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Erskine Betts

Before you purchase or sell your home or property, please call EMB Home Inspections, LLC. We can help protect your investment with a thorough home/property inspection! Call us now to discuss your individual inspection needs. Work Phone: (919)796-1097 Mobile Phone: (919)796-1097

About EMB Home Inspections, LLC

We perform thorough inspections at reasonable prices. We can help you get to know the condition of the property you are about to buy or sell, and give you the confidence you need to make an informed decision.

We are located in Apex and serve all surrounding areas. We look forward to hearing from you!


NCHILB # 1904


Full-time home inspector. Licensed since 2004. I have inspected thousands of homes in the RTP area. BS in Business Administration. Fully insured and bonded.


Very nice, thorough and very punctual. Great choice!
- B.O., February 2018
Mr. Betts was very patient and thorough. He took his time explaining this to me. He is very professional!
- J.K., February 2018
Thorough, knowledgeable, good at communicating issues and how things work, and easy to work with! Terrific!
- K.K., February 2018
Erskine, we really appreciated your honesty and communication throughout the inspection. We learned a lot about homes and house maintenance etc. in our time with you. We will plan to use you and your family for all home inspections in the area and will recommend you to any of our friends and colleagues!
- L.V., January 2018
Erskine did a great job inspecting our new home! His report was delivered quickly and was complete with suggestions and things that needed to be fixed. I would highly recommend his service!
- B.B., December 2017
We had our new home inspected on 12/18. This is our first home, so we were very nervous about the process. Erskine walked us through the entire home inspection. We were very pleased with the results. We received a 93 page report at the end with complete details and photos documenting everything we needed. I would highly recommend him as an inspector to anyone buying a home.
- A.W., December 2017
Probably the best investment was to hire you as our inspector. Very professional and informative.
- L.L., December 2017
Erskine did my pre-closing inspection and identified a faulty ridge vent and a missing gusset connector plate. These items were missed by the inspector I hired during the pre-drywall inspection. Professional, patient, solicits questions and provides simple to understand answers.
- K.B., Raleigh NC, December 2017
Erskine is fabulous, not alarming, but misses nothing, always friendly and punctual and never rushes my clients who have questions or whom may be late.
- K.S., December 2017
Erskine was very professional and took the time to make sure the inspection was meticulously done. Thoroughly checked every part of the house (including the crawlspace and roof). The final report was put together with clear explanations of what needs to be repaired and what needs to be checked with the builders. Highly recommended.
- G.J., December 2017
Erskine is very knowledgeable. Not only he did very good work on home inspection, also he give very good home maintenance tips. This is very helpful for first home buyer.
- W.W., November 2017
Thanks for being professional and thorough. We wasn't sure what to exactly expect as a first time home buyers. However you were impressive, knowledgeable and so friendly. You will surely be a recommendation. We thank our agent for having the wisdom to use your company as well.
- T.A., November 2017
Erskine was fantastic to work with and provided a thorough inspection of our home. He was detail-oriented and gave us guidance and education during the inspection. I highly recommend his services and appreciate his wonderful customer service.
- A.M., November 2017
Erskine clearly knows what he's talking about and took the time during the inspection to patiently explain every aspect of our prospective home as he worked his way through it. The report he provided repeated and expanded on what he told us in person along with providing maintenance tips for the home. I can't recommend him enough!
- S.G., November 2017
Erskine was thorough in explaining everything to us and did an excellent job overall. Could not have asked for better service!
- M.M., November 2017
Extremely thorough and professional. Walked us through everything in a way we could understand. Pointed out things that would be good for us to remember in the future for maintenance. He had a good sense of what things were normal for a house of this age and was not sensationalist about anything. Overall we felt immediately that we were in good hands, and this was confirmed when we got a very detailed and careful report. Well worth the peace of mind when considering a home that is 88 years old! We would highly recommend him!
- T.W., November 2017
Erskine did a thorough home inspection and I appreciated his detailed report! He was very personable and professional and scheduling was easy. I highly recommend Erskine!
- S.T., October 2017
Erskine was extremely thorough and very efficient. His final written report was well done and easy to understand. It gave us a very good assessment of the condition of the home we had put an offer on. We would definitely recommend him for any homebuyer needing a home inspection report.
- S.K., Pittsboro NC, October 2017
Erskine is very honest and he explains all home inspection issues so that even a layperson can understand the issue.
- S.K., Pittsboro NC, October 2017
We were unable to attend the inspection of our house, but the report provided was detailed and thorough, with ample comments and labelled pictures for every issue. Very well done!
- J.W., September 2017
Erskine, Your report was so very thorough and impressive. You identified many issues that need to be addressed that weren't visible to us . Thank you so very much.
- D.D., September 2017
Clear, thorough, and knowledgeable explanations of everything. Thanks for taking such care with the inspection!
- T.H., September 2017
Over the years, we have been through a number of home inspections. This was by far, the best, most thorough and informative review we have ever received. Thank you!
- D.M., August 2017
Erskine thoroughly inspected the house, and we truly appreciate his attention to detail and safety. Thank you Erskine!
- A.B., July 2017
Erskine Betts' inspection was thorough and detailed. He communicated clearly and was able to explain his findings as well as the likely cause of the various findings. He was knowledgeable, approachable, and pleasant. We would certainly use his services again as well as recommend him to others.
- C.H., July 2017
Erskine was extremely thorough, professional, and knowledgeable and took the time to explain all the major things he thought worthy of my attention. In addition, his inspection report is incredibly detailed as it also includes pictures of any issues as well as diagrams of how things should or of how a problem could develop based upon what was found.
- J.P., June 2017
Erskine Betts was very thorough, and after reviewing his report on our future home, we feel confident in our decision. We know what we will ask the sellers to address, and we know what we will need to address in the future. The photos were very clear, and the descriptions were well written and detailed. Thank you
- M.S., June 2017
Mr. Betts was very prompt and thorough in his inspection of our home. His report was easy to read and contained pictures to identify problems that needed to be fixed. He not only saved us from having to pay for these needed repairs ourselves, but he found some issues that, if they had been missed, could have led to serious structural problems. My wife and I are very glad that Mr. Betts was our home inspector. Beyond the home inspection, Mr. Betts has been a huge help. We are moving to NC from CO, and with the differences in climate and critters we had several questions about the best way to protect our home, which he answered. He is prompt in responding, professional, and knowledgeable. I recommend him without reservation to anyone needing a home inspection.
- C.B., June 2017
Thank you for being thorough and taking the time to discuss issues with me during the inspection. I appreciate the time you took to write the inspection report and the notes you added.
- D.H., June 2017
Erskine was extremely helpful - ensuring I knew where all shutoffs, electric panels, etc were and showed me exactly what issues he found that I needed to be aware of, what would happened if not fixed, etc. He was patient, answered all my questions fully, and was extremely knowledgeable. He was also very professional and kind, just an all around great guy!
- E.D., June 2017
Erskine Betts did an excellent inspection and follow up prior to our 11 month review, several areas of concern were noted and will be brought to the builders attention. Very thorough.
- S.Y., June 2017
Erskine, you are very thorough, and I really appreciate how you explain things!
- N.S., May 2017
Despite this being my first home buying experience and my resulting lack of familiarity with a number of household component standards and expectations, the walkthrough proved to be very informative, and the corresponding report does a good job of expanding upon what was mentioned during the walkthrough. Thanks again!
- R.H., May 2017
Great service with detailed report!
- S.B., April 2017
Good job!
- Z.G., April 2017
I love the detailed report. This help me see what the inspector saw, which helps better in understanding what needs to be done. I will be using him again and referring him to family and friends! Awesome!
- G.H., April 2017
Mr. Betts was thorough and professional. The report was delivered promptly and has much valuable information. We highly recommend Mr. Betts.
- T.T., March 2017
Erskine did an outstanding job inspecting the home we are buying. He was extremely thorough and explained several items to me during his inspection. He was very clear in his explanations and in indicating items that were important, needed attention or just for my information. His report (80 pages) was very detailed and he highlighted those areas needing additional attention. He included many color pictures within the text to clearly identify each item he comments on. Bottom line, I recommend him highly.
- J.M., March 2017
Mr. Betts is the best. He did a great job on my daughter's inspection a few years ago and the same recently on our condo unit. I will definitely recommend him to others and call him again, if needed.
- M.F., March 2017
Erskine was extremely thorough and very clearly communicated his observations on the property. He was knowledgeable about the older home and was able to understand the various conditions and elements within the context of their age and type. The report was very well composed and easy to understand, with excellent graphics and annotated photos.
- C.P., March 2017
Erskine conducts a very thorough inspection. He is friendly and answers any questions about the process. We are very pleased and highly recommend him.
- A.B., February 2017
I was impressed with how fast the report was delivered after the inspection. Thank you so much!
- A.P., February 2017
Thank you so much for your honesty and meticulous standards, it has allowed us to make educated decisions about the homes we have had inspected, and prevented us from making mistakes. Thank you so much!!
- C.A., January 2017
Very thorough and takes the time to explain things to new homebuyers!
- , January 2017
Very thorough and takes the time to explain things to new homebuyers!
- L.C., January 2017
Erskine, I want to thank you for your work inspecting our recent home purchase. I was profoundly impressed with your knowledge and your willingness to explain some of the issues to me. Although my experience in home repair is limited, your ability to convey the problems in layman's terms brought great comfort to the process. I will highly recommend you in the future and plan on utilizing you moving forward. Thank you again, Scott and Julie Page
- S.P., January 2017
a specialist in home inspection
- Y.S., December 2016
Well done Erskine. Good job and report. I've been involved in building 3 homes, designed one, and managed the building of one.
- R.L., Perry OK, December 2016
Erskine did a fantastic job. The report was thorough, easy to read, and honest in opinions and areas of concern vs areas for further evaluation. Considering the depth and breadth of detail, to have this returned in less than 48 hours is to be commended as it certainly is appreciated when due diligence deadlines are needing to be met.
- A.E., December 2016
Erskine, You did a great job inspecting our new home. I hope to use you on our existing home before sale. I especially appreciated you walking me through the home and giving tips during the inspection. Your report was top notch and the illustrations and photos are extremely useful. Thanks again for a great job! Bob Franz
- B.F., December 2016
Very well done and thorough inspection accompanied with an easy to read and well documented report.
- N.F., December 2016
Erskine is great to work with. As a Realtor it is important to be able to refer buyers to a home inspector they can trust to do a thorough inspection. Erskine is definitely an inspector I will refer to buyers in the future!
- L.D., Fuquay Varina NC, November 2016
Erskine is extremely thorough, informative, and knowledgeable. I will definitely be recommending him to anyone in need of a home inspection. Thank you!
- D.J., October 2016
Erskine was very thorough with his inspection and took the time to explain everything to me. Highly recommend!
- K.C., October 2016
Erskine is very thorough and wonderful to work with. He's performed inspections for us three times over the last nine years - twice when we purchased houses and once when we sold our home.
- S.J., October 2016
Erskine was very thorough with his inspection and took the time to explain everything to us.
- D.S., October 2016
Erskine performed a very thorough and timely inspection. The report is very valuable to us not only for the list of items the seller needs to address, but also for the description and location information for the items he inspected.
- P.V., September 2016
Mr. Betts did a careful inspection, and I felt confident that he looked after my interests.
- D.G., September 2016
Erskine was great to work with. He was thorough, professional and courteous. He answered all of our questions and provided us with a comprehensive report with recommendations. Highly recommended.
- R.N., August 2016
Mr Betts did my home inspection on 7/25/16. He was punctual, extremely friendly, thorough and professional ! He pointed out safety concerns and noted his findings whether positive or negative throughout the inspection. He took time to explain his findings, as well as, time to discuss and demonstrate the proper operation / function of major systems, appliances, etc. His final report was delivered promptly with a professional presentation and high quality color photos. Upon receipt of his report, I was pleasantly surprised to find he had included a home warranty free of charge. I would highly recommend him !
- L.F., July 2016
Erskine was extremely thorough during the inspection and provided a detailed report within two days. I will absolutely recommend him to anyone looking for a home inspector. Hanging out with Erskine during the inspection was an enjoyable and informative experience. He explained everything in a that was easy to understand. The report he provided is great - the fact that it's available online with many detailed pictures is a huge plus. If we end up buying the home, I will definitely be referring to his report for years to come. THANK YOU!
- D.J., July 2016
Erskine was absolutely wonderful. He was professional and extremely thorough on every aspect of the inspection. He took the time to educate me on every detail. I was very appreciative of the many things he suggested for my future home ownership. He definitely deserves the highest recommendation from me. Thank you!
- J.B., June 2016
Extremely informative and absolutely thorough on all aspects of our new home. He took the time to explain to us why certain things were done differently from our previous home which was in another state. I would recommend his services to all potential buyers (new homes as well as older homes). Well worth the money$
- R.S., Clayton NC, May 2016
Great job
- D.S., May 2016
Very thorough and easy to work with. Would definitely recommend homebuyers to use his services
- B.F., May 2016
Incredibly thorough!
- S.W., May 2016
Erskine was very through. He explained every find that he made and let us know if it was a problem or a concern. The report was very detailed. I would use Erskine for any inspection that we will have in the future and recommend him to neighbors.
- K.L., May 2016
Family has used him 3 times now and he does a complete job.
- J.L., May 2016
This is the second home I've purchased and used Mr. Betts for the home inspection. He is very knowledgable and thorough and takes the time to explain everything he finds whether it's minor or major. He is friendly and professional and I would recommend him as an inspector every time.
- K.C., April 2016
Extremely professional and thorough. Erskine completed a honest and fair inspection, and provided detailed explanations and fixes. Highly recommended.
- E.S., April 2016
Extremely thorough!
- E.G., Cary NC, April 2016
Erskine was very thorough and knowledgeable. I attended the inspection and he was extremely informative and pointed out future maintenance issues in addition to the problems he was noting during the inspection.
- N.S., March 2016
Thank you for the most thorough home inspection we've ever had. Because it's an older home, we were certain there would be issues. Now not only do we have a good understanding of the things to solve before purchase, we have a long to-do list for later as well! It was truly a pleasure, and we'll recommend you any chance we get.
- L.D., March 2016
Erskine was very professional and very thorough. We feel confident that we are well informed thanks to his knowledge. He even had some helpful pointers and tips that will save us problems (and money) in the future. My father described the report as "a work of art". It's amazing! TC
- T.C., March 2016
Knowledgeable and thorough. Would use again.
- C.B., March 2016
Mr. Betts offered exceptional and professional inspection services for my client. His unique and comprehensive approach to this buying process was valuable and thorough. Mr. Betts did not place a time limit on his inspection process. His technology based detailed inspection reports offer ease-of-use, fast turn around and effective summaries. His interpretation/awareness of concerns builds trust and shows reliability in his findings. I will forever recommend his Inspection services to all Buyers moving forward. Thank you for being honest, timely, competitively priced and having a Spirit of Excellence!
- L.B., February 2016
Excellent job, Erskine. You came recommended and I will continue that recommendation. Thank you for the attention to detail!
- A.J., February 2016
I've never been through the home buying process so I do not have preconceived notions as to how it should be done, however, I will say I am beyond impressed with how thorough Erskine Betts was with my home inspection. He made many suggestions for us that weren't necessarily a part of his routine inspection but instead were just for our own good. Thank you for your time, Erskine!
- K.B., February 2016
The home I was looking to purchase had a recent inspection done on it, and that report was shared with me. Knowing how thorough Erskine is, I hired him to do another one. It's a good thing I did - he found a major issue that the other inspector missed, and some minor ones as well. It was money well spent and even if he doesn't find anything wrong, it's worth the peace of mind.
- T.M., February 2016
Very helpful and spent a lot of time explaining house related info.
- A.M., January 2016
Erskine has performed inspections for many of my clients and for me personally. He is always very thorough and very professional. I would recommend his services to anyone!
- G.V., January 2016
Thanks, Erskine! A very detailed and helpful report.
- A.J., January 2016
Very professional and knowledgeable. Took the time to explain the items to my wife and me.
- T.B., December 2015
I was very pleased with Erskine's professionalism throughout the entire process. He was quick to respond with a final report and communicated directly with the builder as needed. I will definitely be using him again at the 11 month mark to make sure everything is still the way it should be. Thank you.
- B.Z., December 2015
Erskine Betts, did a very thorough home inspection for us. He communicated areas of concern and advised on normal items with very useful information as well . He was very professional and knowledgeable. Provided an extremely detailed and informative report. We would highly recommend him for home inspections.
- H.W., December 2015
Extremely knowledgeable, very professional. Made us feel confident that we could purchase a home without being surprised later by unexpected maintenance issues. Mr. Betts was very thorough and his report was detailed and clearly explained. I would not hesitate to enthusiastically recommend him to anyone in need of a home inspection.
- A.T., December 2015
Thoroughly professional; eagerness to answer any questions and share knowledge very reassuring; clarity of all issues through description and pictures in the report most helpful as were suggestions on continued maintenance. Thank you. Mike Haras
- M.H., December 2015
Erskine was the most thorough home inspector we have ever used. He was very nice to work with and explained things in terms we understood. We will certainly recommend Erskine to anyone looking for a home inspector.
- W.G., November 2015
Mr. Erskine Betts did a Excellent Job with our new home inspection. He was very through and knowledgeable in the work he performs. I am a Veteran and received a 10% discount, which is always helpful when buying a new house. I would highly recommend Mr. Erskine. Thank you. M. Sethi
- M.S., November 2015
Thank you so much for your inspection. I appreciate the time you took to ensure everything was in good and working order.
- T.P., November 2015
We really appreciated your thoroughness and helpful demeanor. As first time home buyers, we feel prepared walking into the negotiation stage and finding a contractor to make necessary repairs. Thank you!
- M.P., October 2015
Erskine is the consummate professional.
- C.S., October 2015
I appreciate the time you gave me to ask questions and I liked that you gave me information on what you found as you went along. Your report was great! Easy to understand and the diagrams and photos were clear. Thank you so much!
- L.S., September 2015
Erskine is extremely thorough and honest. The report was very detailed and superbly beneficial. I highly recommend Mr. Betts!
- E.L., September 2015
Very detail oriented inspection. The report was very informative and provided proactive information- very impressive !
- M.P., August 2015
Erskine has an analytical approach. He presents the problems and explains the reasons and possible solutions too. He is extremely knowledgeable about all aspects and takes the time to make sure the client understands everything. I highly recommend him.
- E.P., August 2015
He did a very thorough walk-through inspection and created a great report complete with suggestions and pictures of everything. He explained a lot of pertinent information to me in lay-mans terms as well which I am very grateful for.
- N.P., August 2015
Erskine was very thorough and nice to work with...would definitely recommend!!
- J.H., August 2015
Very Helpful. Let me know about things to my house that the Royal Oaks project manager did not.
- K.L., July 2015
Erskine has done a great job to inspect our house. He is very good at finding potential problems and his report shows every detail that I need to be aware of. I would highly recommend him as a home inspector.
- S.H., July 2015