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Chris Polantz

Before you purchase or sell your home or property, please call Redtail Building Services. We can help protect your investment with a thorough home/property inspection! Call us now to discuss your individual inspection needs. Work Phone: 757-749-8198 Mobile Phone: 757-749-1655

About Redtail Building Services

We perform thorough inspections at reasonable prices. We can help you get to know the condition of the property you are about to buy or sell, and give you the confidence you need to make an informed decision.

We are located in Chesapeake and serve all surrounding areas. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Very thorough from top to bottom of the house. Thought you did a great explanation of all the issues. Go Bucks!
- K.S., March 2018
Very thorough with his inspections providing solutions to the problems and giving great insight of his process, utilizing innovative ways to see what he sees during an inspection. Thank you for your time and easy to read inspection report.
- F.M., March 2018
Chris was his normal pleasant and informational self. He took his time and not only answered every question, but provided quite a bit of information that was very important, He is the only inspector that I recommend. Oh yeah, on a side note, I always learn something during the inspection.
- R.C., March 2018
Thank you for your help. Took time to explain everything and make sure we understood. Gave his professional opinion on each step and listened to our opinions and questions. Very thorough job. Very happy we chose redtail.
- B.P., February 2018
Chris was amazing! He is very professional and always very thorough with each inspection we asked him to do. I feel very confident in buying my house now that Chris has inspected it! Would highly recommend him!
- , February 2018
Chris was amazing! He is very professional and always very thorough with each inspection we asked him to do. I feel very confident in buying my house now that Chris has inspected it! Would highly recommend him!
- A.B., February 2018
Chris is basically the Sherlock Holmes of home inspection. As an added bonus I found him to be consistently responsive and extremely reliable. In whatever capacity you are in the housing market, your buying, selling or building process would undoubtedly benefit from RedTail Building Service's level of expertise and excellence.
- Z.P., February 2018
We were very impressed with how personable and thorough you were. You did a great job! I will highly recommend you to anyone I know needing an inspection.
- J.H., February 2018
Christ is very knowledgeable and have the best technology. He can explain to my clients in a way that make it easy to understand for anyone who is not familiar with some of the issues that comes during the inspection. I highly recommend him.
- J.R., February 2018
Chris was very professional and very thorough. Home inspection report was extremely detailed. The numerous pictures were a huge help. Would highly recommend!
- L.H., January 2018
Extremely thorough! Very knowledgeable, and up front with great pricing! We will definitely be using services again! Very happy!!
- S.R., January 2018
I have nothing but great things to say about Redtail Building Services. Chris's professionalism and easy-to-follow reports has earned him a stellar reputation as a home inspector! I refer all of my clients to Chris.
- C.H., January 2018
Timely and thorough!
- C.H., November 2017
Thank you for everything! You took the time to explain everything to us and made sure we understood. We appreciate your knowledge and professionalism. And the fact you care about your clients enough to get to know us a little and offer info about the area we are moving to. It shows you are about making relationships! We will definitely recommend you and contact you in future for anything else we may need! Thank you, again!
- I.P., November 2017
Mr. Polantz is very thorough and makes sure you understand exactly what is going on. There is nothing to guess about. Making the home buying process that much easier.
- D.C., October 2017
Chris did a fantastic job! He took the time to explain everything in detail and made sure that we understood the inspection report. He takes his time and does not cut corners his services are worth the money!
- B.Q., October 2017
Chris was extremely thorough with the inspection. His report was very detailed and immaculate with pictures, charts, diagrams, descriptions and recommendations. He did much more than I expected and I’m so grateful my realtor had us use him in the process of purchasing our home. He also has great customer service via phone and always answers!
- B.W., Virginia Beach VA, October 2017
I do not recommend anyone else. In fact I don't even have a backup person, that is how strongly I feel about the quality inspections that are produced by Chris Polantz. Diagrams, future maintenance suggestions and safety items that require immediate attention are all offered by Chris. Friendly, knowledgeable and professional !
- R.C., September 2017
Chris is a wealth of information! His service was great and inspected the house from top to bottom. Reports are well documented and well written. I will use Redtail services again in the future.
- S.R., September 2017
Absolutely awesome, very friendly and knowledgeable.
- R.C., September 2017
Although Chris explained there was not a big problem about the foundation I am not comfortable that there is n't one. He is giving us an opinion on something we really can't see and I am very concerned about that.
- R.M., September 2017
Chris is very personable, friendly and thorough. I would never buy another house without calling him first. Not only did he inform us of any problems, he also gave us a lot of general knowledge, just FYI type of things. Thanks Chris.
- A.B., August 2017
Chris was extremely informative due to his extensive knowledge and expertise. This was coupled with a very friendly and personable approach which made it easy to ask questions. I highly recommend Chris to anyone who wants professionalism with a personal touch!
- D.W., August 2017
Chris was extremely informative due to his extensive knowledge and expertise. This was coupled with a very friendly and personable approach which made it easy to ask questions. I highly recommend Chris to anyone who wants professionalism with a personal touch!
- D.W., August 2017
Chris you rock! Very professional and knowledgeable. You have provided tons of information that will help us during our home buying process.
- H.B., July 2017
Absolute top notch inspector! Extremely thorough in all aspects. Took time to explain discrepancies and what they could lead to. Could not have asked for a better inspection. You have earned your reputation as a elite company!
- D.L., June 2017
Chris was extremely thorough and guided us through the inspection. I was impressed with his attention to detail. I highly recommend Chris Polantz.
- C.R., May 2017
Chris is an expert and I always recommend him to my clients, in fact he is the only inspector whom I recommend. He points out not only safety items and deficiencies, but he like to say something like " you might consider budgeting for a future replacement ". Always thorough and always punctual.
- R.C., May 2017
Chris arrived early for our inspection, so early that he was able to conduct an exterior inspection prior to our arrival, which we were thankful for because it saved us from being out in the rainy weather. As for his professionalism, knowledge, and keen attention to detail we were EXTREMEMLY impressed! He went over everything with us, in detail, as we walked around the exterior and interior of our home. He answered all questions thoroughly and was very helpful with his opinions as to what issues we should address now and made us aware of what we should be looking for in the future. We will absolutely be referring all of our friends and colleagues to Chris for their future home inspections!
- J.F., Virginia Beach VA, May 2017
Chris was awesome! He was very professional. He accommodated my schedule. He was early, not on time but early, which was very important to me. He encouraged me to follow him throughout the inspection and answered all my questions throughout. He explained any issues he found to me on the spot along with stating the same in the provided Home Inspection Report. We couldn't have been happier with the service he provided us.
- R.G., Virginia Beach VA, May 2017
I have known Chris for more than a couple of years and I am pleased to call him a friend. He is the only Home Inspector that I recommend to my clients. Our recommendations are extremely important and Chris has NEVER let me down ! Chris is knowledgeable, very personable, and my clients always learn about the good, not so good and maintenance items down the road.
- R.C., May 2017
He is very thorough and has lot of patience to explain the things to the clients.
- S.G., Virginia Beach VA, May 2017
30 April, 2017 Dear Chris, Hi again! Many thanks kindly for your very professional services to conduct home inspection on 28 April, 2017. You are very organized, are knowledgeable and are very thorough in your inspections. I will add that you have a great attitude and also your behavior is remarkable. You are a well spoken individual. Your report with various photos pointing the deficiencies is very thorough and this is what helps the reader to know instantly as what corrective action needs to be taken. Keep up the good work you do for customers. Kind regards, Ashok Ashok Sarin
- A.S., Virginia Beach VA, April 2017
Thanks, Chris, for an excellent report! Your professionalism, expertise, & candid comments are most appreciated.
- P.M., Virginia Beach VA, April 2017
Chris is very knowledgeable and explains his findings. He has experience and knows the area.
- D.S., April 2017
Chris was objective when he shared his findings of the home. He did not try to sway us one way or another as to whether or not we should purchase the property, he just gave us the facts to empower us to make our own decision. He was thorough in his inspection of the property, and checked for things I would have never thought to (or known to!) He was timely, professional, and had the latest technological equipment to do his work, which heightened my confidence in his findings. I highly recommend Chris and will use him again for future inspections!
- S.T., Newport News VA, March 2017
Absolutely thorough and detailed, Chris has a gift for explaining his work to new home buyers in a way that they genuinely understand. His reports are extremely well-written and illustrated. His integration with technology - from testing tools and aerial photography, to his basic processes for scheduling and sending reports - is superior to any Home Inspector I've used. I recommend his services without hesitation. Thurman Williams Long & Foster Real Estate
- T.W., Williamsburg VA, March 2017
Chris is fantastic! He picked up the phone, was very professional and personable. He showed up on time and was very thorough. He communicates clearly and in terms that are understandable. He has many gadgets that help put the whole house and property into a better perspective.
- B.F., Portsmouth VA, March 2017
Chris will come highly recommended. He was extremely knowledgeable and his attention to detail was impeccable. If you want an inspection done the right way I say call Chris!!
- N.G., Norfolk VA, March 2017
Chris did a through job in his inspection. We are most thankfull for the help he gave us in securing help to fix some of the problems
- J.Y., March 2017
While I was not there to meet Chris during the inspection, his report was very detailed. I feel that he was able to find a lot of things that I wouldn't have even thought about looking at. Not going to lie, I was very excited to get the report with overhead views of our new home Chris took with a drone. I would highly recommend Chris to anyone!
- J.T., March 2017
Chris was very professional and has a great attention to detail. We are purchasing a new home and are very happy that we elected to have a home inspection because there were some issues that I would have been very disappointed with had Chris not found them! The technology that was used was very impressive and the report provided was very detailed. We would definitely use this service in the future!
- B.L., March 2017
Awesome ! Thank you
- R.C., July 2016