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HomeGauge is the official software provider for Buyers Protection Group, HouseMaster, and NACA.

Forms Support — New in HomeGauge 4.2

HomeGauge creates flexible reports in both HTML and PDF formats. The inspector can add and remove different inspection items or even whole new sections to the report. The report pages also grow to the length of the included content and pictures added to the report.

However, sometimes there is a specific inspection form that must be used. These forms are often created by the federal or state government, or maybe an insurance or mortgage company. The required forms are also usually in PDF format, and must look exactly like the form as specified by the provider. HomeGauge supports these special PDF forms by providing a user interface to enter the data, using the already familiar auto comments, like in the normal HomeGauge report templates. Customer and inspection address info is also automatically inserted when the final PDF is created, using the text replacements in the HomeGauge software. You can also fill out a report and set the defaults, which get loaded each time you start up a new copy of the form. This makes filling out and generating these forms fast and easy. HomeGauge also includes a sketch tool, which can be used where a sketch is required, such as is required in some state pest forms.

Many PDF forms are supported, like the NPMA-33 for pest inspections, used in many different states, and can be purchased at the HomeGauge online store. If you have a custom form that is required, HomeGauge can also help you build that form to work in the software. See the forms that HomeGauge has available now in the online store

Note: The desktop version of the software (4.2 or later) is required to create these special pdf forms. You cannot create these forms directly on the Pocket HG.

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hgmike (Inspector)
We have some inspectors who've made their own templates that include the WETT sections. One of our customers sent one in, and we're taking a look at it to base our own standard template to include in the software. So we don't have one yet, but plan on adding one to our install soon. Dec 4, 2013 11:11 AM
leninkster (Inspector)
Is there a WETT form we could add to the software? Dec 4, 2013 4:49 AM
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