Can't say enough about Joe. He is extremely thorough and know what he is talking about. I wouldn't hesitate to use him again or recommend him to a friend. I wanted to be there for the inspection, but I didn't know what he thought about me "looking over his shoulder." First thing he said was, "Great, glad your here, four eyes are better than two, tell me everything you see." Then he pointed out everything he found and we talked about it. He didn't rush me at all and wanted to make sure I didn't leave with any questions.
- T.H., November 2017
Great job!!!
- C.S., November 2017
Mr. Rayhill was very prompt, thorough and we recd our report immediately. A great experience!
- B.T., November 2017
Joe did an excellent job explaining everything in detail. He also talked to my homeowners insurance representative. I would highly recommend Joe! Thank you!
- J.B., October 2017
Excellent rapport with customer, easy going attitude and thorough inspection methods. Well worth the cost.
- E.M., October 2017
Already recommended to Joe Grom, whom my husband works for and has multiple rental properties. Very detailed report and gave great recommendations! Thanks so much.
- J.K., October 2017
Joe is great! He is honest, trustworthy, reliable, and dependable! I will always call Joe for any of my home inspections!
- E.L., October 2017
GREAT experience with Joe. A very down to earth guy, that knows his stuff! He got started early and answered any question we had. He was very knowledgeable and a super friendly guy.
- A.E., October 2017
Prompt service, friendly, and explained the details of my inspection clearly. Joe is very thorough and I like the detailed electronic report on my home.
- J.R., October 2017
Joe is always very thorough. He's very informative to my clients with his background in construction but also doesn't alarm them too much with items that may need attention. He has good suggestions on what may need to be done.
- J.R., September 2017
Thank you so much for our inspection. Great job
- L.P., September 2017
Thank you for taking your time to explain everything to me and explaining it so that I could understand! You are awesome!!
- A.S., September 2017
We were incredibly impressed with the quality and professionalism of Joe's inspection. He took the time to check everything and didn't mind my husband and I asking questions as he completed his work. His report was quite thorough and submitted to us promptly. We would definitely hire Joe again.
- R.O., September 2017
Joe Rayhill was extremely thorough, professional and knowledgeable. He went above and beyond to provide a quality service. He took the time to explain the report in detail to us upon completion of the home inspection and answered any and all questions we had. We feel comfortable making critical decisions during the home buying process based on his insight in his field. Thank you for a job well done, your work is appreciated!
- J.C., September 2017
A very thorough report. Thank you.
- C.C., August 2017
Great attitude, advice, and caring- all done with professionalism and efficiency. Really,a very nicely done report with options. Could not have been a better experience! Praying for Joe & family! Bill & Deanna
- W.A., August 2017
Joe was very respectable, seemed very knowledgeable and was very through. Thanks again Joe! Job well done!
- D.G., August 2017
Once again, the inspection and advice were detailed and extremely helpful. I would recommend Joe Rayhill to anyone!
- E.M., July 2017
Joe did a fantastic job on our home inspection. He was very thorough and I appreciate the time he spent explaining the results. Would definitely use him again.
- K.L., July 2017
Very thorough and professional job. Thank you!
- J.C., June 2017
Joe did a great job on the inspection and explained what were the biggest areas of concerns in a simple way. He took time to answer any questions I had about the process and provided great guidance.
- M.K., June 2017
Joe did a great job with the home inspection. He is professional and easy to get along with. He was very thorough and precise. I highly recommend him. I enjoyed meeting him.
- R.M., June 2017
Joe made this a great experience, was very knowledgable and great at explaining the process of what he was looking for and showing me the things I needed to know about how to operate the things in the home that I didn't know how to do and give me ideas about the best way to go about fixing something that needed to be fixed and just over all information about this house and how it was built and so much more. I would reccomend him to everyone. By the time we were done I felt like I had known him for a long time though I had only met him that day.
- R.S., June 2017
Joe inspected the first home that I was going buy and found multiple things that was wrong with the home. He saved me money by me knowing this home had issues that would cost me thousands down the road. He did such a great inspection with the first home I had to have him come out and inspect the next home. He did a great job on the 2nd inspection which I knew he would from the prior home inspection. I feel he is worth every penny and he is good at what he do. I highly recommend him. Easy to work with and he works with your schedule. Great person and just awesome. Thank you Joe and Beth.
- K.B., June 2017
Straight forward and looked at every nook and cranny and gave plenty of information when a question arised
- F.V., June 2017
Joe did a great job...the home i am buying is only 3 years old and i did not expect to see much wrong but i wanted it inspected for piece of mind on a large investment. As expected there wasn't much wrong but the experience and education that Joe shared with me about the home was awesome...would definitely recommend
- T.H., June 2017
He did a great job! I am not to familiar with anything about homes being a first time home buyer and I really appreciated that he took his time explaining everything to me so that I could understand!
- P.G., May 2017
Joe, I cannot thank you enough! It went smoothly and you put me completely at ease. I felt comfortable asking questions and was amazed at how thorough you were. Whether the house works out or not, the inspection was a pleasant process and I have no complaints. I would gladly recommend you to others, or use your inspection services again!
- E.M., May 2017
Mr. Rayhill did an excellent job on the home inspection. He was thorough and explained everything in detail to us and answered all of our questions. I left the inspection feeling like I had a solid report to take back to the seller and ask for the appropriate fixes. I would highly recommend Mr. Rayhill to anyone looking for a quality home inspection.
- E.H., May 2017
very polite and thorough.
- b.C., April 2017
very polite and thorough.
- b.C., April 2017
Joe, thank you for your help in advising us on this property, It's obvious that you care about those you serve. I look forward to working with you again!
- D.G., April 2017
Although we never had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Rayhill in person, he was very thorough in the inspection to which we hired him for. He came highly recommended by our agent. We could not have picked out a better person for the job! He is courteous, professional, efficient and I would definitely hire Joe again should a need arise without any hesitation!
- J.M., April 2017
Joe, did a great job, and found things that I didn't even see. I would recommend Joe Rayhill to anyone. Awesome!
- J.S., April 2017
Thank you . We appreciate your help and we will recommend you in the future.
- A.W., April 2017
Joe was professional and thorough. His report was easy to understand and allowed me to effectively communicate our needs with the seller. He's a nice guy too!
- M.C., April 2017
Joe was great! He was very professional and thorough!
- K.C., April 2017
One of the nicest guys you'll ever have work for you. Will explain everything he sees and more, so that your 100% comfortable with the house your buying and the problems that are there or may arise. The only inspector I'd ever recommend, no offense to any others, but guy is second to none. 30 years of construction and house building on top of his inspection experience makes him one of the most knowledgable men I've met.
- D.K., April 2017
Joe did a Great job and provided a very thorough inspection report. Thank you so much!
- D.K., April 2017
Joe was patient, thorough and friendly when communicating the inspection. Considering this was my first purchase of a home that was MORE than appreciated. I would recommend him to ANYONE! Thanks!
- K.T., March 2017
Joe was very thorough with his inspection and provided my wife and I with great feedback regarding the condition of the home. He took the time to go over any questions we had and overall was a pleasure to work with- we would highly recommend him to anyone searching for a home inspector. Thanks, Joe!
- C.S., March 2017
Joe is knowledgeable, thorough, and honest. We highly recommend him.
- P.K., March 2017
Joe was great! He was very thorough and had the inspection report sent to me the minute he was done. Definitely would recommend!!!
- L.F., March 2017
Joe Rayhill is an AMAZING inspector!!! He is knowledgeable, thorough, pleasant, cost efficient and prompt. Hire him and you won't be disappointed.
- A.L., March 2017
Joe did a wonderful job and was very personable. He was very efficient yet took the time to answer all of my questions and then some! I would highly recommend Joe.
- D.M., March 2017
Joe did a great job and was very thorough.
- S.M., February 2017
Joe answered all my questions and concerns that I had. Very nice person to work with, and would definitely recommend him.
- K.M., February 2017
Joe did a great job with the inspection. He was very detailed in the report and provided excellent explainations for repairs needed. Would recommend for anyone who needs some peace of mind when buying a home.
- C.R., February 2017
Very thorough. Answered all of our questions and provided great service.
- D.L., February 2017
Thank you for i will recommend your services to anyone needing inspection. You were very friendly and made me feel comfortable with your findings. Explained everything to me and answered my questions.
- E.M., February 2017
Thank you for all of your help and advice! You really made me feel at peace with the purchase of our home!
- K.K., January 2017
I was very pleased with Mr Rayhill's expertise. He explained things very well. I will definitely recommend him to anyone that needs an inspection.
- S.V., January 2017
Very polite, knowledgeable, & thorough. Took the time to explain all findings findings / concerns and offered sound corrective action advice.
- A.G., January 2017
Very thorough and explained everything well to us. Excellent job.
- C.T., January 2017
Joe did a great job and explained things throughout the process. He took his time and made sure that any question I had was answered and understood.
- J.F., January 2017
Joe did a phenomenal job. He answered every question we had and took plenty of time to make sure we understood everything he noted in his report. His vast knowledge and experience with homes was clear in everything he said and did. I highly recommend Joe to anyone needing a home inspection in the area.
- C.T., Louisville KY, January 2017
Very good job. Profesional and sincerity.
- E.F., January 2017
Ray was great to work with! Very detailed in his findings and gave a high level of explaination for each issue.
- D.K., January 2017
Appreciated taking time to explain things at a level I could understand. Very friendly and knowledge.
- D.R., December 2016
We were told by friends that getting your home inspected can be a hassle. Joe was great and made the whole process very easy. You can tell he really cares about providing people with what they need to know about the house they are purchasing. Would highly recommend Joe!
- L.S., December 2016
Very professional very nice guy would recommend anybody needed an inspector
- B.C., December 2016
For Mr Rayhill to be a complete stranger he was so nice to my husband and I and VERY PROFESSIONAL and explained everything to us and so helpful:) He is a definitely an asset to this co.
- M.D., November 2016
Thank you for explaining everything to us so that we could easily understand. You really made us feel comfortable and even somewhat knowledgeable! We will definitely recommend you and will use you again if need be.
- K.T., November 2016
Joe did a great job. Even the smallest things were brought to our attention. Pretty squared away guy. Will throw his name around to anyone needing home inspection. An very reasonable
- M.A., November 2016
Did a excellent job surveying the property for home inspection. Extremely detailed reporting with recommended actions to take.
- M.L., November 2016
Very professional and very thorough. Had really useful suggestions.
- T.J., October 2016
Joe is AMAZING and honest.
- A.L., October 2016
excellent ,everything in house got inspected and best feed back.
- A.A., October 2016
I was very pleased with how thorough Ray was. He had no problem going through and answering questions while doing the inspection plus giving helpful advice while doing it. I would quickly recommend him. Even though we were discouraged with all the problems of the house that was inspected his honesty was refreshing and we will use him again while pursuing other homes.
- A.H., October 2016
Mr. Rayhill, was one of the easiest to work with people I have had the pleasure of dealing with. He was candid about his years of experience and was more than helpful with anything and everything we asked throughout the process. He was quick and thorough, giving us pictures and explanations of everything he noticed. I will never use a different home inspector, Mr. Rayhill is undoubtedly one of, if not the best in the business.
- A.S., October 2016
Mr Rayhill was very professional and courteous. He provided me with a thorough inspection and also a detailed report that he explained to me at the end of inspection. I feel like I can sleep better and enjoy my new home now because of his efforts to make sure my home was inspected properly and professionally. I would highly recommend Mr. Rayhill for your inspection...
- J.H., October 2016
Covered all aspects of the home inside and out. Very detailed.
- S.B., September 2016
We appreciate how thorough u were,how u were prompt with the info and feedback thank you so much!
- A.C., September 2016
Joe was very knowledgable and friendly. His thorough inspection and explanations made us very comfortable with our decision to purchase our new home. He spent time talking with us and answered all of our questions. His report was very informative and really made us feel better buying such a bigger home. We will recommend him to everyone needing a home inspection. The service he provides is excellent.
- C.H., September 2016
Your inspection was very efficient, thorough, and helpful, and you are very friendly! Thank you for making this part of the house buying process so easy and worry free!
- R.M., September 2016
Thank you for the thorough and professional job that you did for me
- C.W., September 2016
Thank you for all your help. I feel confident that the home was thoroughly inspected and all issues were addressed in the report. I will defiantly use your service again and would recommend you to others.
- T.D., September 2016
Did a good job of finding everything that needed to be looked at or repaired. Found little things that I would've never noticed & good at spotting out the more serious flaws too.
- J.S., September 2016
Awesome person, very helpful and knowledgeable
- T.N., August 2016
Joe was very knowledgable and friendly. His thorough inspection and explanations made us very comfortable with our decision to purchase our new home. He spent time talking with us and answered all of our questions. We will recommend him to everyone needing a home inspection. The service he provides is excellent.
- A.B., August 2016
Your inspection was very thorough and presented to us in a professional manner. Thank you!
- C.T., August 2016
Joe was thorough, quick, professional and friendly. I feel comfortable with his inspection, and the answers he gave to the questions I had.
- R.W., August 2016
Loved him. He did a thorough job and really knew what he was talking about. He was willing to explain everything to us.
- L.C., August 2016
Joe is always willing answer any question and you never feel like you are wasting his time by asking. He is not just a great inspector, but a great person too! Thanks Joe!
- M.K., July 2016
The inspection was complete and he went over the entire report with me. Very satisfied.
- J.O., July 2016
Very knowledgeable and honest!! Thanks Joe!
- J.W., July 2016
Great inspection on our first home! Walked us through the whole process and explained how it all works. Super helpful and knowledgable
- E.H., July 2016
Mr. Rayhill is great at what he does. Very nice guy, he inspected 2 houses for me and I could not be more pleased. He was on spot on in every department. On time, explained everything in detail and any questions I had he answered them. He treated it as if it were his house. Again very nice guy, knows what he is doing. I 100% would recommend Mr. Rayhill for your home inspection needs. Thanks again Mr. Rayhill!!
- J.F., July 2016
Joe was very professional. He was very knowledgeable. He took the time to listen to us. The appointment times that are available fit my schedule. I would recommend him to anyone. Thanks again!
- D.R., July 2016
He was very friendly and felt that he stood up for my rights as a buyer. He was friendly with my young children and father in law. He was more than happy to have an extra person to walk and explain the inspection process as he inspected the house. Definitely will be using him again! Justin and Jessica Lainhart
- J.P., July 2016
Very thorough !! Very honest and down to earth ! Would recommend to anyone
- H.H., June 2016
Quick scheduling, prompt and very easy to work with!
- G.S., May 2016
The report was professionally put together and easy to follow. The service was timely and professional. I am very please with with report...although I have not received the termite Inspection yet I Expect it to come shortly. Thank you
- B.N., May 2016
Excellent job looking over my new home! Very polite!!
- J.W., May 2016
Thank You ! You were very helpful in answering all my questions and explaining some of the processes. Thank you for making my parents feel more secure in the purchase of their new home.
- S.C., April 2016
Joe was very knowledgeable and explained everything he was doing. He took his time to answer all questions we had. I would definitely recommend Joe
- N.S., April 2016
Excellent to work with. Very thorough and detail oriented. Thrilled to know him.
- J.B., April 2016
Joe was very good and a pleasure to work with. I will recommend him to anyone looking for this type of service.
- M.K., April 2016
Joe handled everything for me making my super stressful home buying experience a lot easier. His inspection was thorough and well written so even people who don't know much about home repair would easily understand it. Joe is the type of inspector I would happily recommend to anyone.
- W.J., April 2016
You were absolutely wonderful. Being a first tim home buyer, i really appreciate people that take the time to educate us. Everything you did was extremely thorough and we thank you for going above and beyond to let us know what EXACTLY we will inherit wil the purchase of this house. Have a great day!
- A.P., March 2016