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Allan Davis

Before you purchase or sell your home or property, please call Elite Home Inspections LLC. We can help protect your investment with a thorough home/property inspection! Call us now to discuss your individual inspection needs. Work Phone: (502) 648-9294

About Elite Home Inspections LLC

We perform thorough inspections at reasonable prices. We can help you get to know the condition of the property you are about to buy or sell, and give you the confidence you need to make an informed decision.

We are located in Greenville and serve all surrounding areas. We look forward to hearing from you!


Ashi certified member # 248137 Ky. license # 2233 In. license # 00800002


Offer peace of mind one inspection at a time. I will educate you about the house your buying and you won't get surprized by the money pit. Serving Louisville,Southern Indiana and the surroundeing area.


Mr. Davis did an excellent job. He encouraged us to attend the inspection and ask questions. He was very thorough and took the time to describe what he was doing during each step. We never felt rushed and he answered every question we had. Our inspection report was received promptly and included detailed description including photos of every aspect of the inspection. We highly recommend Mr. Davis and Elite Home Inspections!
- C.C., July 2021
Thank you for a very thorough and comprehensive inspection.
- S.K., Louisville KY, December 2019
Allan thanks again for everything! Hands down I will recommend you to everyone!
- A.S., December 2019
Allen, Great working with you yesterday on the 8308 Huntsman Trail. Steve Smith.
- S.S., Louisville KY, November 2019
I enjoyed participating in the inspection of my soon-to-be home! Allan was courteous, professional, and friendly. I will recommend him and Elite to anyone who needs a home inspection. Thank you!
- R.O., October 2019
We were very pleased with the knowledge and professionalism Allan knew while talking to us. He was very pleasant to talk to and very friendly. We would definitely recommend him to do a home inspection. Amazing job.
- J.W., October 2019
Perfect. I will always use Allan for any future inspection needs.
- J.O., Louisville KY, July 2019
Allan has inspected 2 homes for me and has always done a superb job. He is very knowledgeable and very detail oriented in his reports and findings.
- T.P., July 2019
Ten Starr for Alan Davis Thank you for walking through the house & educating me about safety #1, all the things we cant see from the naked eye.I appreciate it specially with my kiddos & my dogs :) safety. This house is special, a gift from my Dad retired USN & my Mom so I will always have my own house. Im highly satisfied with Mr. Alan Davis retired fire fighter doing inspection in my house.. Salute officer Davis! God Blessed Thank you for your time! - Grace @)-%--
- G.C., June 2019
Allan was great. Very informative and walked me through the inspection step by step. Very professional and easy to get along with. Will highly recommended to friends and family.
- N.S., March 2019
Allan was an amazing inspector. He walked through and explained everything in his report to us. It was a major help in deciding our final offer on the house.
- R.P., March 2019
We have used Allan Davis for 4 inspections. We will call on him exclusively. He is honest and dependable. If he feels an issue is beyond his expertise; he suggests an outside review. We recommend Allan Davis to anyone wanting a thorough and truly honest inspection.
- C.G., February 2019
Wouldn't think of using anyone else.
- J.S., November 2018
If you are looking for a home inspector who is honest, passionate and very knowledgeable you must call Allan. My husband and I had a great experience with Elite Home Inspections, Allan gave us tons of precious advice on our future house?s maintenance. He took his time during the inspection to meticulously screen every little detail and wrote an extremely thorough but easy to read report with pictures and videos. We even had to call him late at night a week after the inspection to ask for recommendations on contractors and the companies he suggested are great. We feel secure at our home purchase and we will definitively use his service again for our future home inspection. Thank you!
- C.S., Louisville KY, August 2018
Allan was super friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. I'm so glad I chose him to inspect my home!
- C.L., July 2018
Allan did a great job and was very detailed
- J.M., June 2018
Allan is thorough, without being dramatic or overstating situations. What he says or suggests, goes in writing on his reports!
- S.S., May 2018
Allan is great at explaining everything to the buyer without alarming them!
- S.G., March 2018
Allen does a great job and remains calm and collected!
- S.S., March 2018
Allan is amazing. The education during the inspection was great and he is very detail oriented and professional. Thank you so much!
- N.N., March 2018
Three words - Knowledgeable, detailed, courteous. I work in the construction industry, so I like to think I know a little more than most. Still, I was amazed at the wealth of knowledge and expertise Allan was able to bring to my home inspection. His detailed notes and review made negotiations unarguable, and he consistently provided any additional support requested. Hiring Allan is a no brainer. As a certain sports brand would suggest - "Just Do It."
- L.P., March 2018
Allen does a great job and puts buyers minds at ease about small things, but definitely mentions everything.
- S.G., August 2017
Mr Davis was very thorough, he checked every inch of the house inside and out. He showed you the things he found that would need attention or repair. He was very informative.
- R.M., Louisville KY, August 2017
this was my 1st experience and Mr. Davis was extremely helpful
- D.C., Louisville KY, August 2017
Great work!
- N.D., July 2017
Very thorough and informative, and he doesn't just stop when his job is over. He is eager to help any way he can. I was very impressed, and thankful that we chose to use him.
- C.R., July 2017
Allan, Your unsurpassed knowledge coupled with a practical and professional approach to deliver facts to home buyers is apprecited. You are a valuable asset. Thank you for providing information with excellence.
- J.H., February 2017
Allan, Your unsurpassed knowledge coupled with a practical and professional approach to deliver facts to home buyers is apprecited. You are a valuable asset. Thank you for providing information with excellence.
- J.H., February 2017
Allan is the best. He saved us untold grief and expense. Strongly recommend him, totally professional and thorough. His report was succinct and detailed. We will never buy unless he inspects for us first. Many thanks. J & S Dixon, Tucson
- J.D., January 2017
I was more than satisfied with the work done by Elite Home Inspections and Allan. He helped me through all areas of the inspection and any questions I had. Dave Arnett
- D.A., September 2016
Professional, thorough, knowledgeable and reasonable pricing for product delivered. Allan Davis explained what he was seeing as we went through the house. The report we received has photographs and clear explanations. I'm very pleased with the quality of his inspection and he is personable with great communication skills. I wouldn't hire anyone else.
- M.D., Prospect KY, August 2016
Very thorough, upfront and friendly. Would definitely recommend to anyone who is in need of an inspection!
- K.B., July 2016
Alan was very knowledgeable and also made the process a lot smoother than I had anticipated.He did a great job and was people friendly I would definitely recommend him for others!
- V.R., June 2016
Thank you Allan for a wonderfully informative inspection. We closed on our house yesterday and because of your report we were able to get the home to our standards and can move in with piece of mind. We were nervous going into our first home buying experience but you calmed my wife and me with your through and detailed report. We have already been recommending you to our family and will continue to recommend to our friends. Thank you again!
- C.S., June 2016
Allen did a awesome job while doing our inspection. He found things we would have never known or even dreamed of checking out. Not only did he let us know about major problems, he informed us of things to have checked out that could cause problems in the future. Thanks Allen for doing such a great job.
- R.M., Louisville KY, June 2016
very helpful...
- S.A., June 2016
Allan Davis is top notch. I use him for all of my home inspections.
- R.B., March 2016
Allan did a wonderful job inspecting my first home. Being a first time home owner can be quite nerve wracking and yet he made the inspection and recommendations streamline the process. He got me on the schedule within two days and was extremely thorough throughout the entire process. He provided HD video, HD pictures, audio, thermal imagery and a whole arsenal of inspection tools/techniques that most competitors don't utilize. I will always use and recommend Allan from here on out. It was a pleasant experience and he is worth his weight in gold.
- A.B., March 2016
Allan was very professional, and conducted a very thorough inspection both inside and out of the house. He also explained his findings with the most probable reasoning's, as well as advice on maintenance and repairs. I would highly recommend Allan Davis!
- T.Z., January 2016
Allan, thanks so much for the thorough and detaIled report.
- S.B., October 2015
Thank you for your thorough evaluation. It gives me peace of mind knowing not only potential trouble spots, but also what to look for.
- E.R., Louisville KY, June 2015
Friendly and knowledgeable man. I enjoyed meeting Mr. Davis.
- R.A., March 2015
Allan is thorough and knows what he is talking about. He found some things in this inspection that could possibly be very expensive to fix. When hiring a home inspector, I would strongly suggest giving Allan the chance to show you what real inspections look like! He will answer any and all questions you might have and work while you follow him around the property. Thank you, Allan! Very much! Gina
- G.G., Louisville KY, February 2015
Excellent experience with the inspection by Allan and blown away by the thorough report he provided. To be able to browse the report on my iPad is great too! Absolutely the best home inspection I've ever had and will always recommend Allan to others. Thanks Allan!!
- J.S., January 2015
Allen was WONDERFUL!!! He has made the choice to go forward with buying our new home easy! I highly recommend his services!!
- M.A., January 2015
I would like to Thank Allan for making this very understandable for somebody like me with little to no knowledge of home inspections. His shared knowledge has helped me to become more informed so I can make the best decision for me.
- D.B., December 2014
Top notch inspector! Explained everything as he went along.
- A.H., November 2014
Excellent job! Thanks for involving me and explaining every step.
- C.R., November 2014
Allan is so thorough with very understandable explanation of the inspection. I would highly recommend him to anyone that is wanting a future residence inspected and feel completely assured that everything is reported as if he was inspecting his own future home. I would give him a score way above 10!
- M.W., October 2014
Allan is outstanding. His reports are excellent and the pictures are what's important when discussing Repair Requests with the other party.
- K.L., October 2014
Allan was a true professional. I appreciated his easy explanations and blunt honesty.
- J.M., September 2014
Excellent job. Allan was informative and professional. I noticed he was also courteous to the Seller and took off his shoes while inside the house. He made me feel very confident to make decisions based on his observations and experience.
- K.P., Louisville KY, September 2014
Thorough. Knowlegdable. Friendly.
- M.H., August 2014
Very informative and reassuring. He seemed well trained and knowledgeable.
- J.B., August 2014
Very knowledgable and thorough with the home inspection. Explained things and it really helped me being a young married couple trying to purchase an older home. Will definitely recommend him to anyone for home inspection.
- J.K., July 2014
Allan was absolutely amazing. He was extremely thorough and made sure to explain everything he was doing and how he was going about the entire process. As a first time home buyer it made me feel very confident in his ability and in what I am doing. I couldn't be more thankful to have had such a knowledgeable and caring individual to walk me through this exciting step of my life.
- C.M., July 2014
Professional, friendly, knowledgeable, thorough. Very helpful with personal tips about the condo and its various items. Willing to explain various operations and answer questions. So glad I chose Allan to do the inspection!
- K.M., July 2014
Very Professional, personable and paid attention to detail. Noteworthy advice on how and when to take care of minor issues regarding the home inspection. TRUSTWORTHY
- J.G., LOUISVILLE KY, April 2014
Great work as always and very insightful and professional. We will definitely use him in the future if need be, and we will definitely be highly recommending Allan Davis to other potential home buyers or people/companies in need of an inspection.
- J.E., April 2014
Great communication and accurate evaluations.
- A.H., February 2014
I was extremely impressed with Allan's knowledge and professionalism. He was very honest and up front with all costs, and explained exactly what I would get in the inspection. Allan was at the home for at least 4 hours and went over every inch of the home with us. He explained what we needed to know now and in the future, and any possible resale issues. I could not be more pleased with the information he provided me in the inspection report. He is worth every penny!
- S.E., December 2013
Going into our first home purchase, my husband and I were beyond overwhelmed. Having the expertise of Allan Davis along the way helped us understand what we were getting into each step of the way. The vast intricate knowledge he provided through each square inch of the house was phenomenal. We are more than pleased and would recommend him to everyone. -The Paro's
- W.P., December 2013
Allan was very well spoken and very polite! He was very knowledgeable about all aspects of the home inspection process, and answered any and all questions we had, as buyers. He went above and beyond to help explain things in a way that we understood and made sure we were aware of even the tiniest issue, even if they were not required of vital to the future preservation of the home. i highly recommend Allan to anyone who needs an HONEST home inspection! Go Cats
- C.W., November 2013
Allan was incredibly knowledgeable and helpful in walking me through my first home inspection. You could tell that he really took a genuine interest in providing the most thorough inspection possible. Quality service from a quality guy. I would highly recommend him.
- A.C., October 2013
Great professional to work with. Highly recommend his work ethic and his sense of humor!
- S.B., July 2013
Excellent and thorough job! Really took the time necessary to understand everything about the house.
- J.S., July 2013
Allan is a true professional and an absolute fantastic home inspector. His attention to detail is top notch and I would highly recommend him to anyone and everyone needing a home inspection.
- E.R., June 2013
Thanks so much Allan! This report was very informative and useful!
- K.W., April 2013
Allan was on site early -- stayed until job was completed thoroughly and all of my questions and concerns were addressed. He took the time to explain what I needed to know about my new property to avoid future problems. He was knowledgable, professional, and personable. I have absolute confidence in him and actually enjoyed the entire experience!
- J.D., April 2013
I was very pleased with Allans thoroughness in his inspection. I was most pleased that his findings were delivered to the buyer is a non-scary way. Generally, most items can be fixed in a home but often the inspector scares the buyer so much that they walk away from a good home. Allan gave the buyer the facts but presented it in a way that allowed the buyer to make a logical decision not one based on fear.
- L.J., February 2013
Thanks Allan for everything. The report is very thorough and you were very qualified! We would definitely recommend you to our friends.
- B.R., December 2012
He is extremely detailed and explains everything very well. My husband was out of town, so I had to go to the inspection, but Allan explained everything so simply that I felt comfortable. He is great.
- J.H., October 2012
I appreciate all of your assistance and I'm very happy with the amount of detail you provided. We will probably reach out to you for the name of the person who can install auxillary sump pumps.
- T.J., August 2012
You did a wonderful job! Made us feel very confident with our purchase. Very detail oriented and worth every penny! Will definitely recommend! :)
- Z.B., July 2012
Allan, Thank you for your patience and kind consideration while working with me to achieve the inspection for two properties. I truly appreciate your professionalism and understanding of the process to get projects completed. Should I ever need your type of service will be the first person I call and reccommend to others. Kind regards, Fredia Adams
- F.A., May 2012
Allan did a great job. He is professional, honest and courteous. He is very knowledgeable and willing to educate others. I feel fully confident recommending him to anyone.
- E.M., April 2012
Allan was such a comfort to have inspectinng our home. He was very thourogh and kept us involved and updated the whole time.
- C.D., March 2012
Allan was very friendly and pleasant to work with. He gave us straight forard answers and offered his honest opinion on the house even in front of our realtor. The report was very easy to read and understand, I was very pleased with my home inspection and would recommend Elite to all serious home buyers who want as much information on thier potentinl home as possible. It was orth every penny!
- A.P., March 2012
Very thorough and pleasant. Took the time to explain things and gave appropriate recommendations. Would highly recommend to any of my friends or family members buying a house. Thanks!!
- J.S., March 2012
Alan is very competent and pleasant to work with. Takes the time to discuss and explains everything in as much detail as you could want.
- S.F., March 2012
Fantastic professional--Allan has significantly improved my view of home inspections. I've dealt with home inspections numerous times in the past and always thought they were a waste of time and money. (My spouse always feels more comfortable if one has been performed or I wouldn't even have bothered.) Allan, however, was worth every penny. He was thorough, knowledgeable, and professional. I'm an engineer through training and I'm part of an ownership group that owns several rental homes and some commercial property--I didn't expect to learn anything new from a home inspector but Allan was able to teach me a few things I did not know about newer home construction. You will get your money's worth from Allan--don't hesitate...coming from a skeptic, I highly recommend him! Thanks Allan!
- T.A., LOUISVILLE KY, January 2012
The inspector was very patient and professional. Before i hired him, i also asked other inspectors. They are cheaper but they only spend one and half hour for the inspection. Allan said he might need 3 or more hours. That was top reason I hired him. It is new house. The plumbing system, and some kitchen utilities have not been installed. But he promised to come back to inspect them after everything done, free of charge. I definitely recommend him for your home inspection.
- T.H., January 2012
Thankful for Allan Davis' work- he did so good the first time, we used him again as our first house turned out to be a hole- THANK YOU ALLAN FOR SAVING US- we would've been in over our heads for our first house to have that many problems. Our second house passed with flying colors and we are thankful for Allan's thorough, honest inspection. I even called a few times after we bought it with questions and he was happy to help. Absolutely recommend Allan to everyone we know needing a home inspection. Very thankful we had found such a good inspector in Allan! Would use him again and again if we needed to! Thanks Allan!! You're the best!
- J.M., September 2011
Great job,
- M.M., July 2011
Allan did a great job. He completed a thorough inspection and was up front and honest about the whole thing. He even took time at the end to walk me through everything after spending almost 3 hours inspecting the property. After his inspection I feel I know exactly what I'm getting in our new home!
- S.R., July 2011
Alan displayed a professional appearance and work ethic. Very knowledgeable and informative. The home inspection was very thorough, not a rush job. He took the time to answer my questions and explained any concerns I had. Would definitely recommend him to others. Thanks Alan, it was a pleasure.
- S.S., June 2011
I appreciate that Allan is thorough, knowledgeable and informative with his home inspections
- P.E., May 2011
Very thorough- explained everything clearly, answered all questions until I understood. Really appreciated his work. And most of all his report was very detailed and having all the pictures was so helpful. Very pleased with his work. Will probably be using him again soon on another house! :)
- J.M., May 2011
We would definitely recommend Allan Davis for future home inspections. He was so thorough and documented everything! R & T
- T.A., April 2011
Allan did a fantastic and thorough job, explaining his findings along the way and producing a detailed report. He was worth every dime and we would highly recommend him to other home buyers, especially first-time buyers. Brad Palmer & Megan Jablonski, 40220
- B.P., April 2011
Allan was friendly and thorough. As first-time home buyers, we really appreciated the time he took to explain the different items he was examining and even how things in our new home operated. During the 3+ hrs. that he spent examining our potential new home, we learned a lot! His experience and expertise were evident - we valued his opinion and trusted his report. We would highly recommend him to anyone interested in getting their new or existing home inspected. Liz and Daniel Zummach
- L.Z., March 2011
Allan, Thank you for explaining everything that we need to know about a home inspection. One thing that I like about you Allan is that you look for detail, everywhere in the house. And I definitely recommend Allad Davis for an inspection. Thank you Cecilio Payero
- C.P., Louisville KY, March 2011
Thank you so vey much for such a Very good and thorough job.
- D.C., January 2011
Allan Davis came highly recommended to us and we now pass along that high recommendation to others. He did a thorough job in inspecting the condo. Giving attention to details is important to us. He was very professional. Ed & Nancy Applegate Tollesboro, KY
- E.A., December 2010
Thank you so much for making me feel great about the home I built. The process was pain free and a great pleasure to go through. You are truly a professional and I have aready given your name to my coworkers. May God continue to prosper your business as you continue to be a blessing to new home owners. Have a great New Year!
- Q.Y., December 2010
I would Highly Recommend Elite Home Inspection/Allan Davis! Very Professional, Honest, Related very well and attentive to detail. Explained everything in detail, 10/10!!!!!
- J.E., November 2010
- J.W., April 2010
Allan, You are exactly what we were looking for in an inspector. You were knowledgeable, personable, friendly, and helpful. You took the time to explain your findings in terms we could grasp and never once tried to rush us. I have great confidence in your ability as a home inspector and look forward to sending our friends your way!
- M.C., April 2010
Allan, I appreciate how thorough you were on the home inspection and allowing me to tag along during the process. It was very informative and educational. Thanks for your time! Tiana Stegall
- T.S., November 2009
Thank you for your complete report of said property. Really great job and worth every penny.
- S.H., October 2009