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Before you purchase or sell your home or property, please call AHI Residential (Home Inspections) & Commercial Inspections, Inc. We can help protect your investment with a thorough home/property inspection! Call us now to discuss your individual inspection needs.   Office Phone#  704-774-8765

At AHI Residential & Commercial Inspections all we do.  We act in your best interest.  Always!  

From the first phone call to the final report, our clients can count on us to remain honest,professional, unbiased, credible and ethical.   
  •    We will not try to sell you additional, costly and often unnecessary home-related products.
  •     We will not offer to repair concerns we find during the home inspection.
  • We do not offer special promotions to those who refer our services, nor do we participate in real estate office's Preferred Partner or Preferred Vendo programs.  
At AHI Residential & Commercial Inspections, INC
  •    We work directly with you and act in your best interest
  •    Addresses your questions and concerns professionally  

    OUR home inspection report from AHI Residential & Commercial Inspections, INC are:
  •    Comprehensive, detailed and securely stored online for quick access
  •    Clear, concise, easy to understand and filled with digital photos
  •    Our Inspections meets and exceeds the strict standards required by the North Carolina & South Carolina Home Inspector Licensure Board and the ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors)
            Our inspections greatly exceed these minimal standards:
  1. We inspect attics and crawl spaces if we can possibly fit in them
  2. We test all doors, windows, and outlets (not just one in each room as per the

    Why Choose AHI Residential & Commercial Inspections, INC
  •    Locally owned and Operated
  •    Fully Insured with both Errors & Omissions Insurance and General Liability
    Insurance up to 1,000,000 dollars.  ---  Our protection covers home buyers, home sellers and realtors.

Not all home inspection company are the same! We deliver accurate home inspection reports to help you make an informed decision. Call us when you want the very best home inspectors

Training – Our inspectors must accompany the owner (David Johnson) on a minimum of number inspections before they inspect on their own. (This is more inspections than most inspectors will complete in their first year in the field.) We vet our inspectors to make sure they know what to look for and how to communicate it properly.
Quality Assurance – The owner continues to monitor our inspectors by consistently “spot checking” their inspections as well as their reports.
Growth & Development – In addition, inspectors engage in ongoing training which ensures they are current on the most up-to-date standards of practice as well as industry trends.


North Carolina Home Inspector License #5086 South Carolina Home Inspector License #49764


Ultimately, our end goal is to help you understand the house, so we are careful to avoid jargon and to communicate clearly. This knowledge will enable you to make the best decision for you and your family.