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Experience is the key in the home inspection business and we have +24years of it on our inspector staff.  One of our unique features is that at least two inspectors will be attending your inspection.  We know that a home is a very complex system and our two and sometimes three inspector teams are more thorough than a single inspector inspection.  
We have dedicated a great deal of resources to insure that the inspection report that you receive will be of the same high quality inspection after inspection.
We are certified by Carson-Dunlap_Weldon for commercial inspections and have performed inspections on buildings up 60,000 square feet.  
So call us or contact us at with any of your inspections needs including Radon, residential and commercial! 


Over 7000 inspections performed. Professional home and commercial inspections by 2-3 of our four licensed inspectors.


Over 7000 inspections performed. Professional home and commercial inspections performed by one of our two inspector teams. Four licensed home inspectors on staff. See more about us at

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Thanks Adam and Mason!
- J.S., April 2021
Nice thorough report. Thanks for the personal walk-through to highlight most pressing concerns.
- J.C., July 2019
Professional, friendly, knowledgeable. That's pretty much all you need in a home inspector. Have already recommended to a co-worker.
- T.C., December 2018
We would like to say thank you again for such high quality, professional service and quick turn-around time in providing the comprehensive inspection report. You deserve your sterling reputation in the community, and we will certainly call you again should we find ourselves in need of another home inspection.
- B.G., June 2018
Thanks for always taking great care of our clients!
- C.K., Conover NC, June 2018
Adam Cole, his daughter, and another Cole's inspector came to inspect this house I have a contract on. They were extremely thorough with the inspection---going everywhere, and inspecting every possible place and item that could be seen. If there was an issue, or possible issue with an item in the house or on the outside, one of them would show me the area and explain what was going on there. They explained everything in a way I could understand what the issue was. In addition to the outstanding job with inspecting, they were all very friendly and answered all questions I had. Adam Cole is also child-friendly, so don't worry if you have small kids that have to come to inspection. My 5 year old granddaughter instantly liked him, and walked around with him holding his hand! She called him Mr. Workman. And she ran and hugged him when they left. You probably couldn't find better inspectors if you tried.
- J.M., June 2017
Great company!! Very professional and very prompt with everything they do. Will defiantly use again when needed.
- S.S., June 2017
The inspectors at Cole's Home Inspections are very thorough & helpful. I highly recommend their entire staff to anyone needing a home inspections!
- P.D., Hickory NC, May 2017
I really appreciate Adam, and the guys. They are always prompt and friendly to my clients- both buyers and sellers. They are knowledgeable regarding home construction and inspection. When clients have questions they are answered in a manner as to provide information, not persuasion, allowing the buyer/seller to make their own decision regarding property improvements/repairs. Barbara and Mike Cole always respond in a timely manner. It is nice to work with a family owned business. I've come to really appreciate their company and the service they provide to Buyers, Sellers and Agents. Thank you, Cory Klassett
- C.K., April 2017
did a great job
- D.R., March 2017
Very Thorough!!! Awesome!! Highly recommended!!!
- R.J., January 2017
Fast and very experienced.
- J.C., November 2016
Friendly, thorough
- R.M., August 2016
Friendly, knowledgeable, shows you what was found if possible
- B.C., June 2015
The crew that came to my home were very professional and thorough during my inspection. I would highly recommend them.
- J.F., April 2015
The crew that came to my home were very professional and thorough during my inspection. I would highly recommend them.
- J.F., April 2015
Thank you so much for your explanations and friendliness!
- N.S., April 2015
Adam does a thorough job and provides a clear report.
- T.H., March 2015
excellent service
- J.A., hickory NC, February 2015
Adam was very impressed with the professional inspection you did. I was impressed with your work and work ethics. Will absolutely recommend you to anyone that has a need for a home inspector. I pray that God Bless you with continued good health and supply you with abundant clients. In Jesus name,Amen Carolyn Waldroup
- C.W., February 2015
Phenomenal job, extremely friendly. My first home so Adam and his partner walked me though what they were looking at and taught me what to look for to maintain my house appropriately.
- J.C., July 2014
Coles always does a thorough inspection, no matter if I represent the buyer or the seller!. Can't argue with success!
- B.T., Mooresville NC, June 2014
I was very impressed with the thoroughness of the inspection itself as well as the report, including pictures. I was also impressed with how respectful they were to both myself and the seller who was in her mid 90s.
- B.M., June 2014
Honest and straightforward! Inspects for the Buyer, not the transaction.
- J.W., March 2014
Both men were very professional and personable and gave me much needed information.
- H.C., March 2014
As we currently live out of state, we were not present while inspection occurred. The report received, however, was very detailed and thorough. An excellent job was done and we are very satisfied with the results. Would recommend to anyone requiring this service.
- D.P., Morganton NC, February 2014
Thank you Adam and co-worker for great professional service.
- R.M., December 2013
I was thoroughly impressed with the entire Cole team, from start to finish. As a first-time home buyer it was very helpful to be welcome at the inspection, and have any and all questions answered on the spot. I was walked through the entire process as it unfolded, and now understand many of the most important structural and maintenance issues a homeowner must be aware of. Unfortunately, serious problems with the property were revealed during the inspection that convinced me to reconsider a purchase, but I am immeasurably grateful to have learned about these problems when I did. I received my completed report promptly, and was very pleased to find it both scrupulously detailed yet easy for any layman to understand. I highly recommend the Cole Team to any current or prospective home owner. And since my house-hunt continues, I plan to call them again very soon.
- J.S., September 2013
Thanks for being so thorough and being available to answer some questions I had about what was found during the inspection.
- S.P., September 2013
Very efficient and friendly! Josh and I couldn't have asked for better inspectors. Thanks for a job well done!
- J.B., August 2013
You were professional and very thorough. Your system of providing the report the same day as the inspection was an unexpected bonus and certainly enhances your service.
- M.S., August 2013
Mike Cole and his team inspected the new construction home that we are purchasing. My husband and I were very pleased with Mike Cole and his team, their level of professionalism, and the overall quality of the Summary and Full Report provided. Mike was also very specific and helpful on providing a breakdown of any issues that needed to be addressed. This included pictures of any findings and notes of repairs that were needed. If there was anything that we did not understand Mike ensured that he educated us on this issues at hand. Coles Inspection Services provide top-notch service and are highly recommended!
- D.B., August 2013
very professional
- R.R., July 2013
Friendly, helpful and professional service!!! Thanks so much; recommendations will certainly be offered when requested in the future! Judy Prevost
- J.P., July 2013
It was very good to work with Cole's Inspection. Both the interaction with the Company and professional report output proved to be a great experience.
- M.C., July 2013
Mike and Adam are very professional and always on time. Their inspections give an accurate report of condition without being alarming to the buyer. Wonderful guys! Bonnie Tamrack
- B.T., Mooresville NC, June 2013
Open a Statesville Branch! I had a great time watching them work. Very helpful
- J.A., June 2013
Excellent service. Professional, well organized and terrific communication with client.
- J.M., June 2013
Mike and Team, Thank you for the inspection reports. The team is very knowledgeable, thorough and helpful during this process. I commend you for the visuals and promptness in reports. We will definitely recommend your service to others in the future. Best Regards, Kasey and Cheng
- K.V., May 2013
Mike: While Judy and I were not there, our son was and he told us how detailed your inspection was. We do appreciate your company performing this work for us, the excellent report with recommendations for discrepancies, and look forward to the radon report next week. Jerry
- J.J., May 2013
Thanks Mike.
- M.M., April 2013
Very thorough, informative, helpful, and friendly. The process was quick and easy. They took their shoes off at the door so as not to track any dirt in. Showed up early, which allowed me to get done and get back to work in a very reasonable time frame. Thank you guys.
- B.W., April 2013
Excellent always, guys! Anna
- A.A., March 2013
Mike Cole has always been very professional in any inspections he has performed for me. Reports are easy to access and easy to read. Very courteous and professional in dealing with clients. Will certainly recommend his company for future inspections.
- L.I., February 2013
We recieved a very detailed report of more than 30 pages. That does not mean there were any major problems with our new home, it just means Cole Inspection services is thorough. We were able to use our report with an electrician, HVAC, and general contractor. The language was clear so they were able to address the minor issues.
- J.R., February 2013
Very prompt with reports, does a thorough job. He did this inspection for a house that I am purchasing but has also done one for a home that I sold. I would definitely call them again.
- H.H., Lenoir NC, February 2013
They went through the entire house inside and out with a fine tooth comb. Gave me every detail no matter how minor it was. Great job!
- G.P., January 2013
Great service and very thorough. I was very skeptical at first about the whole home inspection process and felt it was just another added expense in the home purchase process. Not now - these guys saved me money in identifying repairs and potential problems for the future. They also explained how some of the more complex systems in the house worked. Would definitely recommend their services!! KW
- C.W., November 2012
Fantastic Job. Paid close attention to every detail of the home inspection. Mike and Adam took their time to show me any defect found and explained why they could be a concern.
- B.C., October 2012
thought for a house inspection that it was very thourogh and proffesionaly done did not really think too much of inspections thought that they were a waste of money now i have changed my mind thank you Mike and the team
- P.D., July 2012
Thanks for explaing things to me and being so thorough. You were a big help. Professional,courteous and knowledgable. Thanks for everything. Kathy Cloninger
- K.C., June 2012
Thanks for all of the hard work and time that you put in finding problems at the house....
- K.T., May 2012
Top rated in my book.
- B.B., April 2012
Very pleased with the inspection. very straight forward with the suggestions for repairs. I had lots of questions and they were both very helpful and made sure I understood what was going on with the house.Found the whole experience very helpful. I would definitly recommend in the future.
- A.K., March 2012
Very Professional and friendly. I felt at ease and comfortable.
- A.O., February 2012
Thank you for both inspections,we really enjoyed working with you guys. Very professional and caring attitudes from all the inspectors. Krystal C.
- B.C., February 2012
I've used Mike's services on two occasions and both times the experience has been excellent. Both Mike and Adam are thorough and provide a detailed report in a very timely manner. I would recommend them both without reservation to anyone requiring this service.
- J.G., August 2011
As always, on time, efficient, very educational to my buyers, and always fun to do business with. By far my favorite inspection team! Thanks guys, Anna Autrey
- A.A., June 2011
It's been a pleasure working with you (twice)! Your professional manner and expertise are very reassuring. We thoroughly enjoyed working with you and will highly recommend you to anyone requiring an inspector!
- J.B., April 2011
Did a good job with the inspection. I would highly recommend Mike Cole for the job.
- R.W., April 2011
We were very pleased with Cole's Inspection Services. We had family members there when they were conducting the inspection and they too were impressed with your work. Everything detail was covered with photos and explanations of needed repairs. We will definately referr your company to anyone needing a home inspection. -Lookadoo, Hickory, NC
- K.L., April 2011
Thank you for doing such a detailed inspection of our home... We have alittle work to do before putting our home on the market, but I would rather know now than later, in order to have the time to take care of the any repairs before selling. After the repair work is done...and our home is in as good of condition as husband and I will have a peace about passing our homeownership to a future buyer! Thanks again, Sylvia
- S.P., March 2011
Extremely professional and friendly service. I would highly recommend the Coles to anyone in need of a home inspection.
- D.M., March 2011
Extremely thorough, conscientious and meticulous, as well as very friendly. A pleasure to do business with.
- J.B., February 2011
The Cole's performed a very thorough inspection of the home. We are extremely pleased with their great customer service. We would definitely recommend them to anyone who needs a home inspection.
- S.L., February 2011
Your team does a fabulous job. Thank you for all you do to help my buyers clearly understand the inspections performed on their new homes. Your explanations of simple problems, not only helps them understand the problem, but also know the proper solution. Great job guys.
- K.P., Statesville NC, January 2011
Thank-you Mike and Adam. Professional yet personable! Making plans for the house warming party...
- M.M., October 2010
Absolutely wonderful experience! Very pleased with the service!
- J.B., October 2010
I have used Mike Cole for home inspections for several years now and have always been impressed and my buyers have been very satisfied!
- J.M., Hickory NC, September 2010
Very professional and courteous team. The guys did a great job, were very thorough, and took plenty of time to answer any questions I had. I'm also very pleased with the report supplied. It's accurate, thorough, and easy to read. Thanks so much!
- B.P., August 2010
- K.S., Hickory NC, May 2010
Thanks, Mike!
- L.M., May 2010
Outstanding Inspection. The data you that have supplied and the methods of communicating this information has helped me understand what specific items need to be addressed during the purchase of this house Thank you for your prompt inspection and detailed report. Don Kinzig
- B.K., October 2009
Love working with you and your company! Keep up to great work!
- S.L., Statesville NC, September 2009
Super fast and courteous and really helpful.
- D.H., Mooresville NC, August 2009
Very thorough and professional. Both inspectors took due time and were personable.
- M.E., August 2009