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Gary Schroeder

Welcome to Gary's Extra Mile (G.E.M. for short) RV Inspections and Services.

GEM RV Inspections and Services is dedicated to bringing you high-quality inspections. Gary also does general RV repairs, fluid analysis, and walkthroughs. He is also a registered RV technician through the NRVTA. Using these trainings as a foundation, Gary is continuously taking RV courses to expand his knowledge base. He, and his wife Michelle, began their RV inspection business after being certified by the NRVIA. The National Recreational Vehicle Inspectors Association.

GEM RV is a mobile business. Gary and Michelle are full-time RVers and travel while also doing inspections and repairs. They understand the importance of quick repair service and avoiding the hindrances and delays of weeks or months usually experienced at an RV dealership.

GEM RV goes the “extra mile” to get your RV repaired and you on your way.

So give Gary a call and get your RV service done quickly and efficiently.

Before you purchase your new or used RV, let us make
sure that the RV you are considering and your expectations of that
RV are on the same set of tires. 

Before you sell your RV, make sure the condition
is where you want it so you can get the best price.

If you have more questions p
lease call
GEM RV Inspections and Services at 727-599-4390

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Certified NRVIA Inspector and Registered NRVTA Technician


GEM RV Inspections and Services will go the extra mile for you & your RV. Over 20 systems & 500 items, an NRVIA Inspection will provide a detailed report that includes life-safety systems and current status of your new or used RV.

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