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Will Crawford

Checkit Home Inspections

Will Crawford is the owner and inspector of CheckIt Home Inspections. Will is all about taking the technical side of things and communicating it in a way that remains accurate, but is much easier for home-buyers and sellers to follow. The facts don’t do you a lot of good if they’re impossible to understand, but when Will evaluates your prospective home, your knowledge will be right where it needs to be just as soon as you get a chance to review his findings.

A client-oriented home inspection is a quality home inspection, and you can count on Will to do the job right—taking every possible measure to ensure that you’re ready to make what will be one of the most remarkable and monumental investments of your life.

When it comes to home construction, it’s safe to say that Will has practically done it all. Long before he became a licensed home inspector, Will was constructing frames, hanging drywall, doing electrical and plumbing work—and the list keeps going! Will’s construction experience is the foundation to the knowledge he’s able to provide for his clients by inspecting homes, and he’s also got the business experience to understand the importance of quality customer service. Will has owned a Family Fun Center since 2008, and during that time, he has mastered the arts of organization and communication—always coming forward with a friendly and helpful disposition so that no customer walks away unsatisfied, or with their questions and concerns unheard.



Licensed in Virginia for Home Inspections and Radon Testing


When it comes to home construction, itâ??s safe to say that Will has done it all. Before he became a licensed home inspector, Will was constructing frames, hanging drywall, doing electrical and plumbing work - and the list keeps going!

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Excellent timing, quick turnaround and exceptional detailed report including helpful information and recommendations for items of concern. Fantastic in every way!
- J.M., June 2022
Will did a fabulous inspection, finding and commenting on things I would have missed. He is thorough and professional. It feels as though he is inspecting and noting things for his own house-- minor and major. Yes, my wife and I certainly recommend Will Crawford for home inspections. Thank you very much. Larry Fasnacht
- L.F., March 2022
Very thorough home inspection, great communication, and additional tools and services available to make the process easy! Thank you for offering your professional services to our community!
- M.P., Salem VA, April 2021
Will was prompt, honest, enthusiastic and thorough. Very responsive and professional.
- M.J., December 2020
My agent had no trouble scheduling with Will. Will arrived as scheduled. He performed a thorough inspection. He answered questions and explained his findings personally to my agent and myself. He produced a thorough, well-documented report. 100% helpful. He made a particular recommendation about a more-specialized inspection that has proven to be a life-saver. I really appreciate Will's good work and would not hesitate to recommend him to any prospective home buyer.
- M.W., December 2020
Will is a very competent and knowledgeable inspector. I was very satisfied with his performance doing my home inspection. He goes above and beyond to protect home buyers. I would highly recommend using Will for your needs. Al Mortensen
- A.M., November 2020
Will was very thorough. He’s also very personable and kind. I’d 100% recommend him to other home buyers.
- D.W., Roanoke VA, November 2020
Will was on time, prompt & efficient. Performed a good inspection & I would use his services again.
- R.F., October 2020
Thank you so much for what you did, I’m so satisfied with the work you have done on 09/21 Thank you
- L.S., October 2020
Our second home inspection performed by Will. Very detailed and thorough, misses nothing! Really appreciate the time spent and the effort made to give us another quality inspection.
- R.R., September 2020
Mr. Crawford is a wonderful, thorough inspector. He made the process easy and we would definitely use him again and recommend him to others.
- B.W., September 2020
Will was thorough and explained everything very well . We were impressed by his attention to detail and his knowledge. We would not hesitate to use him again or to recommend him to anyone!
- D.D., September 2020
He was quick to get us scheduled. Prompt. I felt the report was thorough. It made me even more excited about the house when he got excited about it as well.
- C.S., September 2020
He was very thorough in making sure that we knew everything the we need to about the house we are buying. He was very easy to talk to about everything and asked multiple times if I had any concerns. He was also very willing to talk me through all the things he was looking at and inspecting.
- G.J., September 2020
Will Crawford performed an extremely detailed inspection and radon test of the property that we are considering purchasing. This inspection was by far the most detailed inspection that I have ever had. We received the complete report with photos and videos in the afternoon of the inspection date. Will was also available to discuss in more detail some of the items that he reported. We highly recommend Will Crawford as an inspector for anyone in the area that he serves, to be their inspector. There will never be any question about his inspection thoroughness and attention to detail. The photos and videos, in conjunction with his professional write-ups, really told the story for each area of concern.
- D.F., July 2020
I liked that Will explained every detail that would be in the report and gave us tips on how to treat and maintain the home. I found Will to be extremely helpful and full of knowledge, 10/10 would recommend to anybody that is buying a house.
- A.C., July 2020
Will is the best home inspector in the area. He checks out the entire home and I mean the entire home. He not only looks for issues that need attention in the home but also gives good information to the clients on general information and maintenance items in the future. Most inspectors take 1-2 hours average to inspect a home. Will averages 3-4 hours due to his thoroughness. When Will completes an inspection you know what condition the home is in. The best part is the report. It is easy to read. Includes pictures, videos, serial numbers of major components, and a summary of what definitely needs attention. My clients get "real value" from his inspections. Will completed over 30 inspections for my clients last year and will do more this year. I highly recommend Will Crawford for anyone's Home Inspection needs. Steve Eller, Realtor
- S.E., June 2020
Will is communicative and extremely thorough. He notices things far beyond what I could see in the house and is very upfront about issues, which I value.
- B.L., June 2020
Will was very thorough and professional. I would definitely recommend him for any type of inspection.
- S.S., June 2020
Will was extremely thorough, very professional and took the time to answer questions for me. I feel very confident that I got my money's worth in a home inspection. The report afterwards left no surprises as everything was covered on site. The report was also very thorough and full of pictures to illustrate exactly what he was saying. I would absolutely recommend Will Crawford with out hesitation,
- C.C., May 2020
Professionalism at it's best! A very through inspection and detailed report. This is a must for a first time home buyer like myself that knows nothing about what to look for. Honest, trustworthy and knowledgeable. Exactly what you need and want when purchasing a home.
- C.R., May 2020
Will was nothing short of phenomenal! Last year my wife and I bought our first house and my Uncle who owns 40+ rental properties (most of which he has owned for 20+ years) came to the inspection of our first home and was very impressed with our inspector and the report he created, BUT as we go about buying our first rental property we went with Will because we heard so many positive reviews about him from people we trusted. Earlier today he did our home inspection on our soon-to-be rental property and WOW! He did an nothing short of an exceptional job -- but he didn't stop there. He also took time to explain to my wife and I what problems the house had, showed them to us, told us what caused the issues, how to prevent them in the future, and how to do proper maintenance with the current issues to prevent them from getting worse. The house he reviewed for us has been fairly well-maintained, but it was also 120 YEARS OLD!! So of course there are a LOT of small things that could turn into big things very quickly and he seems to have caught everything that could have been.. And it took him HOURSS, but he didn't stop because his time was up. It quickly became clear he was there to help us, not to just get a paycheck. I spoke to my Uncle tonight after the inspection and told him about Will's performance and he was wildly impressed! When I sent him the report he couldn't believe all of the small details Will captured and said that he had never seen a home inspector do that well at capturing so many details... in his 25+ year career in rental properties. That is a resounding endorsement from my somewhat stingy Uncle who often doesn't give praise to even family. I can't recommend Will enough! If i could give Will 6 of 5 stars, I would in a heartbeat, and I had never met him before today. If we buy more properties in the future I will MAKE SURE I get Will if at all possible.
- T.L., Roanoke VA, May 2020
Will did a fabulous job! He is extremely knowledgeable and performs a though, top notch inspection. This is the guy you want to inspect your next home!
- N.B., October 2019
Will Crawford is a very knowledgeable and incredibly helpful. He did a thorough job and helped us understand the entire report. I would definitely recommend him to anyone buying a home.
- J.C., July 2019
Keep doing what you're doing, friend! You're awesome!
- C.S., Roanoke VA, May 2019
So pleased with the thourough report including pictures and explanation of repairs. Very helpful ,especially since we are out of state. All of the information we needed was included. Very happy with the quality service!
- D.B., November 2018
Mr. Crawford was an excellent to work with. He does a great job at providing the necessary detailed information to the property buyer/seller. He's very upfront, honest, well organized and highly efficient. All of these qualities are especially important when selling or purchasing a home.
- B.C., July 2018
Thank you for this very thorough inspection.
- S.M., May 2018
Awesome job Will! Thank you so much
- S.D., May 2018
Thank you!
- J.J., Salem VA, January 2018
Absolutely, Will Crawford was a wonderful inspector, couldn't have asked for anyone better. Answered all and every question we asked. Was very professional, did not leave a stone unturned... Gave very helpful tips and recommendations for the house... We will absolutely be recommending Will Crawford to other people. He made our first experience with, Home Inspecting go smoothly... A great big Thank You to Will Crawford for being so caring and enjoying doing your Job
- A.D., November 2017
Will was timely and very thorough!
- M.W., October 2017
Will, thank you so much for your time and attention during your inspection. You were very detailed and informative about everything! The report you provided was easy to navigate through and was overall impressive. In my line of work I see a good number of inspection reports and was really impressed! Thank you again.
- S.S., August 2017