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Before you purchase or sell your home or property, please call Advanced Property Inspection llc. We can help protect your investment with a thorough home/property inspection! Call us now to discuss your individual inspection needs. Work Phone: 912 659 0122

About Advanced Property Inspection llc

We perform thorough inspections at reasonable prices. We can help you get to know the condition of the property you are about to buy or sell, and give you the confidence you need to make an informed decision.

We are located in Pooler and serve all surrounding areas. We look forward to hearing from you!


David did a fantastic job, very thorough in his inspection. David went above and beyond my expectations, he was very kind and knowledgeable . He even took me and my husband around the house to give us tips and maintenance advice. I Highly recommend David, you won't be disappointed.
- C.L., September 2020
David is a 10/10, gold star, A+, genuine, thorough and careful home inspector. He was honest, detailed and very insightful not only about the repairs I needed but also some I could potentially need in the future. As a first time home buyer the whole process feels daunting, especially if you are buying an older house that needs work. David took time to explain things to me, from pipes to lights, even bugs. He took his time, gave a detailed report on time and went the extra mile by following up afterwords to make sure I didn’t have any questions. Quick witted, funny and overall caring guy. I would highly recommend him!
- C.R., September 2020
David Hazelton is professional, thorough, and patient. As first-time homeowners, we relied on David’s expertise to help us decide whether the house was right for us. David carefully laid out all of the pros and cons of the property and answered all of our questions. David’s home inspection report gave us the confidence that we were making the right decision. We bought the home and we love it! Two months after moving in, there have been no surprises thanks to David’s diligent work. We highly recommend David Hazelton.
- D.M., September 2020
David and his wife were very thorough during the home inspection of the home we eventually purchased. The seller realtor was expecting the inspection to be less than an hour. Because of the thoroughness of their inspection, they were at the property for more than a couple of hours. The documentation they provide after the home inspection is of excellent quality and very detailed. I would recommend David Hazelton (a.k.a., Advanced Property Inspection) to any of my friends and family for their home inspection needs.
- S.P., August 2020
Dave performed a very thorough inspection of our property and provided a detailed report. He made us aware of everything from small issues to ones which required immediate attention. His suggestions were insightful and his expertise is evident. Dave also made himself available in the days following our inspection to answer any questions which was incredibly helpful.
- D.T., August 2020
Excellent discussion of various issues, small to large. Thorough investigation into issues and very timely reporting.
- C.G., August 2020
David and his wife Barbara are GREAT! Very detail oriented, extremely knowledgeable with humor to boot which is EXACTLY what you want in a home inspector. Love that he included suggestions and tutorial videos for each discrepancy he may find or has suggestions for. HIGHLY recommended. A+++
- M.G., July 2020
David provided us with a very thorough and complete inspection with recommendations for any repairs that were needed. His turnaround time for completing the report was very quick (1 day) which was unexpected. We would highly recommend David to anyone needing a home inspection.
- R.S., July 2020
I found Dave to be personable, helpful, and knowledgeable. He was more than pleased to answer all of my questions and treated me like a member of his family. Money well spent on someone that knows his stuff.
- J.B., Savannah GA, July 2020
Amazing service. As a first time homebuyer, Dave helped me know what to look for in a home inspection and answered the many questions I had. Professional service through and through, I would recommend him to everyone I know buying a home! Thank you for all you help Dave, it is much appreciated.
- A.A., July 2020
Dave was thorough and detail oriented. I highly recommend him for your home inspection.
- W.S., June 2020
David was great to work with. He is extremely thorough and comprehensive in his work. For something as expensive as a home purchase you need someone you can trust to provide an honest evaluation and David is that man. I have bought and sold many homes all over this country and I wish I could feel this confident of the inspection every time.
- L.R., June 2020
Dave and his Wife were great. Very strong attention to details both professionally and cosmetically. Dave has vast acknowledgements of Home structuring, wiring, and foundation. Dave's inspections are very thorough and easy to follow step by steps, even with video captures for certain areas or concerns within or around my house. Dave and his Wife performed an Excellent inspection.
- R.C., June 2020
David did an amazing job with both inspections we hired him for. Very thorough and detailed with his reports which was extremely helpful. He even went as far as to make instructional videos to show us how to help manage and keep up our new home. Would 100% recommend him and his wife, and could not imagine having anyone else do an inspection for us.
- H.R., June 2020
Fantastic. The details he provides with the pictures really helped out a first time home buyer.
- C.G., June 2020
Outstanding level of service, attention to detail and professionalism. David took the time to make videos specific to the operation of the house, and his report was detailed with tons of pictures. After using his services, I would never choose a different inspector in the Savannah area.
- A.M., June 2020
David and Barbara performed the most thorough house inspection we have ever seen! They spent hours poring over every inch of the property we are buying, from the roof to the crawl space. The report we received was both comprehensive and informative including videos on certain operational items. If you require a home inspection, you need look no further than Advanced!
- S.M., June 2020
I thought David was very thorough and concise. He was available and willing to talk about the inspection and give his opinion on our questions. I would recommend David without reservation to inspect a house.
- P.G., April 2020
David is great! He catches everything very detailed. Caring and followed up with me every step of the way!
- M.M., April 2020
David is fantastic! He has inspected 2 houses for us and we highly recommend him. He is thorough, professional, and experienced. The reports he generates are detailed and easy to navigate. David is also very responsive and was happy to answer all our questions and go over the reports with us.
- L.M., April 2020
Excellent service
- L.B., March 2020
David was very thorough and professional. I appreciate his knowledge and expertise. Report was right on time! Absolutely recommend
- L.P., March 2020
David was very thorough in his inspection/report and outlined clear recommendations. He is very courteous and professional.
- J.M., January 2020
First time home buyer. I picked David because I wanted a thorough inspection and that's what I got. He let me go through the house with him. He explained everything he was looking for and what he was looking at. He explained the reasons why things needed to be a certain way. I was not looking for a lesson on home inspection. But I wanted to know everything, good and bad, about my potential home. Kind, Courteous, thorough. A+ from me.
- J.W., October 2019
Everyone knows, when buying a house, you should get an inspection. Sometimes, an inspection is required. In my case it was optional. In addition, manage rental property and have renovated several houses. David is the second set of eyes that are needed to look at things from a professional and different perspective. He is extremely thorough and leaves nothing to chance. If he finds something strange, he'll stick with it until he finds the answer. I appreciate having him on "my team"!
- L.S., October 2019
Dave was wonderful during the inspection process. He walked through the whole home with my husband and made sure he understood what was needing repairs. He also called me to go over the report to make sure myself or my husband didn’t have any questions. Overall, he made the whole process very easy and comfortable.
- T.J., October 2019
Dave was very efficient. Included me in all conversations. was very easy to interpret and understand. Very much appreciated all pointers and videos so that I can go back and refresh things after I move in.
- K.W., September 2019
David really has been a pleasure to work with through the home inspection process. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of a knowledgeable, reliable and honest home inspector. 10/10!
- D.D., August 2019
Absolutely the best. David is very honest and capable of handling the task at hand.
- K.L., July 2019
You were so helpful and I?m so thankful that you called and helped talk me through everything you had found. I can tell you really care about the customer and really want to help them!
- Z.T., July 2019
Awesome job and attention to the details.. Highly recomended
- A.G., July 2019
David Hazelton has performed home inspections for myself and my parents. I find his reports to be detailed and his work very professional.
- D.S., July 2019
Dave did a thorough professional inspection. He noted several deficiencies I never would have looked for. Dave took time to review his report and answer all my questions.
- W.S., Scotia NY, July 2019
Dave did a fantastic job inspecting this house. The report he generates is absolutely fantastic, with many photos and educational videos.
- T.F., June 2019
Thank you so much for your inspection. Easy to follow report and very easy to talk to and ask questions on the phone. I would use David and recommend him to anyone in need of a house inspector.
- ..C., May 2019
David was great, very informative and really care about getting me all the information I needed to make my decision to purchase my new home. He even sent me videos on things I would need to know about my home. He gave advice and I could tell that he really cared about what was best for me. He made sure that I knew that he was always a phone call away if I ever had any additional questions. He is the chick-fil-a of Inspectors and he came highly recommended and I see why.
- E.J., April 2019
I would not use anybody else but David. He is so committed to what he does. He walks you through everything he sees and gives excellent recommendations on how to correct the issue. David goes through every nick and cranny of the house to make sure you have no surprises. I love the fact he takes that extra effort to send you a detailed report with video when he completes his inspection for you to keep for your records to review at a later time. If you have any questions he is willing to answer them anytime whether at the inspection or after you review his report. I highly recommend David.
- T.M., April 2019
David did an excellent job inspecting our house. As out of state buyers, we needed someone we could trust, and David came highly recommended. His inspection was thorough, with easy to understand explanations of the problems he did find. He also is easy to contact and quickly followed up with us when we needed additional help securing necessary repairs for our home purchase. David was friendly, patient, and professional at all times, and I would highly recommend him for anyone who needs a home inspection.
- C.S., April 2019
We recently had an inspection done on a house. Our realtor recommended David Hazelton so we decided to hire David to be our inspector for the day. He was friendly but very dedicated to the job he was doing. I asked several questions and he didn't seem to get annoyed by them. He was very thorough, taking roughly 3 hours to go through every part of the house, inside and outside. We received the report the next day and it was laid out nicely it included pictures and videos of all important areas and things that needed fixing. I even had questions after the report was generated and David walked me through picture by picture with his expeer advice. I would definitely recommend David Hazelton for others' home inspections.
- M.H., April 2019
I absolutely recommend David Hazelton to any buyer who wants a careful, trustworthy, and thorough inspection upon which to build both an honest deal and a planned maintenance list. He was able to work with me very last minute, explained his findings as we went through the home together, and he went the extra mile to ensure that I understood all of the findings, many of which are incidental to the house sale, but definitely things I'll want to stay on top of as a first-time home owner.
- V.K., April 2019
Awesome inspection. with a short closing period, David got us on the program quick. He was prompt, prepared and professional. My realtor was impressed, my insurer was grateful. I don't plan on moving again, but i will 100% recommend David to anyone needing an inspection!
- S.R., April 2019
Dave was incredibly thorough and careful during my home inspection. He took his time to check, recheck, and make sure everything was working as it should or in need of repair. Additionally, he explained everything to me in an easy way to understand. Dave cane highly recommended and I can see why. There is no one else you should use for your inspections in the Savannah Area!
- A.C., March 2019
David was beyond thorough and he let me stay by his side through the entire process, teaching me as he went. I'll have every home I purchase from now on inspected by him. A+!
- J.W., February 2019
Dave Hazelton did a very thorough and professional job and had very useful advice on suggested renovations and improvements. His illustrated inspection report was very detailed in identifying items that needed repairs, replacement, and refurbishment. He gave us a booklet named ?My Home, Tips for Operating Your Home? which has been very helpful and informative. We were very impressed with the job he did and would whole-heartily recommend Dave as a home inspector!
- J.J., December 2018
Dave is a very knowledgeable inspector who really took his time to go through EVERY nook and cranny in the home. He gave his unbiassed professional findings along with supporting pictures for everything. When it is time to buy a house again we will definitely be using him again!!!
- M.L., December 2018
Very thorough! Broke everything down for me. I wouldn?t choose anyone else. Stay awesome Dave!!!
- L.A., October 2018
Dave is knowledgeable and keeps you informed of everything. If you have questions as he?s in process of your inspection, he is more than willing to answer anything. His turn around for getting your home inspection back to you is exceptionally quick and very thourough. If you ever need a home inspection completed, Dave is your guy.
- A.S., Pooler GA, October 2018
David was a wonderful inspector. He did a through inspection and showed everything that was wrong. He was quick to answer his phone with our many questions. He told us what was most important and put us at ease at the same time. David is a inspector I would call again!!!!
- T.T., October 2018
The report Dave provided was very thorough, informative and insightful. He explained why certain things were done incorrectly and the changes in code that resulted to why home inspections are useful. Thanks for your professionalism and expertise. It really made my home warranty walk through go smoothly pointing out the errors the builder made. This was money well spent!
- A.J., October 2018
Dave made our first time home buying experience feel like a breeze. He had a answer to every question that we asked and was happy to explain even the smallest of details. From the in depth analysis of the house to the on paper report, everything was excellent.we cannot thank him enough!
- T.M., September 2018
David is very thorough and willing to answer with any questions and helpful in getting answers need. Would highly recommend him for home inspection needs.
- J.W., September 2018
This was the first time using David. I called him because he came to my real estate firm and presented to our group not once but twice. Each time, I was very impressed with the information he was sharing, and I am sure every agent learned something new from him. He worked with me to schedule an inspection that kept getting delayed and was patient with us throughout the entire process. He shows up early and lets you know his plan, discusses any questions you may have beforehand, and learns of any special interests you may have. He is also very good at explaining complicated issues to you. His report was thorough and he called to follow up and answer any questions that I had. The home was a new build and the final details were not quite finished. He offered to come back and make sure everything was in good shape for my buyers. Yes I will definitely use David again and again. His funny sense of humor is just icing on the cake!
- J.M., Savannah GA, August 2018
David fit us in very quickly. He was very though through the whole process of what to expect & when to expect it. He did a phenomenal job on the report & even provided very detailed, clear photos & videos. Even provided links for recommenced replacement or helpful additives as suggested. I felt very confident in his work. He inspected parts of the home I would not have thought about. 10 Stars!!!
- S.H., August 2018
I am thankful you did such a thorough job in your inspection & how you took time to explain a lot of things and answer all the question I threw at you, except for your birth year!!!🙂Also I feel I know exactly what I'm getting. Without your inspection I wouldn't have known.Sorry it's taken this long to reply, but I've very busy trying to tie things up with the house. Thank you for everything!!!
- T.C., August 2018
David promptly responded to my request for an inspection. He answered my call while in another client's attic if that tells you how important your business is to him! He set up the next available appointment and arrived on time and completed a thorough inspection despite being accompanied by a difficult seller and agent. He handled the situation professionally and even took the time to give me a walk-through of the property to show me the points of interest. After the inspection I quickly received an inspection report with an accurate description of all of his findings and he was kind enough to explain in detail what items could be easily fixed and which items were a cause for concern and needed a specific follow up evaluation. A cannot recommend David enough. As a first time home buyer he helped my wife and I navigate this unfamiliar process with ease and confidence. Thank you David!
- J.Z., August 2018
Dave was professional and very knowledgeable. He explained everything along the way and went over the report after completion. He also had a vacuum that he cleaned up anywhere dirt may have gotten from his inspection. Great added service.
- D.L., August 2018
David was great to work with, extremely in depth with his report, and taught me a lot. Absolutely exceeded my expectations.
- J.W., Junction City KS, July 2018
Dave was very professional and thorough. My husband and I were there for the majority of the inspection and were really impressed at Dave's thoroughness. He also educated us on several issues which was very helpful. If you want the best inspection done on a home, Dave is definitely the person to call.
- P.H., July 2018
I can't say enough good things about Dave of Advance Property Inspections. He does a thorough, professional inspection at a very fair price. I am a remote buyer, meaning that I live in New York but am buying place in Savannah and flew in for the inspection. I am also very handy when it comes to home repairs and maintenance. However, I still learned a lot just by following Dave around as he did the inspection. He was relentless, crawling in the tiniest spaces, pulling off panels, opening and closing all the windows. There is just one more thing to say, Dave is an honest guy who takes his work very seriously. I asked him for a recommendation for a contractor to do some painting and other small jobs, and he said that would be a conflict of interest if he recommended people. That shows a lot of integrity and that, above all, is what is important.
- J.P., July 2018
We were so blessed to have the Hazelton recommended to us through our realtor. They did an incredibly through job and communicated with us every step of the way. We are so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with such kind, honest, and hardworking people. We would absolutely work with them again and we would recommend them to anyone in the future!
- K.J., July 2018
Dave provided the most thorough inspection I have ever experienced. I have ordered a dozen inspections . I feel the information in the report Dave provided gave me a negotiating advantage with the seller. Dave did not stop the inspection until he had Thoroughly specter all systems. He is not a clock watcher and provided value! I highly recommend Dave and was in Awe of his knowledge as he taught me so much along the inspection
- P.G., July 2018
We have used Dave for two home inspections now and he was fantastic. Very prompt, professional, and thorough each time. If we ever buy another house in the Savannah area we will definitely use Dave again.
- M.B., June 2018
Thank you so much for all the help. Inspection was thorough and incredibly detailed!
- M.K., June 2018
Dave's inspection was extremely thorough. He provided tons of pictures to go along with his analysis. He took the time to go over the report verbally with me as well. Also, offered to come back to the property for a re-check at no additional charge.
- S.H., April 2018
Thank you for being so professional and explaining everything in depth, We will definitely tell everyone about you!
- B.M., April 2018
Being that it was my first home I didn't know what to look 4. I beleive David answered questions that I didn't ask but should have. He is the only person I would want to perform this type of service n the future.
- B.M., April 2018
Very knowledgeable with the home inspection. Communicable and insightful when asked questions regarding the inspection process. I would definitely recommend to other people.
- J.M., April 2018
I would use David again. He was very good at the inspection and let me know what problems I had and how to go about getting them fixed. Overall a 10+
- B.C., Garden City GA, April 2018
David's customer service skills exceeded my expectations. He's very knowledgeable and he was extremely thorough with my inspection. I would highly recommend David to everyone that wants/needs an home inspection. David Hazelton awesome guy and a great inspector.
- R.G., March 2018
Thanks, Dave! I appreciate everything you suggested. Your report will guide me as I consider future changes in my condo.
- L.B., March 2018
David was great! He was very thorough and any questions I had, he explained them to me in great detail and length so I could understand. I would use David again for a home inspection and I highly recommend him for anyone looking for a home inspector.
- P.B., March 2018
Thank you for the thorough inspection. We appreciate your integrity, honesty and above all, expertise in home inspection.
- A.M., March 2018
I would highly recommend David Hazelton for any home inspection. I can honestly say that I have been buying and selling homes personally for about 20 years and I have NEVER had such a thorough and honest inspection. Not only is his attention to detail impeccable but he caught a few things that were actually a danger to our family and needed to be addressed immediately! I will most certainly use he and Barbara again and I will refer anyone I know his way without hesitation because I know that his experience, skills and expertise will ensure that I am knowledgeable about my purchase!
- L.B., March 2018
David and his team went over and above what I would consider being requirements for the job. He took extra time to not only note minor discrepancies but explained in detail various cause and effect scenarios for each. His dedication to his profession and attention to detail are comforting and greatly appreciated. I would have absolutely no problem recommending him to anyone that needs a home inspection done.
- Y.J., February 2018
Choosing Advanced Property Solutions was the best move we could of made for a home inspection. David was courteous, informative, and very patient throughout our whole process. He went above and beyond our expectations. I would hands down recommend David to anyone wanting a thorough inspection. Thanks David!!
- B.H., February 2018
Thorough job. Thanks!
- G.K., February 2018
Thank you for being so thorough and approachable.
- L.R., February 2018
Your report was very thorough. All of my questions were answered in detail and I was impressed by the way you went above and beyond to answer our questions about the spray insulation.
- T.H., February 2018
David was very thorough and spent over 2 hours going through our new home. He and his wife were professional and pointed out some issues that I didn't notice. A very good report with close up pictures to show the issues. I would highly recommend them.
- D.B., Pooler GA, February 2018
Dave and Barbara were extremely thorough, knowledgeable and timely. Their experience and professionalism were greatly appreciated. They went above and beyond to help us and we are very pleased that we hired such a reliable team.
- R.C., Savannah GA, February 2018
Team Hazelton was extremely thorough. I have already recommended them to others. Thanks for all your help and educating us in the process.
- J.L., February 2018
David was absolutely great to deal with! He was very professional and extremely helpful!
- D.D., January 2018
David and Barb are a great team and did a very thorough job. Being a first time home buyer, Dave was kind enough to take the opportunity during the inspection to explain his observations and also give instruction and helpful advice on how best to maintain the home. Very pleasurable experience.
- C.H., January 2018
I strongly recommend David Hazelton of Advanced Property Inspections. He is professional, punctual, communicative and pleasant to work with. Unlike other inspection companies, Advanced Property Inspections only schedules one inspection per day, which means that the inspections are particularly thorough. In addition to photographs, the inspection reports include video footage which make it easy for all parties involved to see/understand issues revealed by the inspection.
- M.B., January 2018
Dave and Barb were fantastic to work with and very thorough. I appreciate all the detail they put into their reports, so helpful when you are making a big decision like buying a home! I would recommend them without reservation.
- E.O., January 2018
Dave has worked with myself on multiple inspections, he is not only knowledgeable and detail oriented but also quite inventive with the tools he brings to the inspection. His GoPro system alowed my team to assess problems otherwise unseen by most inspectors. This fact alone put us steps farther ahead than most inspectors. I was extremely impressed with his dedication to myself and my team as a client, this made me feel well taken care of and in good hands. Dave will be the only inspector i will choose in the future because he made me feel like my project was as important to him as it was to me!
- R.S., January 2018
David was prompt and communicated each step throughout the whole process. Thorough home inspection and easy to read report with pictures. Highly recommend!
- J.S., December 2017
David's dependable communication and timeliness during my client's inspection process was very important in providing a sense of assurance that their new home would live up to their expectations. David found items during a new construction inspection that if gone unnoticed, could have been detrimental in the life of the home. He was on time, extremely courteous, and he was readily available for questions and explanations post report, and even followed up post-closing to ensure the client was happy. I highly recommend giving Advanced Property Inspection- David Hazelton a call.
- M.K., December 2017
David and his wife where a pleasure to work with. We could not be happier with the thoroughness and quality of work done by Advanced Property Inspection. The feedback, photos and video delivered by Advanced Property Inspection lets you know exactly what you are investing in.
- B.M., December 2017
Thank you for your hard work, extra time finding codes, showing me how to care for my investment, and the detailed report. I would like to have seen the same care taken when the report was complied as several grammatical errors were noted (hence the 9 and not 10). But all in all we are thankful for your dedication in protecting and being the voice for homeowners.
- J.N., December 2017
I'm so grateful to have ended up working with David & Barb Hazelton for my property inspections. As an out of town investor, I absolutely relied on their expert knowledge, incredibly detailed attention and reports, and widespread knowledge of: construction codes, property and equipment maintenance; risk factors; and more. David continued to be a helpful resource as I evaluated multiple properties and the quality of information I received absolutely made the difference in what purchase decisions I was able to make. I won't buy a property in the area without working with them again.
- N.P., November 2017
Dave and Barbara were a pleasure to work with. They made me feel good about the process. Their commitment to getting the job done to completion as well as their professional demeanor made this portion of the house buying process very easy for me.
- J.I., November 2017
Very professional and very thorough if you want someone who's going to pay attention to all small details and then some... this is your guy
- J.M., November 2017
David provided a robust, honest inspection. He took his time, thoroughly inspected the entire home, and provided a comprehensive report by the next day with many pictures and descriptions.
- R.N., November 2017
Thank you so much, David! I really appreciate the thorough inspection and will address the items you listed that need attention.
- A.W., November 2017
Very detailed and easy to understand report, David made it easy from the beginning to the end! Definitely worth every penny and will be my go to for future home purchases.
- A.W., November 2017
Very friendly and willing to discuss questions or concerns. He presents a good perspective and points out items that are important and those that are not.
- L.M., November 2017
I really appreciate you taking your time to explain everything and educating me on my home.
- T.P., October 2017
He was a very nice man both him and his wife went above and beyond to help me. They are very professional and will go out of their way to aid you. We'll worth the money and wouldn't have wanted to work with anyone else, Dave really knows what he is talking about and I am very happy that I got the opportunity to work with such friendly and professional people.
- T.B., October 2017
I really appreciate how helpful and friendly Dave is, and how quickly he got the job done! The photos attached to the report were especially helpful. I'm very pleased with the thoroughness of the inspection. Thanks again!
- M.W., September 2017