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Jamie Hankey

I bring to your buyers 20 plus years in the construction industry.  Some of my previous experience includes:  service in the US military, apartment maintenance supervisor, roofing foreman, concrete renovation work, home-site preparation & landscape, surveyor, framing, home remodels, and a local business owner.
Services offered include but are not limited to:
-  Home inspections on all types of homes
-  New construction home inspections
-  Mobile home inspections
-  4-Point inspections for insurance
-  Wind mitigation inspections
-  Well water testing
-  Deck inspections




Certified Master Inspector License# HI8456 InterNACHI certified


I have a strong work ethic and strive for 100% customer satisfaction. My goal is to ensure that you and your buyers are well informed of the condition of the home that is being purchased.

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Fast, easy and professional.
- J.P., July 2021
You guys need 20 more like Jamie ! If you don’t already find them ! Very professional, knows his craft ! Knowledgeable, friendly, helpful, he has a great personality, not to mention his attention to detail ! He was on time. You can’t find people like this in this day and time! Hang on to him !
- S.E., July 2021
Very thorough inspection with a timely, detailed, user-friendly report. Highly Recommend!!
- J.J., June 2021
My inspector was great. He went over every inch of my new home and provided detailed lists and pictures of all discrepancies. He also gave me a lot of recommendations on how to maintain the home. He was quick but extremely detailed. I will definitely be using him for my next inspection in 11 months.
- D.S., June 2021
Jamie was accommodating to a short notice inspection over the memorial day weekend. I can't imagine other professionals providing that kind of customer service. He was very thorough with his inspection. He provided more than sufficient pictures and videos of my family's future home. Which is comforting since we're coming from out of state. His details and recommendations/opinions were very objective and genuine, which is helpful in the decision making process. Jamie is a professional through and through. I received the inspection report very quickly, efficiently, and followed by a courtesy call from him after I had time to read it to go over any questions or concerns. I'd highly recommend Jamie any day.
- A.P., June 2021
Jaime will always be the home inspector my family recommends. He takes his time to explain in detail what he finds during the inspection. He is reliable, honest, knowledgeable, thorough, professional, and kind. His report is detailed and easy to understand. All future home buyers should definitely choose Jamie and Guardian Home Inspection.
- S.J., May 2021
Thanks for the very fast response time and ease of inspection. I look forward to doing more business with you in the future.
- C.S., Yulee FL, May 2021
Mr. Hankey was very patient with us as we walked around the house inside and out, pointing out items of concern. He did not rush us through, and answered all our questions courteously.
- M.S., April 2021
I have been working with Jamie for a couple of years and I would highly recommend him to other agents.
- T.B., Jacksonville FL, April 2021
Absolutely would recommend! Very Professional, thorough, respectful, Jamie was awesome! He responded back to me in a timely manner and was out inspecting my new home in a couple of days. What a nice guy to. He gets the highest star review from me.
- T.M., Yulee FL, April 2021
Extremely thorough, actually called us to go over the report! Now that is customer service!
- C.M., April 2021
Detailed and diligence, well documented. Great job!
- S.T., April 2021
Friendly, helpful and thorough! A pleasure to do business!
- H.K., Fernandina Beach FL, March 2021
Excellent, thorough, detailed, and well documented inspection.
- J.F., March 2021
Inspection was so detailed , ended up backing out of home . Noticed things I never would have and possibly saved me a huge headache down the road. Thank you
- T.K., March 2021
Did absolutely great job. Highly satisfied.
- E.B., March 2021
Jamie and his son did a great job on our home inspection. We needed a warranty inspection as we approach a year in our home. The report is clear and detailed. We would highly recommend Jamie and Guardian Home Inspection!
- G.D., February 2021
Really appreciated the technology involved in the inspection with use of the FLIR thermal camera and drone flight. Very detailed report made us feel much more comfortable with our purchase decision.
- K.S., February 2021
I'm a realtor helping out a family with a home inspection. I sent Jamie to do a inspection at the property for my buyers and they were impressed with his work. He went over everything with efficiency and detail. I will recommend him to anyone needing a home inspection.
- M.S., Jacksonville FL, February 2021
The new home owners insurance needs the four point inspection to give details of which pipes need replaced . Hopefully not many. Thank you, Alice Johnson
- A.J., February 2021
Jamie is one of the most thorough inspectors I have met. I have also had the pleasure of watching him work and he was so kind to explain to me what exactly the inspectors look for and how they detail the reports. His report was beautiful with all of the important pictures and details. I would recommend him to anyone, and I will hire him for any home inspections I can! Thank you Jamie!
- K.Z., February 2021
Very good at his job and will take time to explain what he finds during inspection in a professional manner. Would highly recommend for other home buyers to use his services.
- J.W., February 2021
Jamie was very thorough and took the time to explain and show us his discoveries during the inspection. He was very friendly, knowledgeable, and respectful of the home. We would absolutely recommend him and this company to anyone!
- M.W., February 2021
Jamie was very thorough and efficient. I would definitely recommend him for all home inspections!
- S.M., January 2021
Jaime was terrific and very helpful to find out what we really needed to have repaired. Thank you so much!
- G.H., November 2020
I would recommend that Jamie Hankey be the only person that someone buying a home uses for a home inspection.
- S.P., November 2020
I'm Pleased with Mr. Hankey inspection, he was meticulous and took ample time to inspect my new home from top to bottom. Then he walked me through all its findings. Not only did I get a detail explanation in real time but also a fast delivery of my report. Thank you so much Jamie!
- I.Y., October 2020
Jamie was great. Answered all my questions, was flexible with his schedule, and I could even reach him by text message. He gave us a great detailed and timely report. Was a pleasure having him inspect our future home.
- A.I., October 2020
Very through and discussed over all thoughts and options with me over the phone.
- F.B., October 2020
Jamie did a fantastic job inspecting our new home. He was very thorough and took a lot of pictures. He made himself very available to us when we had questions and explained answers thoroughly. It is clear to see that he is dedicated to providing a quality service. I would absolutely recommend him.
- S.B., September 2020
Jamie is very knowledgeable, honest, and detailed.
- J.L., September 2020
Jamie (and his assistant) performed an exceptionally thorough inspection in a professional, knowledgeable and useable format! I especially appreciated the Summary at the end of the report. I’m forwarding that to my service personnel for use in the repair and replace Items identified. The only suggestion would be to provide Customers (especially Seniors) with a color Summary. Thank You very much!
- M.W., Orange Park FL, August 2020
Very thorough and professional report, with ample photos to demonstrate what the written portion describes. Jamie found things we hadn't seen, and for the things we did notice, he was able to tell us just how bad they really were and whether we should be concerned about them. He has years of experience in construction and really knows his business. We have used him twice so far, and he always exceeded expectations. I give him top ratings, and would never buy a house without using his service.
- B.M., August 2020
Jamie was superior! Made the appointment setting convenient to my time, arrived on time and provided an extremely thorough inspection. Report items very very detailed and easy to understand by descriptive account and numerous pictures including thermal imagery. Had a couple of questions that I wanted clarification on and even though he was away for the weekend he took the time ti immediately contact me and provide the information fully to the items I needed extra on. On-site he and his son were both very professional and friendly taking time to point out items that may need attention to me while we were on-site. Jamie and Guardian Home Inspection exceeded my expectations and for one am very glad they did.
- D.M., August 2020
Jamie and his assistant did a very thorough buyer's inspection for me. They uncovered serious structural damage beneath the house. A water leak had damaged about 12% of the sub- floor area. In some areas, the subflooring was so water damaged it was sagging. In addition,interior walls in that area showed significant water content. These are the types of things every prospective buyer wants to know.
- A.S., St Johns FL, August 2020
Excellent and thorough job. I appreciate the focus and detail. I will certainly remember you in the future.
- A.W., Lake City FL, August 2020
Jamie was very friendly when I spoke with him on the phone and the report I received from him was very detailed! I would recommend Jamie for an inspection!
- S.G., July 2020
Where do I begin? I have had the pleasure of having Jamie Hankey, Guardian Home Inspection, FL, LLC, inspect several potential properties that I have been under contract to purchase. When I say that I would give 100 stars if that were an option, that is exactly what I would do. Jamie and his son are truly knowledgeable and highly informative about the entire process. They have proven themselves to be trustworthy, reliable and genuinely good people. If you need inspection services, or recommendations on home improvements etc, I will highly suggest that you enlist the services of this business. I cannot sing their praises enough!
- K.M., July 2020
Very responsive and very thorough. My new home inspection paid for itself multiple times over.
- A.N., July 2020
Jamie goes above and beyond and provides a very comprehensive report for the customer. I highly recommend Guardian Home Inspections!
- K.P., July 2020
Very thorough and professional.
- T.H., July 2020
Jaime was very personable and I could tell he cared about my well being in my new home. I would highly recommend him to anybody in need of a property inspection.
- C.K., July 2020
Very helpful and thorough. I like that nothing is too small for Jamie and his team to include in their detailed inspection report. Service was speedy as well. Thanks!
- C.F., July 2020
Jamie was excellent to work with. He was thorough and honest.
- J.C., June 2020
Mr. Hankey performed our inspection. He was polite, professional and had extreme attention to detail. He went through every concern and allowed us to ask questions about the home findings. He went above and beyond, more than we had expected for a home inspection. His detailed report helped us make Proper decisions and what we needed to address or look into further. We appreciated his thoroughness.
- J.T., June 2020
We are very pleased with our home inspection. Everything was very professional and thorough. We highly recommend Jamie and will definitely use him again if this house does not work out for us.
- R.A., May 2020
Very thorough and knowledgeable and a friendly personality.
- K.C., April 2020
Very thorough!
- M.C., April 2020
The Guardian Home Inspection team was very thorough with their inspection. Everything found during inspection was clearly explained in detail. Jamie was very friendly and helpful through the whole process. I would recommend Guardian Home Inspection to anyone that needs a home inspection!
- M.P., April 2020
Very thorough and friendly inspector. Would recommend!
- J.M., March 2020
Jamie inspected the home that we are negotiating to buy. This will be our 6th home, so I plenty of experience buying a home. I am very impressed with Jamie, he is obviously " highly experienced " in the detail of his job as a home inspector. I can't say enough about Jamies ability to thoroughly inspect a property, so that you can feel confident about the homes current condition. You can be assured this guy knows what he's doing. Jamie's "hands-on" experience in the construction trades gives him a firm background in proper construction standards, as well as typical areas in a home that should be thoroughly inspected. Using Jamie's services gives me the confidence to purchase our next home , without the worry of hidden problems/conditions becoming a nightmare after closing.
- M.S., January 2020
Jamie was fantastic to work with. He was very knowledgeable and thorough in his inspection.
- T.G., December 2019
Fantastic inspector! Thoroughly inspects every inch throughout the entire house and provides great knowledge for first time home buyers. Recommend for anyone buying a house in the Jacksonville area fantastic service.
- A.V., December 2019
Thank you Jamie, you did a great job! We appreciate the detailed & professional report.
- S.P., Fernandina Beach FL, November 2019
Jamie did a great inspection and has been available for answering all my questions. Thank you!
- M.C., Jacksonville FL, November 2019
Jamie is the only inspector I use and recommend because I trust him to do a thorough inspection and provide excellent results! I have used others in the past who are not as knowledgeable or personable. I always refer to Jamie now. You can ask him any questions. He is very knowledgeable, reliable, honest, and hard-working. He gives you a full online report you can refer back to any time with your log-in. Not to mention his rates are unbeatable and he is a veteran which I fully support. I used him for my own home inspection and I recommend him for all my clients. He even stayed after an inspection was over when an unexpected prospect showed up and asked me to show him the house we had just inspected. As a female realtor, I was put into an uncomfortable situation with a strange man I had never met before asking me to show him a house. Jamie stayed with me to make sure I was safe which I really appreciated. Goes to show he goes above and beyond in his work which I truly appreciated. Thanks Jamie for another amazing job!!!!
- A.M., November 2019
Mr. Hankey, Thank you for your precision. We are in the construction/real estate business ourselves here in Europe. The issues you pointed out are exactly what we would look at in our local projects. The report was easy to follow and very detailed, from structural, electrical to plumbing incl. thermal pics etc. Again thank you, Fam. Reinthaler
- V.R., November 2019
Jaime was fantastic! He arrived on time. He was thorough and explained items as he went. He even took his shoes off when he came in the house! He e-mailed me the report the same day as promised; and the report came a few hours before it was expected. The report is very easy to access, understand and forward to whom ever needs it. I would definitely recommend him. If I ever need another home inspection I know where to go.
- G.G., Fernandina Beach FL, November 2019
Jamie did an amazing job, his inspections are so professional and thorough. He talent is explaining issues to my buyers in easy to understand terms. I will be recommending Jamie to colleagues and customers. Thanks Jamie!!
- J.R., Jacksonville FL, October 2019
Jamie is fantastic, he connects well with buyers and educates them on key factors of owning a home and maintaining the property. Extensive knowledge and clear, concise reports makes him my go to inspector. Thanks Jamie!!
- J.R., Jacksonville FL, September 2019
Excellent professional and courteous. Very thorough and informative.
- F.A., St Johns FL, August 2019
Jamie was amazing. He went above and beyond what I expected. I have bought three homes, all using different inspectors, and his was the most detailed report. From the roof to the baseboards, Jaime looked at everything. I will be recommending Jamie to all my friends and family.
- V.R., St Augustine FL, August 2019
Jamie was very thorough and presented a detailed account, including photos, of the problems that needed to be addressed in the property we were considering.
- C.M., Fernandina Beach FL, July 2019
Thank you Jamie!
- B.P., St Augustine FL, July 2019
I must tell you that I was so impressed with Jamie Hankey's responsiveness, knowledge and attention to detail that I would absolutely recommend him to anyone buying a home. He is a true professional and a pleasure to work with!
- J.S., Fernandina Beach FL, July 2019
I had a great experience working with Jamie! He was extremely knowledgeable and professional. I would definitely recommend his services!
- B.C., Jacksonville FL, July 2019
Jamie is always my first choice for my buyer's home inspections due to his willingness to work around busy schedules and come through on short notice when needed. He is always thorough and doesn't leave any stone un-turned. I'm very grateful he was recommended to me in 2018 as I have used him many times and have always been very pleased with his timeliness, work and professionalism.
- B.R., Jacksonville FL, July 2019
Jamie was extremely thorough and did a very comprehensive report for my buyer. I definitely will recommend him in the future!
- K.P., June 2019
Got my inspection a few weeks ago, 1st time buyer, anxious about everything, Jamie was recommended. I was very,very, impressed with his professionalism, his knowledge and experience. He explained things to this senior citizen with patience and consideration. We went around the house and he pointed out the excellent, good and not so good attributes of the home. He was friendly, offering tips on what was needed now and what I could hold off on doing for a minute according to warranty standards. I was given literature and tools that will help me keep abreast of any and all home repairs. Jamie is extremely thorough, he went above and beyond what I expected! Do I recommend him Definitely!!! Will I use his services and his recommendations of others you bet!!
- W.B., Jacksonville FL, June 2019
He is a down to earth professional person with a lot of knowledge, to share with you on your inspection. He helped me with mine. Top notch !
- T.J., Interlachen FL, June 2019
Jamie was knowledgeable, professional & took the time to answer all our questions & provided the inspection report later that day. It was a great experience!
- B.C., Jacksonville FL, May 2019
Jamie is amazing! Very pleasant, personable and encouraging!! Wish we had more Jamie?s in the world! This guys is extremely knowledgeable and will tell you all you need to know and then some! He?s also raising his son to be just like him!! Keep doing what you?re doing!!
- S.J., Jacksonville FL, May 2019
Jamie has a great personality. He went above and beyond to make the inspection possible, gave us a detailed verbal explanation and answered all questions thoroughly. He is so kind, professional and patient. I would recommend him.
- G.L., Jacksonville FL, May 2019
Thank you again Jamie for the list of items needing attention.
- S.K., Fernandina Beach FL, March 2019
Very professional, excellent service.
- A.L., Jacksonville FL, March 2019
Could not ask for more. Really appreciate the help
- R.R., Jacksonville FL, March 2019
I found your report to be very thorough and your attention to detail was well received. Your use of both pictures and the written details made it very easy to read through the report and understand exactly what you were referring to. As a retired US Navy Certified Steam Generating Plant Inspector and a National Board Commissioned Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspector I am well aware of the importance of a detailed inspection report. I certainly appreciated the attention to detail thorough-out your report. Thank you, Harold E. Mills
- H.M., Orange Park FL, February 2019
Jamie is great to work with and I've used him on a number houses I have under contract. If you need someone you can trust and rely upon, I highly recommend his work.
- C.C., Jacksonville FL, February 2019
Thanks Jamie We found you to be very knowledgeable, and your service to be very thorough, professional, excellent communication,and especially responsive to our questions and concerns
- W.D., Fernandina Beach FL, December 2018
Great job and attention to detail. Thanks again, Ed
- E.T., December 2018
Jamie did an outstanding job, would recommend to anyone! Thank you again!
- M.G., middleburg FL, November 2018
I use this company twice, Jamie is thorough and upfront with any issues found. He explains in simple terms the issues and exactly what it could mean to a buyer...he leaves no guess work - if you need an inspection for any reason call Jamie Hankey, he won't leave you hanging in the wind to figure out what your next step. C.R.DiGregorio
- C.D., November 2018
It was a pleasure to deal with both you and Connie on the phone and via texts when setting up my inspection. And I appreciate how quickly your process allowed you to get a report back to me. The report was as comprehensive as any inspection report that I've seen, and the photos are excellent and very clear. The drone photos of the exterior and the various infrared imaging views inside are impressive. Your report gave me and my wife peace of mind about our purchase, and we feel that it was well worth the cost. We also feel very fortunate that we've got a sharp and very customer-focused Realtor who knows you and Connie and could meet you at the townhouse. There's one final thing. This isn't a big deal to me, but I was surprised: When you and I spoke on the phone on Monday 11/26 when you took my credit card info, you offered to phone me after Tuesday's inspection (but before your report was completed) to give me a heads up about what you found and what I'd see detailed in the report. I never heard from you. Again, this isn't a big deal to me, but I'm surprised that you overlooked this promised courtesy call. Best regards, Chris
- C.R., Jacksonville FL, November 2018
Is 10 as high as I can rate? Jamie was efficient and professional. Guardian Inpection services were less expensive than I would have imagined. I am so pleased with the service I received. Deborah M.
- D.M., Jacksonville FL, November 2018
Thorough. Informative. Professional. Thanks Jamie!
- M.A., Jacksonville FL, October 2018
Jamie and Matthew provided excellent service. They completed the inspection in a very efficient and timely manner. They were also very thorough. I would definitely recommend Guardian Home Inspection to anyone who is in need of a quality inspection.
- M.A., Jacksonville FL, October 2018
I'm a Realtor who coordinated a home inspection for my buyer. Jamie was prompt, courteous and very informative. Jamie was thorough and provided a detailed inspection report. My buyer was extremely satisfied with the entire process as was I! I would definitely recommend Jamie for your next home inspection!
- A.G., September 2018
Jamie was very professional and thorough. Would definitely recommend.
- J.H., Jacksononville FL, September 2018
Jamie is a professional individual who has a lot of knowledge in what he does. He is an absolute pleasure to work with and goes above and beyond to hep the customer. I strongly recommend his services.
- M.M., September 2018
Jamie is great. Wonderful to work with. We will definitely be in touch with Jamie anytime we need an inspection and also to get more information as we need it. Thank you so much Jamie.
- W.R., Fernandina Beach FL, August 2018
Jamie was very thorough and super professional. Highly recommended.
- E.T., Jacksonville FL, August 2018
Customer service was fantastic. I also loved the extremely detailed home inspection that included well taken pictures. Would absolutely recommend to friends.
- J.H., Jacksononville FL, August 2018
awesome job and very professional
- B.W., Jacksonville FL, August 2018
Jamie Hankey I must say did a great job with my home inspection ,he assured me of everything that I needed to know and explained everything to me so I would have a clear understanding of what knowledge of everything, I would definitely recommend him to anyone purchasing their home, great man st wat he does thank u again .
- L.J., Jacksonville FL, August 2018
Jamie was timely and very detailed. He was also patient with us asking lots of questions and provided layman's terms for us to understand certain items we needed more info on regarding water damage around windows in the home we will be purchasing. We strongly recommend Jamie Hankey.
- B.A., Fernandina Beach FL, August 2018
Great service!
- A.B., St Johns FL, July 2018
He was very thorough and willing to take his time and explain things as well!
- G.B., Yulee FL, July 2018
I was very satisfied with the inspection process and the inspector. Jamie took the time to explain what he was doing and why. I learned more about the condition of my new home then I could have found on my own. I am a previous home owner of 40 years and I know that the little things missed now can cause a big problem at a future date. I will use Jamie again before the Home Warranty expires to make sure everything is good before I become responsible for the costs. I would and will recommend Jamie to anyone who needs a home inspection.
- D.G., Orange Park FL, July 2018
Jamie was extremely knowledgeable, and shared helpful information that I doubt other would have. He has some pretty awesome technology to help verify things are in order, or functioning properly. I will definitely recommend him in the future to friends & family.
- J.R., Jacksonville FL, July 2018
Jamie is very forward and helpful, will definitely be using his services for the rest of my home needs
- C.G., Jacksonville FL, June 2018