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Don Williams

The Owner, Don Williams, is a Certified RV Inspector and Certified Service Technician. He, along with his wife Trish, decided to purchase an RV sometime back. They have enjoyed their time but unfortunately have also seen other RVers stuck without help nearby or after recently purchasing an RV, having issues that need to be addressed after the sale. Important information can be found by having an inspection. Because my wife and I decided to have our RV inspected before we purchased it, we met a team of NRVIA inspectors who we later became good friends with. They inspired me to take the training at the National RV Training Academy (RVTAA) and the National RV Inspectors Association (NRVIA). Now I have the pleasure of assisting fellow RVers in their time of need. I want you to have confidence with your purchase or having peace of mind that everything will work on your next adventure.

Dusk to Don will help you to enjoy your RV experience. When spending thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars on an RV, hire a non-biased independent RV inspection service. We will let you know the condition of all the major systems of the RV, including any life safety systems. You will receive a detailed inspection report that will let you make an educated buying decision. We provide an accurate, thorough, and unbiased inspection for our clients. Our reporting is fair, professional, and impartial in accordance with the NRVIA code of ethics and standards of practice.

Dusk to Don Mobile RV Services offers Fluid Analysis, a Blood Test for your RV, that is a valuable service to our clients. By having the fluids tested, especially on a used RV, will provide a detailed lab report that lets you know the current condition of the engine, generator, or any other component that uses fluids to operate properly in their RV. 

Dusk to Don can also be hired to provide a detailed walkthrough of your RV so you will know how things work. This way you can get the most enjoyment out of your RV.

When you have one of your appliances or systems stops working, Dusk to Don has been trained to repair or replace the system if necessary to get my client(s) back on the road. 

Reach out to me and let me know how I can help you.

Don Williams
Owner/Manager Dusk to Don Mobile RV Services


NRVIA Certified RV Inspector NRVTAA Certified RV Technician


Don is detailed orientated and enjoys helping potential RV buyers by providing detailed inspection reports that will help them make an informed decision about their investment.

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