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Before you purchase or sell your home or property, please call Absolute Home Inspections, Inc.. We can help protect your investment with a thorough home/property inspection! Call us now to discuss your individual inspection needs. Work Phone: 703-281-6886 Mobile Phone: 703-201-5367 Fax Number: 703-281-6656

About Absolute Home Inspections, Inc.

We perform thorough inspections at reasonable prices. We can help you get to know the condition of the property you are about to buy or sell, and give you the confidence you need to make an informed decision.

We are located in Vienna and serve all surrounding areas. We look forward to hearing from you!


Gary is an expert at what he does, he is very thorough and shares his wealth of experience. He takes the time to answer any questions from the buyers with full explanations to help them understand. He provides his inspection reports in a timely manner and is friendly and great to work with throughout the process.
- J.W., October 2019
Dedicated, detailed and professional. Thank you
- M.J., June 2019
Very professional and thorough, with many suggestions that helped with my negotiations.
- C.A., January 2019
Awesome Home Inspector with reasonable rates! Will use every time I can!
- M.K., Falls Church VA, October 2018
Great communication
- M.G., April 2018
Gary is now my go-to Home Inspector and I plan on recommending him to all my friends, family, and coworkers. The best!
- B.Y., April 2018
My husband and I have used Gary on our personal home as well as clients home. It is without hesitation that I would recommend him.
- L.K., March 2018
Great, thorough inspection!
- K.C., September 2017
Highly Recommend! Great job and very detailed. Also very personable and goes the extra Mile!
- G.P., June 2017
Mr. Marsengill was quite knowledgeable, thorough, and professional. I would definitely recommend him!
- D.F., January 2017
Very thorough. Gary inspected my house when I was a seller. His report was very thorough with lots of details. I hired him this time as a buyer. Again, very happy with his report.
- J.K., August 2016
Gary was very thorough. Not a light switch, faucet or appliance wasn't turned on/off. He took the time to explain anything that was wrong and how to fix it. He also told us what was in good condition that we would not need to replace. This is our first home purchase and we had a lot of questions. He went above and beyond to explain the basic maintenance of our new home. Very personable and would definitely recommend Gary!!
- N.B., June 2016
Gary Marsengill was very thorough and explained items of issue with understandable terms. We enjoyed working with him and would recommend him to any one in need of a home inspection.
- L.F., June 2016
Gary is fantastic, he is very careful, thorough, and knowledgeable with the inspection! Will recommend 100% ! Elena T.
- C.T., June 2016
Gary is extremely professional! He is honest and knowledgeable. Always shows up on time. Does a great job every time that I could not use anyone else after I've tried his services. Thank you for wonderful services that continues every time you inspect a property for my clients!
- M.B., April 2016
Gary did an awesome job. He's very user friendly and thorough. His advice and recommendations will undoubtedly prove very valuable.
- T.H., April 2016
Thanks, Gary!
- H.W., March 2016
Gary was informative and meticulous with the inspection.
- N.N., March 2016
Gary is thorough without being an alarmist. He explains things in detail. I have used him for 15 years!
- D.M., February 2016
Feel blessed that our family was able to obtain the services of Gary for this critical life decision. He not only was thorough and detailed, but he took the time to explain each and every process to me. I will recommend him to others I hear need a similar service, and hope he stays in this line of work for many years to come. Thanks Gary!
- R.M., October 2015
Thanks so much ... appreciate the high attention to details and expertise - great experience
- L.D., July 2015
Best inspector I have ever used. Went above and beyond the my expectations!
- D.S., July 2015
We are extremely happy with Gary's work. He is thorough, professional, and accurate. We will definitely recommend him!
- E.M., April 2015
Mr. Marsengill is a great inspector. I've been using his services for many years and look forward to many more.
- T.N., February 2015
Gary is very knowledgeable and his inspection of the home we are potentially purchasing was very thorough. His detailed report was comprehensive, well laid out, and supplemented with many clear photographs that illustrated the items that needed to be addressed. He finished inspecting the home at 12:00PM and delivered the complete report at 4:00PM - very fast turn-around. Gary is also very friendly and communicates very clearly what he is looking for and what is recommendations are.
- L.K., January 2015
Gary, Thank your for taking such good care of my clients, as you always do. They were very impressed. Happy New Year, Patti Bostwick
- P.B., December 2014
Gary is always my first choice as an inspector! I have been recommending Gary for home inspections for a number of years and have never had a complaint. Clients that have used him also recommend him and if they have another need for an inspection, they call Gary. Along with being an excellent inspector, he also takes the time to give buyers helpful information regarding their home.
- E.S., November 2014
Professional and likable!
- H.B., October 2014
Mr. Marsengill is a professional who performs a thorough job for his clients. As a Realtor, I highly recommend him to all my clients.
- R.N., Vienna VA, October 2014
Highly professional without being arrogant. Took his time to explain everything to me and to be as honest as he could be.
- C.R., April 2014
Personable, thorough, full explanations, photos, dialogue on options, a clear and thorough report to follow it all up .... I'd recommend Gary highly.
- B.C., March 2014
Gary is very professional and knowledgeable. His report is very detailed and includes pictures for later reference, which is very helpful. I would highly recommend him.
- P.B., January 2014
Thanks so much for your thorough, knowledgeable inspection of my new home. I fell secure moving in, knowing you have made certain that the environment is safe and secure.
- A.N., October 2013
Very knowledgeable, and curtious.
- M., September 2013
Gary is always very professional with Buyers regarding the inspections he performs. He sets Buyers expectations for future maintenance and prioritizes items that might need attention now. The inspections are always very informative for the Buyer so they have a good understanding of the different systems in their home. I highly recommend Gary!
- D.L., July 2013
Gary is very knowledgable and efficient. He has a great personality that makes the process go smoothly. I would recommend him.
- B.T., April 2013
Gary was extremely thorough and I feel like I learned a lot about the house both by walking it with him and by reading his report. He was very clear about what had to be done, what could be done, and what was really of no concern. Thank You!
- C.B., April 2013
Gary was very helpful and knowledgable. He was more than willing to walk through each area of inspection in clear, concise terms so that I was able to understand what was needed. He also willingly helped me to understand care and maintenence for the future. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who needed an inspector.
- H.C., March 2013
Gary provided the most thorough and informative home inspection we have ever had. Highly recommended.
- A.M., January 2013
Gary was very knowledgable of all aspects of the home. He made us feel comfortable for asking any questions that we had. Overall, I had a great experience with Absolute Home Inspections and I feel safe going into closing for the home. Thanks.
- G.C., Fairfax VA, November 2012
Gary was very detailed and thorough throughout the entire inspection. He took the time to explain what he was looking for, whether or not he found it, what condition it was in, and, most importantly, what that meant for me as the future owner. He made sure to go over everything he saw and answer all of my questions at the end of the inspection. I would highly recommend Gary!
- M.C., July 2012
Extremely professional and very detail oriented I definitely recommend him Thanks Gary
- L.K., July 2012
very good, thank you for all the help and information.
- R.F., April 2012
Thanks Gary! Great job! Enjoyed meeting you! Sincerely, Tara and JC Byrne
- J.B., May 2011
Gary did a great job walking us through the inspection. He was very patient and thorough and explained everything to us in great detail in terms we could understand. Excellent work.
- S.T., May 2011
Very detailed inspection. Good job !
- A.G., April 2011
- P.N., April 2011
You've done a great job. Thank you.
- Y.L., January 2011
Felt that Mr. Marsengill was thorough with the inspection. He was honest with the client. He made certain that if there were any issues, he showed them to the client with a thorough explanation. Mr. Marsengill is will to answer any questions and go through any concerns.
- E.V., November 2010
Very thorough and professional. Excellent at explaining what was found, how to get it fixed and the importance of the repairs. We had dozens of questions and he answered them all and even looked or rechecked things we had questions about.
- J.M., November 2010
He was very patient answering my questions and was very knowledgeable and friendly.
- C.H., November 2010
The very best home inspector in the Washington DC Metro area. Hands down.
- J.M., May 2010
We really appreciated your high level of expertise and professionalism. Thanks a million!
- B.B., April 2010
Very professional and knowledgeable!
- A.B., March 2010
Gary was friendly and very professional. He arrived on time and ready to work. Although it was only a condo, he took his time and did a very thorough job and I'm glad that we had him come out and perform our home inspection.
- J.O., February 2010
Gary is very thorough, exhibited patience explaining things found to me, and he did an excellent job!
- K.D., November 2009
Very professional, efficient and helpful. Did a great job.
- A.G., November 2009
Great photos reinforced your report!
- D.H., October 2009
You did a great job Gary. Very thorough and curteous.
- M.D., June 2009