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Michael DiGaetano

Owner/Inspector, CARVE

  • Based out of Las Vegas, NV, United States but servicing Nevada and surrounding states (with advance notice)
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  • E-mail:
  • Phone: (702) 530-3560

With a career in Emergency Medical Services both in the military and civilian sectors, Mike understands the urgency of treating an issue immediately to prevent more problems. After more than two decades helping people in medical crisis, he has transitioned his career goals to help people within the community he thrives in most… those who also embrace the RV and mobile lifestyle.

Mike’s leisure time was comprised mostly of driving in a Jeep as deep offroad as it would take him and he really loves over-landing! After meeting his wife, Jodi in 2009, she joined the adventures and they hit the road together with “Jeep pups” Ash and Jinx, travel trailer in tow, to explore North America! As their adventures took them farther North (they married in Leavenworth, WA in 2019) and deeper into the wilderness, they became interested in the RVs they kept encountering during their travels (Many would be surprised just where an RV can go).

Mike became an NRVIA Inspector to continue helping others, in some way, while growing the community he embraced… exploring with a towable or driving in an RV or motorhome. Wanting to be able to fix his own issues as much as possible he became a Registered Technician but he's wandering deeper into the details and is now working to also become a Certified RV Technician. Once he is Certified he will begin offering services for repairs when he isn’t completing Inspections. This will allow him to help fellow adventure seekers with small fixes saving them weeks of wait time at their local RV dealership.

Valued Services Mike offers:
~ Two levels of RV inspections on both motorized and towable RV’s. (These inspections take anywhere from three to eight hours to complete depending on the type of RV and level of inspection chosen).
~ Fluid Analysis on the motorized components of the RV (additional fee): (engine oil, engine coolant, transmission oil, generator oil and coolant, hydraulic systems, and Hydronic heating systems). Comprehensive lab reports let you know the current condition of the engine, generator, and other components. (Yep... It’s like doing blood work on your new baby!)
~ RV 101: Don’t know anything about RV’s? You can also hire him to give you a detailed walkthrough of your RV, once you purchase it, so you will know how things work and what to do when things go wrong!

Mike “DiG’s the business and the people” and since resigning from his previous life, he can devote all the time necessary to making RV inspections as thorough as necessary. With the support of the NRVIA, Mike is able to stay on top of all the issues that prospective buyers and sellers need to know about their RV’s.

Please give Mike a call and he’ll walk you through the process on the phone before you decide what you need!

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NRVIA Certified Level 2 RV Inspector ** RVIA Registered RV Repair Technician


After over 23 yrs in Emergency Medical Services (military and civilian sectors), Mike's transitioned his career to helping folks who also embrace the RV, exploring, and mobile lifestyle. Let him do a "Life Check" on your RV!

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Mike provided a very detailed and thorough inspection prior to me purchasing this RV. He was very cooperative and communication with him was exceptional. He kept me well informed during the entire process. We are so happy that we ended up getting the RV inspected by Mike. I would highly recommend him. Thank you Mike.
- T.M., Wilbraham MA, March 2023
We are in California and found our perfect RV in Nevada. Because of time limits we need to look at it quickly, but were unable to get to it. We called Mike and everything was seamless. He inspected the rig, sent us tons of pictures and a detailed report. It gives us such peace of mind to know we are not traveling hundreds of miles for junk. Thanks Mike!
- D.B., Yucaipa CA, June 2022
I used NRVIA to find an inspector, I picked an inspector from the list and set the appointment. That inspector was called away and He asked Michael to fill in. Mike was able to wedge me into his schedule on the same day I had set, showed up on time and spent 4 hours inspecting the coach. What I’m sure is an uncomfortable situation for the Seller, he made easy and more comfortable for them, which they expressed to me. The inspection report was very thorough and provided the piece of mind to move forward spending a large amount of money on a used coach. Thank you Mike!
- M.B., Las Vegas NV, March 2022
Mike made the purchase of my RV possible. I am new to the RV world and know nothing of what to look for in purchasing an RV. Mike walked me through the process, did a thorough inspection, explained the results and addressed concerns I had. Particularly admirable are his professionalism, vast knowledge and willingness to follow through. The world needs more people like Mike. He is the best. I recommend him with no hesitation.
- E.O., Jackson CA, September 2021
Great job, everything done on time and thorough. Peace of mind satisfied.
- T.H., Casa Grande AZ, August 2021
Mike did a great job
- J.b., LAS VEGAS NV, January 2021
Mike did a great job. Found some things we probably would have missed. We contacted him just three days before we were to sign the paperwork on our rig and he was still able to get our inspection done before we took delivery of our 5th wheel. I highly recommend getting a 3rd party inspection done regardless if you’re buying new or used.
- K.S., LAS VEGAS NV, September 2020