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Emailing pdf files

When you buy our software, HomeGauge gives you 3 months free of our HomeGauge Services. It has been our experience that after those 3 months over 90% (9 out of 10) of the inspectors that tried the HomeGauge Services, buy them. The HomeGauge Services will make you more money because it gives you “Standout Status” over your competitors. If you also need a website, our Website Service may be just what you need.

For those new to computers, PDF is a file format that you will send to your agent or customer if you don’t upload the report and send them a link. However, there are some serious problems with pdf files:

This problem could have been avoided. Enter HomeGauge Services. The agent is not limited to a single computer. The agent could be on any computer that has internet connectivity and enter in her username and password, either at the website (or we can put the sign in link on your own website) and instantly have access to the report. The agent could be on vacation and get to that report on the hotel’s public computer. Now that is service!

With HomeGauge Services you can:

Send a link and a password that is a lightweight letter that goes through spam filters easily. Clients/agents click on the link and it takes them to a sign in. This sign in can be at your, or it will take them to HomeGauge. Either way, they sign in and there is the report. They can print it, view it, or come back later to look at it. Its simple and easy.

Our HomeGauge Services are so powerful that I am willing to make a promise: If you are used to printing on site, then continue, but also get their email. Tell them you’ll continue to print for them but you just want them to see how easy it is to get their report online. After a few inspections, your agent will tell you to stop printing and just email the link. It works and has worked over and over for many inspectors. It will work for you!

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