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Multi-Family Inspection Report

HomeGauge software includes a Multi-family template for motels, apartments and complexes. The template allows you to easily duplicate rooms or units, and you can name or number each duplicate easily.

Single building with multiple rooms
Simply duplicate the room section and name each room as you inspect it.

Multiple buildings on one property
Here you would duplicate the sections of Exterior and name it the Building number. Within that section you can duplicate rooms, same as above.

As with any template you can choose to have a single summary or multiple summaries. You can choose to create multiple summaries by condition (major, minor), by a time frame to repair (immediate or 1-3 years) or by the system itself (i.e. Plumbing Summary, General Summary, HVAC Summary, Electrical Summary). If you choose the latter, then the idea is that the owner of the building (or agent) could pass the appropriate summary to the trade professional for repair estimates.

To learn how to duplicate rooms and name them easily while you inspect, please watch our tours.


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Julious547 (Inspector)
North East Home Inspection LLC in Maryland do Multi-Family home inspections. We are well trained and have many years of experiance with buildings of all sizes in several states NYC ATL GA MD. Also Worked in NJ on Disaster work rebuilding homes and buildings. Maintenance Director in MD and NY for years. Application Engineer in NY. Member of NAHI and NNA,AHIT, ASHI since 2005 Home Inspector since 2005 in MD. Call 410-949-4397 for your appointment NOW. May 27, 2013 11:23 PM
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