Thank you for being so thorough and so flexible with your schedule!
- H.W., January 2018
This is my first time buying a home, I'm really young and naive with home appliances and inspections. Skyler explained everything so clear and thorough which allowed me to understand everything that we need to watch out for. He was great!
- J.G., January 2018
No stone unturned! Thank you for your thoroughness!
- M.C., January 2018
He was extremely detailed and did a great job explaining everything to me! He was also nice and personable, easy to get along with. Very impressed (:
- Z.R., December 2017
Skyler was very thorough. He was able to explain his findings in an easy to understand way and helped us put them in context of what should be expected for a house this age. I was comfortable the entire time and found it easy to talk with Skyler throughout our walk through. I would not hesitate to use him again in the future.
- R.S., December 2017
As a first time home buyer I can honestly say that Skyler's attention to detail, professional manner and ability to convey the facts in a way I could understand without confusion , has made me more confident about moving forward in my journey to a new home for myself and my family. I will definitely be recommending his services to anyone I know of looking to buy a home. Thanks again Skyler.
- L.C., Riverdale UT, December 2017
I am a licensed professional engineer. I work in the building design and construction industry. Skyler was just about the best part of our home buying experience thus far. He knew what he as doing and was incredibly thorough. I second one of the comments that I saw saying it would be worth it to call him every five years just to look over your property and give you a to do list of maintenance items. Unless you are a seller trying to hide something, call Skyler and you will not be disappointed.
- R.G., November 2017
Skyler is great to work with and is very thorough. If you really want to know everything about a property Skyler will tell you. Skyler is a very nice guy and is super easy to work with.
- , November 2017
Skyler is great to work with and is very thorough. If you really want to know everything about a property Skyler will tell you. Skyler is a very nice guy and is super easy to work with.
- M.M., November 2017
Our home inspection was one of the most excellent aspects of our purchase process. Skyler was fully competent, invested in his work, friendly, and very helpful. The final report was thorough and detailed. I explained that I would even hire Skyler every five years just to give me a comprehensive review of my home. I feel totally as ease now with my home purchase.
- G.L., November 2017
Skyler did an excellent job and found active leaks behind a wall and in a ceiling where new construction and remodeling was done. It would have never been found without his thermal scan. Very thorough and detailed.
- S.K., November 2017
Skyler was super detailed in his inspection and quick at writing up the report.
- R.S., November 2017
We were very impressed with Skyler. We have used other companies and have never had such a through inspection. I highly recommend contacting Skyler.
- D.H., November 2017
He was very thorough and objective. Very professional and had the walk through completely ready. Took his time not only to point out items of concern but also took time to educate us. Highly recommended.
- Y.Y., Salt Lake City UT, November 2017
Thank U Skyler for your very professional and thoroughal Inspection...I give U a 11 out 10 grade...
- L.T., October 2017
Inspector was very knowledgeable and professional. He was very thorough and explained everthing in great detail. The report was very easy to navigate and gave me great knowledge of the condition of the house. He listened to all of our concerns was able to answer our questions. I would highly recommend Skyler to anyone.
- N.A., October 2017
Awesome Job. Very thorough and complete.
- J.W., October 2017
Skyler was very professional and extremely thorough helped answering a lot of questions I had about log homes.
- R.S., October 2017
Skyler is very professional, very detailed and great communication skills. Great Job, thanks for all of your help
- B.W., September 2017
I was very impressed with Skyler and how thorough a job he did on the home inspection I recently hired him to do. He went through it with me room by room explaining everything in detail. He not only is very professional but he is very personable too. He came highly recommended and even after only meeting him one time, I can understand why. I will definitely recommend him to my friends and family. Thank you Skyler. KB
- K.B., September 2017
Skyler was very informative about the inspection. His knowledge about the home was good and he explained items in the home that needed some attention. We felt confident that he had our best interests in mind.
- A.C., September 2017
I am extremely impressed with Skyler. As I am a soon to be, home owner, he is extremely thorough and explanatory. While I have a brother who is a contractor, it is completely different than being a home inspector. I am ever so grateful, especially after the day I had previously, to have such an educated and caring home inspector such as Skyler. I have met with him yesterday and have already referred him to others. I believe that when you are making an investment in life, and your families life, then you should want someone to care for your well-being and care for what type of quality he provides. This is Skyler 100%. Thank you for being so willing to meet with me and to spend quality time explaining each aspect of the walk through. I am forever grateful.
- A.W., September 2017
- C.T., August 2017
He does a great and thorough job. He is good about explaining things without scaring your clients also. He is very personable and walks through the home with the client explaining items found and if it is a major issue or a minor issue. I would recommend him to anyone needing a home inspection
- C.G., August 2017
Skyler was SO incredible to work with! He was very knowledgable and patient. He took the time to answer all of my questions and explain things to me when I didnt understand. He is very good at what he does and I am so grateful that he was my inspector. There was a mixup with my initial inspection scheduling, but it wasnt on his end or my end, and he handled it very graciously and was professional. I will absolutely recommend Skyler going forward to anyone and everyone that I know. Thank you so much Skyler! I appreciate all that you have done!
- C.M., August 2017
Very detailed and thorough inspection. Took the time to explain all good things and issues that were found as well as why they were important. Highly recommended for any home inspection.
- A.D., July 2017
Skyler was amazing! He took the time to explain everything he was pointing out in language I could understand. He was detailed oriented, and I feel confident he caught everything that needed attention. Skyler was timely--he showed up on time as well as provided the report quickly. I would no doubt use Skyler for another inspection and would recommend him as well.
- M.O., July 2017
Very thorough inspection of home and detailed report with recommendations on repairs, maintenance and future problems that may occur.
- M.M., July 2017
They came out, arrived on time, and found things that the other inspectors didn't find,... Or found and decided not to tell us about. They found previous water damage, mold, asbestos, and a roof that needs replacing soon. I wish that we had called these guys BEFORE buying this house. They will be the first ones I'll call before I buy another house.
- N.H., July 2017
Very professional and detail oriented.
- J.C., July 2017
Skyler did an excellent job. Skyler was extremely thorough in his inspection and explained each item in a way that we could understand. He was also professional and customer oriented. I would recommend Skyler to anyone who is looking for quality work! Very pleased!
- R.P., July 2017
Mr Phillips provided an extremely detailed report and communicated each item to me professionally, and in a manner which led me to believe he really enjoys his work! He demonstrated great pride in workmanship and was very informative. His inspection was top to bottom, looking at things I never even considered. I learned a lot about home safety, building codes, and common sense items from his follow-up walk thru with me at the residence he inspected. I thoroughly enjoyed his drive to deliver the best inspection service possible, and felt that I was in the presence of one of the best home inspection professionals in the area! I am 100% satisfied. Not only did he provide a report, but the the report system allows me to itemize a list of repairs needed online, and then email them to my agent, etc.. Highly highly recommended company, competent, professional, with knowledge base that is kept current. I was very impressed with Skylar's hard work. His work took time, and he put in a lot of sweat and exercise climbing into that hot attic in over 95 degree weather to do his inspection the right way! By the end of the debrief, we were discussing and communicating openly. His methodology gained my trust, and I will recommend him to anyone needing a home inspection!
- T.H., July 2017
Skyler was honest and thorough job! We would recommend him to everyone in the future.
- B.R., July 2017
I couldn't be more pleased or feel more informed. Skyler is knowledgeable, professional, courteous and explained the items very thoroughly as we traversed through the home. I would very much recommend Skyler for any home inspection need.
- M.A., July 2017
Wonderful detail, thorough inspection. He obviously knows what he is talking about. The report was completed shortly after the inspection (minutes), it was professional and clearly defined.
- D.J., July 2017
Mr. Phillips has been a pleasure to work with. He is courteous and pleasant to speak with, and is eager to understand the needs of the client. He is extremely thorough; and he fosters a sense of confidence that the inspection was carried out with integrity and impartiality. I cant say enough good things. Thank you!
- D.F., June 2017
Appreciated the thorough inspection and complete report. It was extremely helpful to us as we evaluated whether to purchase an older home. I would highly recommend Skyler Phillips.
- L.S., June 2017
Skyler was an absolute pleasure to work with! He was flexible with our availability and was always on time to our meetings. Skyler's knowledge, honesty, and great personality made us confident in our purchase of a new home. I would definitely recommend Skyler to anyone I know - he's the best!
- S.L., June 2017
Thank you for all your time and great inspection expertise. I would have went into this home blind if it wouldn't have for this inspection.
- S.M., June 2017
Skyler did an amazing job on our home inspection. Not only did he go over the items that are essential to fix for our home, but he gave us a comprehensive list of optional repairs as well. He is a great inspector!
- C.F., May 2017
Very polite thurough and professional. I was very happy he went through the whole process with me. Great work !
- S.L., May 2017
Skyler is very professional and detail oriented. He catches stuff other inspectors would usually miss.
- M.G., May 2017
Skyler demonstrated exceptional knowledge and courtesy during the inspection of a home we were purchasing. He was both professional and personable and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a comprehensive and detailed home inspection and report.
- D.S., May 2017
Mr. Phillips did a very thorough and complete job, I was very impressed. I have never had a home inspect all of the little detail parts of the home before. I am very thankful for the wonderful job he did. Very friendly and helpful, very personable. He was very willing to talk with me about everything he found and answer all of my "less than smart" questions!! Thank you!!!
- E.G., May 2017
Skyler's knowledge and performance as an inspector is ethical and professional. Working with Skyler on three homes assures me that he is well qualified and extremely conscientious with regard to inspections. I would highly recommend Skyler and trust his recommendations.
- C.J., May 2017
Skyler was very thorough as we walked through what is going to be our new home. I felt comfortable at the speed he was talking/explaining different things he had found in the home, and he had a ton of knowledge about the things we could fix. I would recommend Skyler to anyone I know about to buy a home! He did a wonderful job. Thank you Skyler.
- T.H., May 2017
He was very thorough, answered all of our questions, very knowledgeable, very personable. We'll use him again and recommend him for sure!
- T.C., April 2017
Skyler was very professional and did a great job, he made sure to answer any question we had and he went above and beyond to ensure we fully understood everything related to the home. When it comes time for another home inspection we know who we will call! Thanks Skyler!
- T.W., April 2017
Skyler was prompt, professional, and thorough. His report was easy to read and clearly written complete with separate levels of urgency for the necessary repairs. The pictures and videos were a great added bonus to the report. Thank you Skyler
- B.A., April 2017
Skyler is very professional and extremely knowledgeable. He gives a detailed and knowledgeable walk-through. I would highly recommend Skyler to perform a home inspection.
- B.B., OGDEN UT, April 2017
A thorough and detailed home inspection gives you peace of mind and guidance on how to maintain your biggest investment!
- A.S., April 2017
Skyler is extremely thorough and highly professional. He is knowledgeable , respectful, and reasonably priced. We highly recommend him.
- D.S., April 2017
Skyler was very friendly, knowledgeable, and thorough.
- J.D., March 2017
Skyler took the time to really walk us through the home and tell us his findings. As first time home buyers, we were a little nervous, but he really explained everything and gave us his honest opinions as well. We appreciated his time and his knowledge. We felt a lot better after the inspection and knew we were making the right choice on our home!
- C.W., March 2017
Good work,very friendly, and knowledgeable.
- D.H., March 2017
Absolutely professional service. He paid attention to the details and gave constructive feedback. If you want an honest home inspection go with Skylar.
- L.T., March 2017
Skyler was great to work with. We had an issue come up and he was more than willing to work with us on it. I would recommend Skyler to anyone needing an inspector.
- M.B., March 2017
Skyler did a great job going through the house and discussing the deficiencies/issues in a practical way without killing our excitement to purchase the home.
- M.C., February 2017
Skyler pays amazing attention to details and you can tell he really takes his job seriously. He is very thorough as well as very friendly. I would recommend him to anyone needing a home inspection.
- A.J., February 2017
As first time home buyers, we had no idea what to expect from a home inspection, and we were more than a little apprehensive about the whole process. Skyler did a wonderful job not only catching things which I think a less invested inspector would have missed, but also explaining his findings in a way that even first timers like us could easy understand. He was the perfect mix of friendly and professional, and I would definitely recommend his services to any homebuyer, first time or veteran.
- M.S., February 2017
Skyler was a pleasure to work with! He was thorough with his inspection. He took the time to explain each detail to me in a way that I could understand. He was kind and patient and willing to take as long as it needed for me to feel satisfied with the information I received. I would definitely recommend him in the future. Thanks Skyler!
- W.F., February 2017
Skyler Phillips is awesome! As first time buyers we were a little nervous and didn't know what to expect. He took the time to explain the inspection process, helped us understand all of the ins and outs of the maintenance/repair items, answered every question we had, and we did not feel rushed one bit. We felt that his inspection of our prospective home was very thorough. The report we received was very detailed, including IR meter readouts and pictures of repair items with issues highlighted. He is very personable and seems to have great working knowledge of his field. We could tell he takes pride in the work he performs and that he does so with integrity. I highly recommend giving Skyler a call if you need a home inspection.
- , February 2017
Skyler was super thorough and professional. Took his time walking us through the good and the bad things found during his inspection of our future home. Took his time answering our many questions and ensured we were satisfies with his answers. This is our 4th home purchase and Skyler was by far the best inspector we've had. We highly recommended him!
- S.C., February 2017
We really appreciated how thorough Skyler was. We felt like he took pride in his work and really made sure that he told us about everything so that we would know what issues there were. We loved the fact that he used the infrared technology.
- A.J., February 2017
Skyler was very professional and thorough. He was also very friendly, personable, and open to any questions; being sure to answer them to the best of his ability.
- K.C., January 2017
Skyler is very professional. I was very impressed. he knows what he is doing. My report was very detailed. With picture and explanation. He wasn't rushed and took the time to show me the concerns he had and explain them. I diffently would contact Skyler again. And will highly recommend him.
- S.K., January 2017
It's very rare to find a professional like Skyler. We were extremely pleased with his focus on customer service, professionalism, and knowledge. I would recommend him to anyone needing a home inspection. One of the best decisions we have made.
- R.M., Elwood UT, January 2017
Great inspector lots of good info on the house broke down as to not overwhelm the buyer. Highly recommended
- C.V., December 2016
Skyler is great! I needed an inspection in short order and Skyler was totally accommodating! He managed to get me a very detailed report in a matter of a few days! He is awesome to work with and very knowledgably. I especially appreciate the home maintenance suggestions in the report.
- D.S., November 2016
Skylar was very knowledgeable and explained his findings of the items needing attention in the home.
- E.B., November 2016
Skyler was extremely professional and thorough. He has an amazing attention to detail and he did a great job of explaining his findings. I would never purchase another property without having him complete an inspection first. Whenever I hear of an acquaintance purchasing a property, I will go out of my way to recommend they contact Skyler for an inspection. I take recommendations very seriously, we were impressed all-around with his work. Thank you Skyler! Clay and Brenda Christensen
- B.C., October 2016
I liked how you explained everything to the clients. I liked that you separated the maintenence items so they knew what they faced in buying an older home, but then explained the things that needed repaired. I feel that you did a great job.
- K.P., October 2016
I really appreciate how thorough you were during our home inspection. You explained the problem areas in a way that I could understand and never made me feel as though you were trying to hurry out to the next job or something better. You stayed as long as I needed to ask a million questions. I will and already have recommended you for other home inspections. thank you for all your hard work and dedication.
- B.S., October 2016
You did amazing! I loved how thorough you were and how dedicated you seemed to be.
- D.D., October 2016
Very thorough. I appreciate how you talked to me. You explained things in terms I understood.
- J.B., October 2016
You we're very amazing and kind and I appreciate your hard work. Thank you.
- K.F., October 2016
Skyler was great. I had hoped that I could watch over him as he was checking out my investment. No need for that. He went way above my expectations. This guy is good! Hire him!
- M.J., October 2016
Did a great job. Very informative and made me and my wife a whole lot more comfortable in buying our first home. Would highly recommend!
- Z.R., September 2016
Very thorough report!
- W.W., September 2016
Very thorough and friendly service!
- D.H., September 2016
Skyler did a great job! He was super thorough and patient with us and I felt like I had a great understanding of the house when he left!
- B.D., September 2016
Very thorough and explained things well
- C.K., August 2016
Skyler is professional and thorough. He is very friendly and helpful. We would recommend him to anyone.
- S.N., August 2016
This young man is the most professional and thorough home inspector I have ever met. He spent at least an hour walking my wife, agent and me through the house; pointing out each issue and explaining an appropriate resolution. His report of 71 pages included photographs that very clearly showed the area of concern. Each photo had a caption explaining the issue so I could easily find the area when it was time make repairs. The report was really well organized and easy to find an item later. Skyler spent considerable time answering my questions and made me understand which defects were critical and which were deferred maintenance issues. I couldn't be more pleased with the job he did. I would gladly recommend Skyler to anyone needing a home inspection.
- J.B., August 2016
I thought you did a great job. You were very thorough. You gave me some things to think about that I did not see.
- J.T., August 2016
Skyler was thorough. He invested the afternoon in this inspection and walked me through every detail. He answered my questions and was honest in his assessments and suggestions. Excellent job.
- D.Y., August 2016
Skyler did a wonderful job telling me everything I needed to know about the home. Due to Skyler being very observant, the sellers are moving forward with any fixes necessary to sell the home, including replacing the roof. I love how he uses infrared to scan the home. It's very helpful in finding issues you may not normally see. Would recommend!
- D.P., July 2016
Skyler was very thorough through the entire property and we appreciated all the feed back through his reports. We would highly recommend him to all our friends
- R.C., July 2016
Skyler was very thorough...I would definetly recommend him for your home inspection
- M.M., July 2016
Great attention to detail, very meticulous. Skyler was friendly and knowledgable. He didn't beat around the bush or give me vague answers. I would highly recommend Skyler.
- B.S., July 2016
Skyler was very professional and courteous. He was exceptionally thorough in the inspection and in explaining each item to us. He was easy to work with and we highly recommend him!
- S.K., July 2016
Thanks for doing a thorough job on the inspection. You caught items that we missed during our multiple viewings of the home.
- M.F., June 2016
Skyler Phillips: You completed the inspection thoroughly and professionally and gave great instruction for resolutions. You made us aware of hazards of safety and possibly health and of things we would not have even thought about. You are friendly and professional. I would absolutely recommend you to anyone needing an inspection. It was a pleasure to have met you and to have your expertise in this matter.
- C.N., June 2016
Professional and very informative. I was extremely pleased with how straight forward and critical he was about the inspection. I would definitely come back and recommend him to anyone who needed an inspection done.
- P.T., June 2016
He was very informative. Explained and answered all my questions. He really knows what he is doing, thank you SKYLER.
- P.R., June 2016
Skyler was extremely knowledgeable and answered every question I had. He was very pleasant to work with and was very informative as well.
- G.B., May 2016
Skyler covered every major aspect of his thorough inspection and made sure we understood what he found. His report was very clear, explaining the items that must be addressed down to his recommendations for improvement of the property. He is careful to define the "show stoppers' as well as his suggestions.
- S.S., May 2016
Skyler, you're an inspector Ninja! I'd recommend you 10/10 times! Thanks!
- B.D., May 2016
Really professional nice guy to work with. Very thorough and yet efficient and quick with the inspection. He was able to find a handful of things I had no idea were going on. Thanks!
- S.B., May 2016
Skyler was absolutely PHENOMENAL!!! We were so impressed how very thorough he was inspecting our future home. We definitely will recommend him to our friends. Thank you very Much!
- R.M., May 2016