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Ezra Hamilton

The home buyer can expect to get a top quality, unbiased home inspection and much more.  You will get the benefit of the knowledge Ezra gained through his many years of related OJT experience in the construction industry working with all trades.  Ezra will explain every thing he has found to you in a way so as not to frighten you.  You are encouraged to ask as many questions about the findings of the house you are looking to purchase as you wish.  If you elect not to come to the inspection we encourage you to call after you have received your inspection report.  If we do an A.M. home inspection you will get the report the same day via email and inspections performed in the afternoon will be emailed the following morning.  My wife and I work together and do not care to do more than one home inspection per day.  We are not trying to get rich, but  to help you feel comfortable in the home you are looking to buy or our findings will open you eyes and you walk away from this one and continue looking.  
The link below is to a sample home inspection report on a 6000 s/f house.


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You get the benefit of my 35 plus years OJT experience that goes into each home inspection. Please visit my website for additional information.


Very quick and professional
- J.B., December 2016
Great job! As always you are very thorough. We appreciate you!
- S.E., June 2016
I was very pleased with the service I received. Not only was it prompt and professional but I was able to ask as many questions as needed to understand each issue. That was extremely valuable to me.
- E.H., May 2016
I recommend u have your home inspector by this company great works r Jackson crystal springs
- R.J., May 2016
- I.S., November 2015
I absolutely love the service, Mr Hamilton was joy and I really appreciate his honestly. I will definitely use Mr Hamilton again in the future and highly recommend his service to anyone.
- E.M., November 2015
Mr. Hamilton is amazing! He is very thorough and amazing at making sure you undeerstand what is going on with your home! I would recommend him to anyone!
- K.B., October 2015
Personally, I don't rate the inspectors, I allow my clients to rate the inspectors. Below are a few of many positive things that my clients have had to say about Mr. Hamilton: "He was on time and very thorough." "What I like most about Mr. Hamilton is that he took the time to show me what he thought I should ask to be replaced/repaired; the photos of the roof was priceless because I would have never been able to see what was going on wrong up there!" "Hiring Mr. Hamilton was some of the best money I ever spent; his inspection saved me thousands!" "I have heard of many good home inspectors, Mr. Hamilton is #1. "If I were to buy another home, I wouldn't seal the deal until after Mr Hamilton said "INSPECTED!" "I thank Mr. Hamilton for my PEACE OF MIND."
- P.P., July 2015
Thanks for going the extra mile in our home inspection. Very pleased with the work you and your wife did. Took your time and did a thorough job. Very pleased. Will call again if I purchase another home! Thanks!
- D.A., July 2015
As a first time home buyer I had no clue what to expect during the home inspection process. Mr. Hamilton is extremely knowledgeable and patient. He literally took me by the hand and explained what exactly he was going to do and showed me everything that needed repaired and also everything that was in good shape. We walked inside and out with me and was answered every question and concern that I had. I would definitely use Mr. Hamilton for another inspection and refer him to family and friends.
- L.G., July 2015
My husband and I are buying our first home together which can be very unnerving. Mr. Hamilton was very professional during the inspection process. He was really thorough in his inspection and seemed extremely knowledgeable about components of the home that were inspected. My husband and I feel confident that we can make an informed decision about whether or not to go ahead with the purchase of this home after getting a detailed inspection report. We would definitely recommend the services of Mr. Hamilton to anyone in need of a home inspection.
- F.E., June 2015
sorry this is so late- we where pleased and would recommend you
- N.J., June 2015
Mr. Hamilton is a very professional, knowledgeable and courteous person. He does very a detailed documentation of the inspections. His inspection reports are easy to read and comprehend. He will answer any question and can be easily contacted.
- B.e., June 2015
Mr. Hamilton, As a homeowner and previous home buyer, purchasing a home is a very stressful and time consuming processing. One of my biggest fears is buying a home that is not all that I dreamed of inside and out. You made that fear disappear. You are not only a pleasure to work with but also a relief knowing that you will find any and everything that the naked eye would overlook when viewing a home. I used your services in 2013, as well as referred my sister to you this year. Thank you for making home buying so pleasant. Mary Singleton 220 Woodrun Dr. Ridgeland, MS 39157
- M.S., June 2015
Thank you .
- R.F., May 2015
The report was very detailed and self explanatory. I am very pleased with my home inspection. Thank you Ezra
- M.M., March 2015
Thank you so much inspecting my future home. You were very detailed and precise with everything.
- L.W., March 2015
Very knowledgable. Mr Ezra took time to explain and show his findings. He didn't mind answering questions. I would recommend Mr Ezra to anyone seeking to have their home inspected by a knowledgable professional.
- s., December 2013
10 -Ezra is a pro in all aspects of home inspections. We will always recommend Ezra for any and all inspections. Benchmark Realty/ Ken Barrington (Broker)
- , November 2013
Very thorough with inspection and informs Buyers of any issues, maintenance, etc in a manner that Buyers can certainly understand. Ezra brings much knowledge of his years of construction experience to the table when performing his inspections. Answers Buyers questions with a great deal of knowledge and offers good solutions to the issues at hand.
- O.F., Flowood MS, June 2013
Thank you for a thorough inspection of my proposed property. Also thanks for the home maintanence tips.
- W.D., January 2011
This guy is great.
- E.A., July 2010
Mr. Hamilton is an exceptional inspector. He does not leave any stones unturned during his inspection. I truly appreciate his candidness and open communication. I highly recommend him to conduct home inspections. Sandy
- S.W., June 2010
Thanks for the best wishes and assisting me and my family in this new endeavor!
- D.H., June 2010
Hello Mr. Hamilton, Very nice job, will recommend to anyone who is buying a home. Totally, satisfied with every detail. Many thanks,
- D.C., April 2010
Great, on the spot.
- J.W., October 2009
Very timely, thorough and honest inspection.
- T.T., October 2009