He is very thorough and knowledgeable. Thank you for taking the time to walk us through the process.
- S.G., September 2017
I am so happy I engaged Denny for this pre inspection for selling my home. What a nice guy he is. My home had been on the market for almost a year. The reassurance I got from him on the quality of my home made me feel much more confident. He gave me good suggestions that I could improve upon. I know this has helped in the process of getting my house sold. Mostly, I was beginning to doubt the quality of my beloved home. Denny reassured me it is an extremely nice home. I can say ,I believe a pre inspection is the way to go. I only wish I had done this sooner. Thank you so much Denny
- J.M., July 2017
Denny Murphy did a very thorough inspection of the property. The time he spent on the job was more than adequate. He took the time to walk the property and explain his findings. His interest in the property and future home owner was very much appreciated. The report prepared was complete and comprehensive. I would highly recommend his service and expert opinion.
- l.W., May 2017
Denny was very through in checking the home and garage in his inspection. He answered all of our questions and concerns in plain english and even offered advice and suggestions on everything. He went over the home inspection with us in complete detail. He did a fantastic job that really let us know everything we needed to make an informed decision and move forward from here. We would highly recommend Denny to anyone and contact him again if we are in need of his services again.
- R.B., April 2016
This was a very informational process and helps the buyer feel more knowledgeable about the home they are going to purchase. I shall recommend that all purchasers of homes that I know to call for a while home inspection to secure surety that they are buying a solid home for safety and longevity for their futures. This process was stress free and rewarding. We thank you for your services. A+ Service
- K.S., April 2016
Denny did a great job explaining everything and answered any questions that I had along the way. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a complete and thorough home inspection.
- J.S., January 2016
We were very pleased with Denny Murphy and his inspection. We appreciated the knowledge he had and his great suggestions. Thank you for letting us be there during this important inspection of our new home.
- T.G., July 2015
Denny was very professional and did a thorough job of inspecting the home. He took time to answer any questions and was very helpful and courteous. I would recommend his services to anyone seeking a professional home inspection.
- A.M., June 2015
Thanks Denny that gives me a list of items to attend to when I get settled in.
- B.W., May 2015
Thanks Denny you very informative with a keen eye for detail. You made it a pleasurable experience for us.
- D.A., March 2015
Denny does such a great job explaining everything to both clients and agents. He is absolutely the best in the business. Tracey Gerard, Buyer's specialist for the Adam Merrick Team
- T.G., March 2015
Denny has been extremely thorough and he spent over 4 hours to inspect mu house. He took time to explain how the house works and possible maintenance and improvements. He even went a lot of extra miles in testing the appliance, which is out of the scope of home inspection. His report was so timely, professional and easy to read. After that, he was extremely responsive and helpful to advising the basement leak he found! He has been a great advisor. I would highly recommend him regardless you are experienced or inexperienced home buyer like myself !
- D.Y., September 2014
Thanks a lot Denny for completing the inspection in time as requested.Your report was very detailed and informative. Thanks for the pics, comments and recommendations.
- V.P., September 2014
Thank you for inspecting my new home in East Peoria yesterday. I was quite impressed with your thoroughness and the manner in which you went out of your way to answer any questions I had. Wade Alig
- W.A., August 2014
Thanks Denny for a very prompt inspection and comprehensive report.
- A.J., July 2014
Thanks Denny. I appreciate the thorough inspection and helpful tips.
- G.F., June 2014
Denny really made me feel at ease with regards to the inspection process. He was very thorough and explained the issues in with detail and in a manner that I was able to understand.
- T.S., May 2014
Denny is excellent to work with! He has helped us multiple times, and we would recommend him to our family and friends.
- M.B., March 2014
Denny is very knowledgeable and thorough. He did an excellent inspection and provided a very clear and user friendly report. He went above and beyond what was required and explained different features of the house to me during the inspection and answered all my questions.
- T.H., February 2014
Good job.Very thorough.
- J.T., October 2013
This is an experience I dreaded. Being a first time home buyer, I wasn't sure what to expect. I was comfortable with Denny and impressed with his depth of knowledge and his ability to make it all simple to understand. I will definitely recommend him to everyone I meet who needs his services!
- D.P., Peoria IL, June 2013
Excellent job! I won't hesitate to recommend him.
- J.H., June 2013
Denny Murphy did a wonderful job inspecting our home. We had used him in the past, and I would recommend him to others. Thanks!
- M.B., May 2013
You were very helpful during this process. I appreciated your honesty and efficiency.
- M.H., May 2013
Great job thank's again Pat.
- D.G., May 2013
Great Job. The best I've ever seen.
- G.H., March 2013