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David Klein

At R.I.S.E. Inspections we provide a quality report that can't be beat which is delivered in less than 24 hours from the appointment. Our report's are packed full of photographs and information, all observed by our professional inspector who has more than 17 years of construction industry experience. Our client's love to utilize the easy to use "create a request list" feature to assist them in their negotiation process of the purchase.  Please visit our website for more information about our company, to contact us or to request an inspection.


TN State Lic. #1959, InterNACHI member


David brings more than 17 years of construction experience which affords him the complex knowledge of building practices that most other inspectors can't offer. Expect nothing short of a high level of professionalism and thoroughness.


David Klein is a very knowledgeable professional, would recommend him to my friends and colleagues.
- D.U., July 2020
Making a purchase from out of state has its fair share of challenges but David was able to put me at ease about a lot of things. His report was thorough and detailed. I felt confident that I fully understood the issues about the house and what needed to be addressed right away, and what could wait. Knowing all of the details (good and bad) is helpful through this process. When I wanted to know more about why something was important (again,.... out of state, different climate.... different issues) David was able to, not just explain that something needed repair, he was able to explain why it was important. I like that! The guy really knows his stuff!
- S.M., February 2020