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Christopher Duenas AZ#63613

Before you purchase or sell your home or property, please call Blue Phoenix Home Services. We can help protect your investment with a thorough home/property inspection! Call us now to discuss your individual inspection needs. Work Phone: 520-481-6529

About Blue Phoenix Home Services

We perform thorough inspections at reasonable prices. We can help you get to know the condition of the property you are about to buy or sell, and give you the confidence you need to make an informed decision.

We are located in Tucson and serve all surrounding areas. We look forward to hearing from you!


State of Arizona Board of Technical Registration AZ#63613, Arizona Department of Real Estate AZ#SA641833000


I am proud to serve the Tucson area and surrounding communities. As a Certified Home Inspector and licensed Real Estate agent, I bring knowledge and experience of the entire real estate transaction to help ensure a smooth closing.


Chris did a very thorough complete inspection of property and went over the report with me. Chris also took my call to answer many questions I had later. I would highly recommend Chris!
- K.S., Tucson AZ, February 2020
Chris was very professional and very thorough. He explained the issues we needed to address after the inspection. His report was concise and detailed which was what we needed. We would definitely recommend Chris for any home inspection.
- M.H., Oro Valley AZ, January 2020
Very professional and explained all points. Answered all questions. Thank you.
- S.M., Tucson AZ, January 2020
Very thorough. Thank you Chris!
- J.M., Vail AZ, November 2019
Chris, Thank you for your professionalism. You were thorough and took the time to explain your findings in detail to us and answered each question we had with specifics and expertise. You came highly recommended and we are glad we chose you. Amazing Job!! We would definitely hire you again and refer you to all our friends and family. Thank you again for a job well done. ~ Joe and Veronica Escobar
- V.E., Tucson AZ, November 2019
Chris was very professional and thorough. He explained items that needed attention for repair or replacement in clear concise terms that I as the home buyer understood. He also made suggestions for simple fixes for the minor repairs that need to be addressed care of.
- E.N., Marana AZ, October 2019
Really appreciated the discussions on seriousness of issues found and possible remedies.
- T.C., Tucson AZ, October 2019
Chris was able to come out on short notice so my husband and I could both be there. He was professional, thorough and took a lot of time to explain what the report meant as well his findings. We’d hire Chris again, and we would absolutely recommend him to a friend! Thank you Chris!
- C.M., Oro Valley AZ, September 2019
Thanks Chris, you're always so detailed and knowledgeable about everything. I most likely won't use anybody else.
- B.G., Tucson AZ, August 2019
This is the third time I have used Chris. Is there any better recommendation? As a Realtor, I have many choices when selecting an inspector. Chris is thorough and practical. If there is red flag, you will know about it. He takes the time to explain things to agent and the buyer. He knows the technical side of things and the human side. I'll be back, he's my inspector guru!
- P.J., Tucson AZ, August 2019
well done
- T.K., Tucson AZ, July 2019
Very professional and thorough, I would highly recommend them for your home inspection.
- M.A., Tucson AZ, June 2019
Concise and efficient. The picture pinpointing were really helpful.
- D.C., Vail AZ, June 2019
Chris was extremely thorough, prompt and took the time to explain everything to us. We were very pleased with his professionalism and knowledge. Absolutely would recommend him to anyone! Thanks Chris!!
- M.C., Oro Valley AZ, May 2019
I appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions as well as give me suggestions on how to handle necessary repairs. You were very thorough, during the home inspection, and you showed pride in your work.
- B.B., Marana AZ, April 2019
This is the second house that Chris has inspected for us and we found him to be extremely thorough, competent, and professional. It?s really helpful to know all the little technical details of your home before you conclude a purchase or move-in. Highly recommended. A+
- E.S., Tucson AZ, March 2019
Chris was very professional and thorough. We appreciated his comments and guidance, and his report was easy to follow with the items in brown and red that we really needed to pay attention to.
- C.M., Tucson AZ, March 2019
Thank you for your time and Professionalism, I felt You did a fantastic job that left me at ease regarding any issues with the home you inspected. Thank you also for returning my call promptly after the inspection for follow up questions!!
- O.S., Tucson AZ, March 2019
Chris is an amazingly thorough inspector who is not only extremely knowledgeable about all of the systems in a home, but he is willing to share his knowledge and educate the home buyer as well. We were very pleased with his work and grateful for his help. He is a true professional. We would highly recommend Chris. Thank you, Chris!
- J.S., Tucson AZ, March 2019
Chris is an amazingly thorough inspector who is not only extremely knowledgeable about all of the systems in a home, but he is willing to share his knowledge and educate the home buyer as well. We were very pleased with his work and grateful for his help. He is a true professional. We would highly recommend Chris. Thank you, Chris!
- J.S., Tucson AZ, March 2019
Your thoroughness and explanations were extremely helpful in understanding the issues.
- W.K., Tucson AZ, March 2019
Thanks for the inspection and report. We appreciated the opportunity to speak to you via FaceTime.
- B.T., Oracle AZ, February 2019
Very thorough, helpful and polite
- R.P., Tucson AZ, January 2019
Thank you for such a detailed inspection report and answering our questions.
- J.S., Tucson AZ, December 2018
Excellent and very detailed report. Friendly and easy to talk to. Answered all of my questions. Patient and available for questions even on a Saturday evening. Would highly recommend
- L.S., Tucson AZ, December 2018
Great job again! Appreciate your input not only about current condition, but also what we as homeowners would need to know.
- G.K., Oro Valley AZ, November 2018
Chris and his son took their time to carefully inspect the 99-year-old home I hope to buy. They pointed out certain things while on sight in addition to preparing a comprehensive report complete with color photos. They made everything easy to understand so it will be a useful tool for reference in the years to come.
- L.C., Tucson AZ, November 2018
Chris and his son took their time to carefully inspect the 99-year-old home I hope to buy. They pointed out certain things while on sight in addition to preparing a comprehensive report complete with color photos. They made everything easy to understand so it will be a useful tool for reference in the years to come.
- L.C., Tucson AZ, November 2018
Chris and Collin were a very professional team! All questions were answered and they were both respectful and knowledgeable home inspectors. I would recommend them for any job. Thank you
- E.D., Oro Valley AZ, November 2018
Very thorough, helpful and friendly!
- M.M., Tucson AZ, October 2018
Christopher was great explaining everything even things that were not required in order to help prolong the life of certain appliances and electrical issues. Really helpful, Thanks Christopher
- S.E., Green Valley AZ, September 2018
Great---thank you
- P.T., Tucson AZ, September 2018
Thank you Chris for a very thorough inspection and great customer service! Your detailed report gave us critical information to move forward with our purchase with confidence. Greg O.
- G.O., Tucson AZ, September 2018
A straightforward home inspection. Professional and personable.
- B.M., Tucson AZ, August 2018
I was extremely pleased with the thoroughness of the inspection preformed by Chris and his son. I particularly liked all the "for your information" posts that included the pictures and arrows to indicate the issue he was talking about. New to the area, relocating from Chicagoland, I appreciate the extra info on a few things I did not know that affects homes in the southwest. Chris also took the time to answer questions I had as well as point out issues so I had an up close and personal view of what he was talking about. I can not say enough about how pleased I am with the work Chris did.
- S.E., Marana TN, August 2018
Chris and son did an awesome job on two different properties for us. They were quickly assessible to our urgent needs to have inspections done on short notice. They were very thorough and detailed with the inspection. They showed great knowledge and experience in all areas mechanical and regulatory. We would not hesitate to use them again! Awesome Job!!! Scott Grassel PharmD
- S.G., Tucson AZ, August 2018
Very thorough
- M.G., Tucson AZ, August 2018
Thank you for the thorough inspection and thoughts on the neighborhood. We look forward to using your services again for our next purchase.
- E.F., Tucson AZ, August 2018
Very good and professional!
- S.M., Tucson AZ, August 2018
Chris had always done a fantastic job for my clients. Turnaround on receiving reports are detailed and always within a day or two of the inspection.
- L.W., Tucson AZ, August 2018
Great work, will be using again!!
- S.G., Tucson AZ, August 2018
Thank you very much for being so thorough and honest with us, I'm sure you could tell we were first timers and the expressions and empathy you gave made us feel understood and comfortable. We appreciate the great work and are glad we can depend on you for any questions we had, or may have in the future.
- C.P., Tucson AZ, July 2018
Very thorough inspection. the pictures were most helpful to actually see the issues with the home.
- A.S., Oro Valley AZ, July 2018
Very thorough. I only did not assign a 10 because I'm consulting with Chris remotely and can't be present to completely evaluate his work. However, he was very professional, thorough and knowledgeable about his work. He also was clear about his level of inspection (e.g., for the AC units) and how that might vary from that of a professional for that specific area (i.e., HVAC). He also completely his work and report in an extremely timely manner. My conversation with him post-report was very helpful in determining what my followup should be prior to closing.
- T.S., Tucson AZ, July 2018
Great service! Very professional!
- S.M., Tucson AZ, July 2018
Very thorough . Explained everything well. Answered any question we had.
- R.C., Saddlebrook AZ, June 2018
Thanks so much, Chris. Fantastic detail in your report and generosity in the time you spent walking us through it.
- G.B., Oro Valley AZ, June 2018
Chris did an amazing job! Very knowledgeable and explained every detail! It was a pleasure to have him do my inspection! I would a100% recommend him!
- J.M., Sahuarita AZ, June 2018
Chris was very thorough, and explained everything in a way we could easily understand. We left feeling very confident that we had an accurate picture of the quality and condition of the house.
- D.C., Tucson AZ, May 2018
As always, you do a phenomenal job. Thanks for helping me out again.
- B.G., Tucson AZ, May 2018
He was knowledgeable, informative and very professional. He was highly recommended to us and we can now see why. He knew what to look for and gave reasonable advice and answers to questions. We would absolutely recommend him to others in need of a home inspection.
- T.H., Oro Valley AZ, May 2018
I thought Chris was thorough, professional, helpful and did the inspection and report quickly and efficiently. It was a great experience and I was grateful to have someone so knowledgeable performing my home inspection.
- B.M., Tucson AZ, May 2018
Chris is very diligent and thorough. He answered any and all questions I had. I would definitely recommend Chris to anyone looking for an excellent home inspector.
- M.M., Tucson AZ, May 2018
Chris was very thorough and patient with all of our questions.
- J.G., Tucson AZ, May 2018
Excellent service and professionalism
- C.T., Oro Valley AZ, May 2018
Once again Chris has shown true professionalism. He's very thorough, detailed, knowledgeable. I would recommend him to anybody.
- B.G., Tucson AZ, May 2018
Thank you for your thoroughness!
- T.M., Tucson AZ, May 2018
Christopher: I typed in an answer, clicked submit, and got an error that I had to enter a numeric rating button -- AND DELETED MY MESSAGE. This is discouraging and a software bug. FYI to the web designer. It raises two problems for the user, 1) it frustrates him or her and encourages them to give up, and 2) perhaps shortens the more detailed answer previously composed and typed. The web-page should respect the user's work / not destroy it. [Reference, I have a background in IT starting with the University of Arizona's main-frame in 1958 onwards.] Now: I may want to talk with you after a handyman that Robin called specs out your report and provides a bid. This follows from the fact that your report is so thorough and complete. [window track problems / garage door / etc.] I think you have done a great job. I think your review of the roof was more complete that the roofer's, for example. Except for a bug, your web interface works well, though I am mot clear on how to create reports -- the system doesn't seen explained at all -- perhaps I'm missing some help features I did not notice. S page or pop-up that explains how to create reports would be another nice feature for the web developer. There seems to be a lot of power there, but I used cut-and-paste from the report and summary in order to show the roofers the conditions you reported which they did not mention -- all they said was a few missing tiles. I want them to have a full picture so that the bid does not harbor surprises after they start [with a qualification of possible added work / cost. You are affable, accessible, professional, and do a thorough job. Your reports are complete and excellent. Your fee appears to be reasonable [there is a lot of experience and work involved]. I say this latter because I recommended you to a friend on Tuesday who was at the inspection stage, and she had already had an inspection on a much smaller property at a higher charge. So, all told, I am very pleased with your work and thankful that Robin recommended you. Regards, Jim
- J.L., Tucson AZ, May 2018
Very detailed inspection as well as provided good information that can help me make educated descitions.
- M.V., Tucson AZ, April 2018
Chris did an excellent job of inspecting the house. He found things we didn't even see. Chris did an very thorough inspection.
- R.G., Sahuarita AZ, April 2018
You were great, easy to work with taking the time to explain things to us. You were also considerate of the owner and showed respect for her and her property.
- G.K., Oro Valley AZ, April 2018
Chris is professional and extremely detailed and thorough. He knows code requirements and is up-to-date on current safety standards. You can always depend on him to give an honest answer. I would recommend him to anybody.
- B.G., Tucson AZ, April 2018
Thank you again Chris for doing such a great job!
- D.G., Tucson AZ, April 2018
Chris did a great job. He found items that needed fixed that we would never had seen. He is very thorough.
- M.M., Marana AZ, April 2018
Very thorough and knowledgeable.
- R.B., Vail AZ, April 2018
Hi Chris, Thank you so much for taking the time to answer any and all questions my client had after the inspection. Not to mention, your attention to detail is truly appreciated. Looking forward to working with you next time! Jon
- J.G., Tucson AZ, April 2018
Chris provided a very thorough inspection and gave us helpful advice over the phone. Good professional service. A+++.
- E.S., Tucson AZ, April 2018
Chris was throrough, experienced and provided excellent customer service.
- J.L., Tucson AZ, April 2018
Thank you for being so helpful and detail oriented.
- D.G., Tucson AZ, April 2018
We were impressed with the thoroughness of the inspection (on short notice!) and the clarity of the verbal report that day, plus the written report shortly thereafter. Bravo!
- J.H., Tucson AZ, April 2018
Extremely competent and thorough in all aspects of home inspection. Homegauge reporting structure is easy to navigate thru - the pictures and descriptions are crystal clear. In addition, Chris is a pleasure to communicate with.
- A.P., Rio RIco AZ, March 2018
Very knowledgeable, easy to understand, helpful and prompt. Received the report back within 24 hours.
- G.H., Marana AZ, March 2018
Very thorough. Great job!
- D.Q., Tucson AZ, March 2018
My buyers were very happy with your work and how they could ask questions and get answers on the spot.
- S.H., Tucson AZ, March 2018
Would like to have had a picture of the damage to the garage door. All work was excellent.
- T.L., Oro Valley AZ, March 2018
Chris is skilled, professional, timely, and takes his responsibility very seriously. Very up to date on code requirements, he communicates his findings and puts them in perspective, allowing me to be an informed buyer. He is respectful and knows when to collaborate with others professionals to get the best fix on an area of concern. This is the second time I've used Chris for home inspections and would highly recommend him.
- T.B., Tucson AZ, March 2018
We appreciated your thoroughness in inspecting our potential home and in taking the time to explain areas of concern.
- D.S., Oro Valley AZ, March 2018
Mr. Duenas was completely thorough and professional. He also took the time to fully go over the report and any questions I had, and made himself available for follow up questions. I would absolutely recommend him. The report itself has been very helpful in deciding how to go forward with the process.
- M.K., Tucson AZ, March 2018
I would like to see the post inspection review that is presented to the buyers done on a larger device such as an iPad etc rather than on a phone screen.
- B.S., Tucson AZ, March 2018
Thank you Chris. We appreciate your time and professionialism!
- D.S., Gilbert AZ, March 2018
Professional, knowledgeable and efficient. I would highly recommend Chris anytime for a home inspection.
- M.M., Oro Valley AZ, March 2018
Glad to have you come out and do the inspection. Very informative.
- J.B., v AZ, March 2018
Fantastic Job! Very thorough and professional.
- S.B., Oro Valley AZ, March 2018
Mr Duenas' inspection was very professional. He was on-time, efficient, and very thorough. In addition, his explanations of areas of concern were conveyed in a manner that was easy to comprehend.
- C.C., Tucson AZ, February 2018
Chris has been so helpful in our home inspection journey! We have used him a 2 different properties we had offers on. He has so much information and reports are so detailed, they are easy to read and understand. All the pictures are extremely helpful. Chris has so much construction knowledge, he is a great resource. I would highly recommend him and would use him again.
- D.E., Tucson AZ, February 2018
We are very happy with Chris!! He was very thorough in his inspection of our home. When he was finished he went through the report and talked to use about his findings. He answered all our questions and then some. We highly recommend him.
- S.D., Oro Valley AZ, February 2018
Thank you for being so flexible and accommodating when we had to reschedule for utilities to be turned on. Your professionalism and knowledge is out of this world. Love the edit list feature in your report to create a BINSR item easy! See you on the next one Chris. Thanks again! Tina Kilcullen, Tierra Antigua Realty
- T.K., Tucson AZ, February 2018
Thank you Chris for the service you provide. We appreciate your upfront and honest nature. Chris was very thoughrow, clear and concise in the work that he did. A true professional and very trustworthy.
- R.D., Tucson AZ, February 2018
Chris was professional, thorough and delivered the full report quickly. He explained issues he was observing without discouraging up from the property. I recommend him highly.
- H.O., Oro Valley AZ, February 2018
Chris is very thorough and conscientious. He is able to point out potential issues without scaring the parties of the transaction!
- C.C., February 2018
Great to work with, very flexible as to scheduling changes appreciate his professionalism and ability to communicate with customers easily
- M.G., Tucson AZ, January 2018
Chris and Pat rocked 4 triplex home inspections in under 6 hrs!! They were friendly, courteous, polite and so incredibly knowledgeable!! They were very detail oriented and very thorough! Definitely would recommend and I would use them again!
- D.E., Tucson AZ, January 2018
I’ve used Chris this past year with all of my real estate clients. He is thorough and very knowledgeable on all aspects of home. He has helped me create smoother transaction for all of my clients. I recommend him highly.
- K.D., Oro Valley AZ, December 2017
Chris was very professional and did a complete job. He found things that we did not even notice. Thank you Chris!
- S.W., Red Rock AZ, December 2017
Always professional and efficient. Reports always completed in a timely manner.
- L.W., Tucson AZ, November 2017
Very thorough and works well with our clients! Thank you Chris!
- B.M., Tucson AZ, November 2017
Chris, you will be doing all of my inspections if I can help it. Not only was I impressed, but my clients are still talking about how good and professional you are. Thanks Again. Sande Bulawa
- S.B., Tucson AZ, November 2017
Chris did a outstanding job during are home inspection. He informed us with all concerns. Excellent inspector......
- M.R., Maranaa AZ, November 2017
Thanks for your thoroughness!
- R.B., Marana AZ, November 2017
Chris did a fantastic job. He was very thorough and very detailed in his findings of what needed to be done.
- J.S., Tucson AZ, November 2017