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Our legacy offering, great for customization.

The HomeGauge ONE Desktop Report writer is built with 20 years of experience, focused on detailed inspection report customization. Using our desktop writer you can:


Customize your experience.


Include 360° photos, videos, and more.


Deliver professional reports and get view alerts.


Use the mobile companion app for versatility on-the-go.

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HomeGauge Companion Inspection Software

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Desktop Writer
Companion App

The HomeGauge companion app enables you to take your desktop inspection report with you on-site. Use the app to:


Work offline and sync when you get back online.


Add photos and videos to reports using your device’s camera.


Enter notes, auto-comments, and check off report items.


Record audio notes for finishing up at the office.


Download and manage your appointments.

Everything You Need, All Under One Roof

Why Choose HomeGauge ONE?

The HomeGauge ONE suite is your ONE-stop-shop for your business needs, including payments, scheduling, & more. While you can use our Desktop Writer and companion app in conjunction with our Inspector dashboard, you’ll also have access to all other components of HomeGauge ONE, including our lightning FAST Web Writer.

Built for SPEED and convenience, this connected web app provides the most modern, FAST report writing solution in the home inspection industry!

web inspection report writer

Our legacy platform, all about the details and customization, pre-loaded templates, forms, and more.

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Free with HomeGauge ONE, our scheduler is modern, convenient, and can even be embedded into your custome HomeGauge website.


Boost your professionalism, visibility, and marketing potential online with custom websites, content, and SEO.

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Whether you prefer 1:1 training, reading articles, live chatting from the job site, or attending webinars, we have it all for you.

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Simplify your business with HomeGauge ONE

Switching to HomeGauge

Our Migration Assistant tool makes switching to HomeGauge easy. You can convert other popular software templates into HomeGauge templates (3D, Porter Valley, and Home Inspector Pro). Once you’ve subscribed, download and install HomeGauge software, then contact our support department about our migration tool. Be sure your previous software is on the same computer as your new HomeGauge software.

HomeGauge runs on Windows 8, 10, and 11.

The HomeGauge Companion runs on Android and Apple iOS. Note: HomeGauge does not run on Windows RT.

Apple Mac Notes

HomeGauge Home Inspection Software does not run as a native application on Mac OS computers. However, some users have reported no issues with using software that enables a Mac to run Windows applications. You can use Parallels Desktop for MacVMWare Fusion, or Bootcamp.

The truth about HomeGauge

Real testimonials from our Inspectors


“Every time I have ever spoken with a HomeGauge employee I have hung up the phone thinking this is a company I like doing business with.”

Dan J from MA


“I started with this software in 2003 when we established our business. It has had so many upgrades along the way. I have had so many colleagues use other software over the years and had to switch because of lack of support, no upgrades and software companies going out of business. I’m glad I made the right choice initially with Homegauge. I’ve had a lot of colleagues switch to it.”

Bill S.


“The software is easily customized by the user, the support from Homegauge has been outstanding over the years and the software is always been improving and upgradeable.”

Capterra Review


“5-star experience. Pure and simple. Home Inspectors want support when they need it, but even more than that, they want to spend MORE time doing inspections instead of writing reports! With the Desktop HG app AND my mobile app with dictating capability. I have 90% of my report writing DONE while I am in the field doing the inspection. Bottom line: HG inspection software and their professional reports get me more business and make me more money!”

Robert A

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