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George Norberg

Detail Home Inspection has been inspecting homes since, 2000. I have been in business for nine years and my past experience was for fourteen years as a Municipal Inspector. I have a solid background in building codes and a construction management degree. I represent my customers with the highest integrity.

We have a solid background in building codes and general contracting. I have a current State of Illinois license and several International Code Council certifications. We maintain full insurance coverage. I am extremely detailed and represent my customers with the highest integrity.

I do residential, multi family, phase inspections and commercial inspections. I deliver a computerized report with digital pictures presented to you via email, within 24 hours of the inspection.   Along with the Property Inspection Service, I provide Mold Testing, Air Quality Testing and Asbestos Sampling upon request.  I am fully insured and I am available 24/7.

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ICC Certified, Building Code Certificates, Building Code Enforcement Certificate, IAC2,Constuction Management Degree


The inspection is all in the detail. Detail Home Inspection, Inc. will do a complete Property Inspection for you. Available 24/7. Honesty, Integrity & Experience for one great price.


George was very patient, thorough and willing to explain everything he was observing, whether it was good or bad. We learned a lot from him and appreciated his attention to detail!
- L.S., Lindenhurst IL, July 2019
George was punctual, polite and professional. George was detailed and thorough with his inspection, he offers great notes throughout the report and good photos. I will definitely be using George again!
- N.M., Mundelein IL, July 2019
George is an awesome inspector! He moves quickly and notices so many details, but always has time to slow down and answer questions when I didn't understand something. He's professional, but also personable, getting to know you a bit through the process. George's report was extremely thorough and we will be using his report to make repairs on our future home. A definite 10 for George!
- A.N., June 2019

George was punctual and professional. He made a thorough inspection and provided a well-documented, concise report promptly. Highly recommended!

- P.C., April 2019

George is a very good and professional inspector, gave us a lot of useful comments.  

- Q.Z., March 2019

George was very thorough throughout the inspection, and carefully explained every minor "defect" he found. I learned so much about frequency checks on different parts of my home, which was really helpful to me as a first time homeowner.


I would absolutely recommend George Norberg for an inspection and will continue to recommend him and his company to my friends and family. Thanks again Greg!

- I.B., March 2019

George was extremely thorough for our inspection. Buying your first home you want to be sure that everything is safe when you move in. We could not have asked for anyone better to complete our inspectuon

- A.B., March 2019

George was very friendly and took his time to properly inspected every details while simultaneously giving me quite a few good tips about home maintenance. He also provided a dfair and detailed inspection reports with jaw-dropping speed. Overall, very highly recommended inspector !


- Y.L., February 2019

George was very through and very knowledgeable. I would feel very confident recommending him to anyone needing a home inspection.

- A.H., February 2019

Our home inspection was handled with the utmost professional care by George Norberg.
We can honestly say that he was extremely courteous, efficient, knowledgeable and thorough
while inspecting our future home. He did not leave anything to chance and went the extra mile
to inspect everything you would need to be concerned with in the home buying process.

We can highly recommend Detail Home Inspection Services for all your real estate evaluation needs!

Mr. & Mrs. R. Castallante
Downers Grove, Illinois

- R.C., February 2019
No comments, awesome job. I'm sure you saved us a boatload of money.
- P.R., Chicago IL, January 2019
A detailed and honest inspection. George is a personable and up front inspector to deal with. I would do business with him again.
- P.T., January 2019
Hi George, I am passing along a concern the listing agent Gary had when fulfilling the repairs in the attic for 614 Stone Brook Ct. in Elk Grove Village. Because a certain vent was not marked, the HVAC could not easily identify which vent was crushed and needed straightening. This caused confusion and time loss, resulting in the wrong vent being addressed. This caused the need to call the HVAC back after the re-inspection for a single repair, something the listing agent was reluctant to do. Gary suggests that a method, such as stickers, be used to identify such repairs. He thinks this would have avoided the confusion and time caught up in requesting a 2nd service call for a single, misidentified repair. Thanks, Karen Rhine
- K.R., January 2019
George was great to work with. He wasthorough and patient!!! His report will be an excellent reference tool for future repairs and his photos were clear and crisp.
- A.M., January 2019
George is passionate about what he does and this shows in the quality of his home inspection, from beginning to end. He is the Elvis of inspectors, and his performance has me "All Shook Up" over his excellent service that there's no one else I'd recommend.
- T.R., October 2018
George was a very knowledgeable professional inspector that helped make this buying process simple and helps me To protect this large investment .
- T.P., October 2018
Thorough, clear, and patient! He was incredibly helpful.
- E.W., October 2018
George's report was fantastic. Very thorough, organized and detailed. The end of the report provides an easy read summation.
- D.F., Northbrook IL, October 2018
Dealing with George was a great experience. He went above and beyond my expectations. George offered advice that was beyond the scope of testing the air quality in my home by suggesting other vendors and solutions to my problem. I now have a valuable resource on which to draw in the future. Thank you.
- T.G., October 2018
George was very punctual (made a Saturday appointment a week out, and he was there early), thorough (created a 135 page report--with photos--detailing critical and not-so-critical issues), responsive (had the full report less than 8 hours after the inspection was complete) and helpful (followed up with recommendations on a variety of contractors I might want to consider for the work to be done). He also made it a point to explain what he was doing/seeing at every step of the way, and to point out/explain particular issues. Finally, George has responded post-inspection to all sorts of questions. Would highly recommend him for his honesty and integrity.
- M.S., September 2018
George was right on time, very knowledgeable, personable, incredibly thorough and made mention of many items that I would not think about such as the possibility that there may be asbestos in the popcorn ceiling, that Chicago mandates sprinklers which could mean a special assessment in the future as well as several other things. Very helpful and worth every penny
- S.G., September 2018
The assessment was clear cut, accurate, enlightening, and informative. The Inspector was friendly, yet impartial.
- M.T., September 2018
George is an extremely knowledgeable person. He has been very detailed and meticulous about every point in inspection. He is very professional and extremely punctual. He provides detailed explanation of every inspection point and its vitality in the whole process. I would definitely recommend him to any future work in my know how.
- P.S., September 2018
Cannot thank you enough for your help.
- E.Y., August 2018
Thanks, George. Fast, professional and thorough!
- T.T., August 2018
Very pleased with the inspection, very detailed report and pleased with the service!
- E.C., August 2018
Outstanding work. Very punctual and thorough. Extremely good communication before, during and after inspection. Best inspector I've worked with -- thank you!
- J.A., Winnetka IL, July 2018
Highly recommended. George is exactly what you want - an inspector that will give you a punch list on all the little things that you as the buyer should take care of over the near future and the large things that should be negotiated before buying. Thanks, George!
- S.L., July 2018
George was fast and detailed. He got into very tight spaces and left no area unexplored.
- N.H., July 2018
George was fantastic! Very detailed and thorough but also kind and patient with explaining things. He definitely sees part of his job as ensuring he teaches you about what you need to do to fix and maintain the home. I would definitely recommend him!
- M.E., June 2018
George was very thorough and helpful. He'll be there for you.
- M.G., Northbrook IL, June 2018
George was friendly and professional throughout my inspection and made sure to explain the things that were being checked for. He was flexible in working around my schedule to get the inspection done and responded to all my questions in a timely manner.
- A.D., Chicago IL, June 2018
George was very thorough and thoughtful in recommending items to follow up on as a new homeowner. He was efficient and easy to communicate with. Very professional.
- J.M., May 2018
Very professional and thorough. Slightly more expensive than a typical inspection but we had the report digitally and the following day. Had no problems with me following around and gave detailed responses when asked questions. Hopefully will never need another inspection but wouldn't hesitate to call George again and will recommend anytime.
- H.O., May 2018
George did a thorough inspection, explaining everything as he went along. Plus, he was quickly responsive as I needed an inspection within 48 hours. We would use him again.
- K.L., May 2018
Too bad there isn't an "11" Rating Number because that's what he should be! Simply the best! He educates his client as he goes along and makes recommendations while he is inspecting. Sorry I can't move again so I could call him. A.R., May 2018
- A.R., May 2018
George did an excellent job answering any questions that came up. He was very knowledgeable and helpful during the inspection. Would definitely recommend!
- M.W., April 2018
I would not use anyone else but George for a home inspection. He knowledge and professionalism is outstanding. His explanations are clear and understandable for the non professional. Thank you!!
- N.F., April 2018
Thank you for all your help your report is excellent!
- W.M., April 2018
George always does a great job inspecting homes. He is very knowledgeable and relates well to the client. He explains the condition of the property in a straight forward manner, suggests sensible repair options and advises the client on how to maintain the home after closing. He is a real pro!
- M.B., March 2018
George was the consummate professional - he clearly knows what he is doing, and we felt very confident in his results. His report was extremely thorough, but he also took the time to explain his process/thoughts to us as he was conducting the inspection, which was helpful, as this was our first time going through the process. We would certainly work with George again.
- J.O., March 2018
George did a phenomenal job inspecting the townhome I intended to purchase. He was thorough and even made suggestions on how I could improve the home once the closing took place. George's report was extensive and the pictures along with captions allowed for easy understanding of any flaws with the property! I would definitely recommend George to anyone looking for an inspection of their future purchase!
- J.S., March 2018
Very thorough job, established great rapport with my client, and all with a refreshing sense of humor!
- D.H., Libertyville IL, March 2018
Great quick service. Report is received same day with nice pictures and information on the property. Very pleasant to talk to and, upon request, gave me recommendations on a couple contractors in the area. This is important because I am just moving to the area.
- M.B., March 2018
Excellent work!!!!!
- L.G., February 2018
Thorough inspection with a generous side of education. I feel incredibly more confident in our new home after hiring George to look it through. Seriously brilliant hire
- D.K., February 2018
George was fantastic! He arrived early, provided ample photos inside his detailed inspection report and walked our property with us pointing out an issues that caught his eye. Once we received his report - within the same day as our inspection - both my wife and I were impressed with the ease in which we could identify the problems he found. His report allowed us to note requested changes we wanted performed and permitted us to email both our agent and lawyer to request these modification and repairs be performed per George's detailed recommendations report. Thank George! It was a pleasure working with you.
- J.K., February 2018
George was very thorough and I would highly recommend him as a home inspector to anyone. His attention to detail is very precise and knowledge on subjects has something for everyone to learn.
- R.K., February 2018
Always the best and most thorough!
- S.S., January 2018
George is terrifically knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. Highest recommended!
- M.L., January 2018
The inspection exceeded my expectations. George is very thorough and informative. He took extra time to explain every aspect of the inspection and even recommended best practices moving forward long after the inspection. He is very professional and I highly recommend him for an inspection.
- E.R., January 2018
I really appreciated your kind, friendly, and informative service George.
- C.C., December 2017
George went above and beyond on this home inspection. He professionally and thoroughly explained all his concerns regarding the property to the potential home buyer. He never rushed or lost his patience even with a laundry list of issues and questions. I will definitely use George Norberg again and would highly recommend him!
- B.S., Glencoe IL, December 2017
George was extremely thorough and helped me learn a lot about my new home, I would highly recommend him and his inspection service!
- E.S., December 2017
George was professional, thorough, and a true pleasure to work with during the inspection. A+ work all the way around. I would recommend him to anybody and he would be my first choice for any future inspections.
- J.S., December 2017
George was fantastic! Professional from the start. Very thorough, found things I never would have thought about. Saved me a lot of money and headaches. I highly recommend him
- C.M., December 2017
George was extremely friendly, knowledgeable and thorough during the inspection of our new condo. He was very diligent in not only explaining the things that may need some work or servicing, but also the things that were in good or excellent condition. After going through the inspect with George, we walked away feeling extremely confident that any and all potential issues had been uncovered. I would strongly endorse George if you're looking for a home inspection.
- S.R., November 2017
I've used George twice for a home inspection. Both times he was thorough, took his time to answer questions and pointed out things that were issues without being an alarmist. I would recommend George, without hesitation, for any pre sale home inspection.
- J.G., November 2017
George was fantastic. Very detailed and explained concepts and topics to new home buyers in simple terms. Went above and beyond.
- J.M., November 2017
George did a fan job inspecting our home! He was very thorough and recapped us after each level, which was very helpful! His passion for his craft is really apparent and he answered every question, honored every request we had- and did it with patience! This is our first home so we wanted to make sure we really hit everything and he helped us feel confident in this process. Thanks George!!
- K.H., November 2017
George did a phenomenal job with our home inspection. Every detail was explained so perfectly to us and we left with such a comfortable feeling of what to do.
- J.H., October 2017
Great job!
- D.G., October 2017
George was very thorough and followed up with me to make sure that I understood everything very clearly. He was a pleasure to work with and I would recommend him to anyone needing a home inspection!
- H.L., October 2017
We had George from Detail Home Inspection do the home inspection on our new construction townhouse. We were able to schedule an appointment on very short notice. Very thorough. George was very professional and a pleasure to deal with. He took the time to explain what he was doing, what he was looking for, and made helpful suggestions while doing the inspection and in the final report. No games and no hassle. The report was easy to understand and had photos to document all of the issues. I highly recommend him.
- P.E., September 2017
Great work, George. We were wise to take the referral and will be sure to make several more on your behalf.
- P.B., September 2017
Very thorough and professional, and was able to squeeze me into his schedule fast.
- C.S., August 2017
George was very thorough in his inspection. He provided me with the info of not only what was wrong, but also why it was wrong. I would absolutely use George again. Very friendly.
- J.C., August 2017
George is fantastic. Thorough, professional, conscientious, kind and enthusiastic. Thanks for looking out for us during our inspection George.
- M.W., August 2017
The inspection that George provided went very well. I really liked that George was good about communications in setting up the appointment. I followed him around during the inspection. He worked steadily and he was not in a big rush. He explained everything in just the right amount of detail. I now have a punch list with which to work on my improvements after I move into my new home. I would definitely recommend George Norberg.
- J.L., August 2017
You were amazing and very detailed. Thank you!
- M.F., Gurnee IL, August 2017
I would like to say thank you for such an exemplary job of conducting an inspection. The same is true with his mission statement, that he will do a complete, detailed and thorough inspections, and to have his client have an excellent peace of mind. I thank him for such an expert and businesslike service and advice. I highly recommend his faithful service to every homeowners and investors who's interested in having the best unbiased opinion in buying or selling their house.
- U.D., July 2017
George was referred to me by my agent. He was excellent at answering any of my questions, thorough in what items he was inspecting, and knowledgeable in all aspects of home functionality ie, HVAC, plumbing, electrical, etc. The final inspection report was completed quickly and was detailed with easy to understand comments and photos. His demeanor was pleasant and friendly. I would highly recommend George to anyone looking for a qualified, competent home inspector. Kurt S. - Evanston,IL
- K.S., July 2017
George provided a very thorough inspection of our new home and took the time to explain certain features of the mechanicals and required maintenance. I could tell that George was not only an experienced inspector, but that he enjoys his job and takes pride in his work.
- A.D., July 2017
George did a great & very thorough job with my home inspection, and provided a detailed report with lots of pictures the same day. He then followed up the next day to see if I had any questions. Highly satisfied!
- H.H., June 2017
Thank you for your thorough job and being so responsive to all of our questions!
- A.K., June 2017
Conducted a very thorough inspection of house and was very helpful in explaining everything. Report was very detailed.
- D.V., June 2017
Thanks George for a great job! You were very thorough and detailed with your work, as well as very knowledgeable and helpful!
- S.D., June 2017
George was incredibly professional and friendly. He finished the report the same day, and explained things in language that was easy to understand. It was a pleasure to work with him.
- M.V., June 2017
George was so helpful throughout the entire process. I am a first time home buyer and he walked me through everything he was doing and answered all of my questions. I would highly recommend George to anyone looking for a home inspector.
- T.S., June 2017
Mr. Norberg showed up early and briefed me on what the inspection would entail. He was very thorough and detailed throughout the inspection. The inspection lasted about 2.5hrs and I was very satisfied with the comprehensive report I received. I would definitely recommend Mr. Norberg and his services to anyone looking to purchase a home!
- J.V., June 2017
Perhaps get an appointment book online for people to select times and you can either confirm or deny them. Or you can simply upload your blocked times and dates- 1 to 2 weeks ahead of time for people to see your availability. Then people can select and fill out a brief survey for you to collect their information. Like a virtual secretary and appointment setter. Just a suggestion. Sharaka M. Leonard
- S.L., June 2017
It was a pleasure having George inspect the house. He is very knowledgeable and thorough. George also took the time to explain some aspects of the inspection that my wife and I were confused about. Thanks George.
- J.A., May 2017
George's inspection was very thorough. He thought of everything to test and to look at. I was very impressed and certainly will recommend him to family and friends in the future.
- K.R., May 2017
George was thorough in inspecting our house. He explained every thing as he was inspecting which was great and he gave us the report on the same day evening. I would definitely have him inspect another property in future if I were to buy.
- B.P., May 2017
Keep up the great work.
- M.D., May 2017
George does a very thorough job and is extremely knowledgeable. I have used George twice now and he has been responsive to my questions and timely in performing the inspection. He really does a quality job.
- P.G., April 2017
George was polite, personable and very detailed. He took the time to explain things and walked you through each step. He made sure you understood everything and gave you opportunities to ask questions and even encouraged you to ask questions. No question was a dumb question to George. Not only did he follow up with me the following day, but also said if I would have any questions later to not hesitate to get in touch with him. I couldn't have asked for a better or more thorough inspector!
- M.M., April 2017
This is the review I left on Yelp and Angie's list: George was expedient, detailed, thorough, and produced our final report within hours. Everyone that saw the report was impressed with how detailed George was. He is responsive and follows through quickly. I would highly recommend George to anyone!
- S.R., March 2017
Thorough and knowledgeable, I'm completely satisfied.
- S.L., March 2017
George did a great job with the inspection. Everyone told me he is the best, and now I know why. Thanks George!
- M.C., March 2017
Very thorough with an amazing attention to detail.
- S.R., March 2017
George does a very thorough job. He always takes the time to explain everything. I never feel rushed.
- A.E., Winnetka IL, March 2017
George, Thanks for your great service and for producing a timely and thorough inspection report! Katie Coogan
- K.C., Winnetka IL, February 2017
Thank you so much, George! It was a pleasure working with you. You were so friendly, helpful and thorough during your inspection, which we really appreciate as first time home buyers. You were so great at answering any of our questions or concerns during the home inspection, and the report you sent us is well-written, very user-friendly and detailed, which is what we were looking for. We will be sure to recommend your services to any friends or family looking to purchase a home in the area. Thank you again!
- C.H., February 2017
George was great! He was very thorough and walked me through each step of the inspection to keep me informed. The report is detailed and he completed it very quickly.
- M.D., February 2017
George was able to arrange his schedule to do my inspection the day before. He came to the property earlier and had already inspected the roof and foundation. Inside he was very thorough, and explained all potential problems and if they needed immediate attention or can be corrected at a later date. I felt he did an excellent job and addressed my concerns. His report was also very helpful with good pictures and explanations. I would not hesitate to recommend him.
- J.P., January 2017
Very thorough and pays attention to details, which is very essential for a home inspection.
- S.G., Chicago IL, January 2017
Great job! I look forward to working with him in the future.
- C.L., January 2017
I love how George interacts with my clients. He likes to educate them and helps them understand how everything works and how to maintain them. The only suggestion I would give is to add in the report a way to rate the significance of an issue reported (mild, moderate, extreme) or something similar (minor/major; cosmetic/safety issue; etc). It would help me and my clients to understand the significance of any items called out or in disrepair. Thanks again and I will definitely be using George again!! Loreal
- L.U., January 2017
George did a very good job overall. It snowed the day before we had the inspection, so not able to visually climb up and inspect the roof, gutters and chimney. Prompt and on time. Explained to us a few things he found when meeting us. Inspection report was very detailed. I was impressed on how fast he got the report to us. I would highly recommend.
- P.G., December 2016