to buy a house, and I'll tell other friends about you when they're ready to buy as well! And when the time comes to purchase our next house, we'll surely be giving you a call! Thanks for everything!
- C.V., April 2017
He was extremely friendly, informative and thorough.
- A.S., Farmington Hills MI, March 2017
Charles was great! He was prompt on arrival and awesome to work with. Thank you!
- M.M., Ann Arbor MI, March 2017
You did an excellent job!! Thank you!!
- K.W., March 2017
Thank you once again for your services!!
- K.W., March 2017
Excellent and thorough Inspection. Very friendly and willing to answer questions during the inspection.
- R.R., Dearborn MI, March 2017
I ended up enjoying what I thought would be an arduous task. Charles made this process easy and understandable. He explained things in a manner I would understand without condescending. I have already recommended him to a friend looking to have her home inspected.
- C.S., March 2017
Very professional, We are very satisfied for the inspection.
- L.L., February 2017
He was AWESOME! Very Good! Thanks!
- I.G., January 2017
good job!, you got my vote...
- N.P., January 2017
Very professional, fairly priced and very thorough.
- A.P., January 2017
Charles Shaver was very thorough in completing the inspection. He was knowledgeable and shared appropriate information. He was a pleasure to work with.
- D.M., January 2017
My family and I previously used Mr. Shaver on our house hunting journey. We were very impressed with his punctuality and how thorough he was at the inspection. Marking sure to give critical details and answer all of our questions. It was no question that we would use him the second time around. I would definitely recommend his services.
- B.B., Farmington Hills MI, December 2016
Thank you very much for your services. I appreciate your professionalism and total approach to your skill set. And your patience in my frustration. Thank you once again, Julie recommends you in the future.
- S.S., December 2016
Loved the way u stayed at pace when the agent was in a rush as if u was buying the home for yourself , I would recommend you Thanks
- H.A., November 2016
I appreciate that Charles was on-time and efficient during the inspection. I am also pleased with the thoroughness of the report that I received.
- M.B., November 2016
The service we received from Charles for our inspection was exceptional. Charles was professional, patient and thorough. He left no stone unturned. He provided feedback on all and any questions we had.
- D.P., October 2016
Showed up 20min early, was very informative and prepared. Was able to troubleshoot a couple of issues as to not put them on the report (of which I received 20 minutes afterward) I will absolutely use Charles again if I buy another house!
- J.W., September 2016
Hi Charles! Thanks again for your outstanding service. You are so polite, respectful and knowledgeable. I guess we will be calling you again as this house deal fell through due to the appraisal. Maybe the third time will be the charm?!? Looking forward to working with you again.
- J.H., September 2016
Charles & Houston were great! Charles was VERY thorough and informative regarding all issues pertaining to the home. He had great advice and suggestions on how to make successful repairs inexpensive. His inspection report is very detailed and professional and his inspection fee was the most affordable I could personally find. I work in Real Estate and would absolutely refer this company to our buyers. He also referred me to a camera scope company which was also just as great!
- D.M., Clinton Twp. MI, September 2016
Charles was very detailed with his service and did not miss anything. With his suggestions, I felt a little more at ease about an issue in the basement that I thought would be a deal breaker from me buying but he showed me it wasn't as bad as I thought it was. Charles also gave suggestions on the fixes in the house. Charles was very informative and took photos and explanations with everything. I would highly recommend him to anyone.
- K.T., August 2016
Charles did a great job, and was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Would highly recommend.
- M.N., August 2016
Very knowledgeable and through, very forthcoming with all issues and non issues.
- S.W., Royal Oak MI, August 2016
Good Team.
- A.B., August 2016
Thanks Charles, you did a great job! You were easy to work with, fast & accurate. I would no doubt recommend you for any home inspection. My pleasure to have met you, too!
- J.D., August 2016
The inspection was very detailed in his report. The explanation and pictures taken were extremely helpful in making sure I had an understanding of issues or repairs needed. Very reliable in return of phone calls and also submissions. Very pleased and would highly recommend.
- S.V., August 2016
Charles did an excellent job on my home inspection, and I received the report that evening! He did a thorough inspection, and took the time to answer all of my questions. He also gave me suggestions on ways to take care of certain items. He is very knowledgeable and I would definitely recommend him to all realtors, friends or family. Thank you!!!
- P.A., July 2016
He was early to the inspection, well-prepared, professional, thorough, and took the time to explain everything which made everything less overwhelming. I will definitely use him in the future and refer to anyone looking for an inspector. He has a lot of knowledge.
- I.S., July 2016
Charles did a fantastic job on our home inspection. Very detailed and explained the process for a first time home buyer.
- J.F., July 2016
Thank you Charles for helping us with the inspection. You are kind, patient and you really know what you are doing! We feel it was the best $300 we've ever spent because you showed us that this house wasn't the one for us. We will contact you as soon as we are ready to try it again.
- J.H., July 2016

- M.N., July 2016
Charles was very professional and did a great job on our home inspection! He was very detailed in his inspection findings, and informed me along the way. He didn't rush the inspection at all, and explained to me everything. I highly recommend Charles, thank you for your help, and your professionalism.
- S.H., July 2016
Vey nice and knowledgeable gentlemen. He took his time to check everything and was very honest and kind when asked any questions. Absolutely recommend him to friends and family. Thank you!
- I.C., June 2016
Charles was awesome! From the beginning I was satisfied, because he responded within miniutes of my request for service. He was able to do the inspection at the exact time that was convenient for me as well as the seller. I appreciate the fact that he answered questions throughout the inspection. During the inspection, he even made a few minor repairs that he was not required to make. Charles was very knowledgable and proceeded in a very professional manner throughout the inspection. I would recommend Charles to anyone needing a home inspection.
- P.S., June 2016
He was very detailed and after reading his report I feel very comfortable with the fact that I am buying a home many states away. My husband and I needed him to be our eyes as we could not be there to look at everything ourselves and he did a great job. He gave us detailed feedback on what needed done to the house from as simple as the stopper in the bathroom sink doesn't work properly to the AC wasn't cooling the house enough. Thank you for helping us through this very stressful process!
- O.B., June 2016
Excellent service
- g.l., June 2016
Charles was thorough and very professional. I'm recommending his services to every realtor I know.
- P.c., Lake Orion MI, June 2016
Great, very helpful! Friendly and knows his stuff!
- M.D., Taylor MI, June 2016
Charles is great. He is super friendly and personable. He is also thorough and detailed oriented, carefully noting possible issues and concerns.
- M.D., May 2016
Your inspection was great
- R.S., May 2016
Professional, efficient, and pleasant to do business with.
- M.W., May 2016
Charles is very friendly, thorough, careful and informative.
- M.D., May 2016