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Ernie Perron

As a full-time RV'er, I am very much aware of the needs RV'ers face today. It is my job to give them peace of mind when purchasing, selling, or traveling whether it be in a travel trailer, 5th wheel or motor home. As a registered RVTAA RV Technician and certified NRVIA RV Inspector, It gives me great joy in helping others evaluate, purchase, and maintain their RV's.  As a Certified NRVIA inspector, I follow a strict code of ethics and standards of practice defined by the NRVIA for each type of RV. You can rest assured that information provided in my inspection report will be thorough, independent and provide a fair, non-biased evaluation of the RV.  My inspection consists of all major systems installed in the RV.  Fluid samples are also available and can paint a good picture as to the health of the engine, transmission and generators.  These samples can be drawn from tow vehicles, motor homes and generators and can be done periodically, if desired, to provide a current snapshot or a historical record of the system.  Several levels of inspection are offered to help meet your needs. Inspections normally take between 4 to 8 hours, depending on the level of detail needed, and are priced accordingly. Finished reports contain detailed information regarding each system


A Closer Look RV is Owned by a retired USAF veteran with strong work ethics, providing unbiased efficient, quality work.


Ernie Perron, loves the freedom of the RV lifestyle and loves the RV community. His mechanical aptitude makes him the perfect person to inspect your new RV. His fun-natured personality will make working with him fun yet professional.


Ernie and Sandy were a pleasure to deal with. Our inspection was completed quickly and was very thorough. They took the time to answer all of our questions. Ernie had the full inspection report posted within hours of completing the inspection. The inspection report was very comprehensive and included lots of photos. He and Sandy then took the time to explain the details of the inspection with specific recommendations on the few problems found. We would definitely recommend A Closer Look RV Inspection & Services for anyone looking to purchase a previous owned rv. Ernie and Sandy were very friendly and the rate charged for the inspection was very reasonable. We bought the rv and a large part of the decision to purchase was due to our comfort level that the inspection provided. Our thanks to A Closer Look RV Inspection & Services!
- B.W., Thayae WY, February 2022