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Daniel F Cullen

Congratulations! The offer you made on that home has been accepted.
After the initial giddiness fades you realize that you have some
important decisions to make.  Which professionals (attorney, lender,
inspector) are you going to use to protect you and your family as you
embark on the sacred ritual of finding a home for them? We at Domicile
Consulting understand the importance of your quest. We realize that
the safety of your family, your financial well-being, your comfort,
and a big chunk of your future are all riding on the advice you get
after you sign on the dotted line.

The inspectors at Domicile Consulting are at the top of the home
inspection heap. We are highly trained and have performed over 6,000
inspections in the Chicagoland area over the last 13 years. We do much
more for you than the standard home inspection. We not only look at
the little things; electrical outlets, plumbing fixtures, appliances,
etc.; we also look at the home as a collection of systems that
interact with each other in ways that are sometimes difficult to
predict. We understand how combustion appliances can negatively impact
the air you breathe; we know how a poorly designed HVAC system can
make you unhappy in summer and winter; we've study the relatively new
discipline of Building Science; and we use all the technology in the
industry, including thermal imaging, to help us in our detective work.

Our deep construction background and our vast experience enables us to
pull the maximum amount of information from the home and to put it
into a coherent narrative that you, your attorney, and perhaps your
realtor can all use to improve your position in the post-inspection
negotiations. We routinely save our clients tens of thousands of
dollars by ferreting out the foibles of the home, documenting them
with photos, and writing them down in a solid report that is
technically accurate while being easy to understand.

You can't afford to take chances with the health and safety of your
family or with your financial future. Call the best, call Domicile



I have over 40 years of direct, hands-on experience as a carpenter, contractor, home inspector, 203k consultant, etc.


Our motto at Domicile Consulting is: "Protecting Property Purchasers." We inspect the home with a dogged determination to garner all usable information and we write our reports with a deep desire to inform our clients.

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Dan Cullen was perfect. He was fast, thorough and wonderful to work with. I cannot recommend him highly enough.
- L.M., November 2019
Life saver. Everyone should hire Dan. As much of a disappointment it is to have to pass on a house we were looking forward to being our soon-to-be-home, we?re so appreciative to have been in qualified hands. Incredibly thorough, considerate, and handles the delivery of tough news with compassion. Short of demo-ing the house, there was no area Dan left un-inspected.
- K.L., April 2019
The best! Knowledgeable, thorough, walks you through the whole process.
- K.W., June 2018
Dan was very thorough and provided a detailed report. I also believe he genuinely cares about his work and ensuring his customers are knowledgeable and safe in their future homes. I would recommend him to anyone.
- C.G., March 2018
Mr. Daniel Cullen is an excellent home inspector who is very thorough and professional in his work. I recently asked him to inspect my new 6-bedroom house in Long Grove, IL, and he did a wonderful job. I am very happy that I chose him for my home inspector.
- H.K., January 2018
Very affable, professional and detail oriented. I'll work with him and his outfit anytime.
- S.S., January 2018
This company inspection services were thorough, exceptionally skillful and comprehensive . Additionally, the inspector was very reliable and professional. The reports were well documented and easy to understand. Highly Recommended!
- E.P., Chicago IL, August 2017
Dan was great. He was extremely effective at explaining issues he found, and he was always willing to answer any questions I had.
- R.M., November 2009
As a first time home buyer I was cautious. My realtor advised that since I was purchasing a new place I would not need an inspection. I decided to get one anyway. Dan was recommended to me by a friend who said he was very thorough, intelligent and informative. In purchasing a condo Dan did not stop his inspection with the interior. He went up on the 'new' roof and requested the 'basement' be opened up for inspection. He brought me with him to show me what he was taking about and spoke matter-of-factly about the items he found. Any questions I had were answered with data to back it up. After I received the report he was very responsive to additional questions (even when out of town). Thank you for doing your job so well and helping me make the most informed decision possible about my first home purchase.
- J.C., October 2009
Dan was great, he was very knowledgable and informative throughout the inspection.
- R.S., October 2009
Dan Cullen has done a great job. I have absolutely no complaints. He has made my decision to purchase a piece of property a lot less complex by providing a lot of insight. I'm overwhelmingly pleased.
- K.S., October 2009
Extremely thorough and knowledgable.
- J.S., September 2009
Extremely thorough and knowledgable.
- J.S., September 2009
Extremely thorough and knowledgable.
- J.S., September 2009
Daniel was extremely thorough and a gentleman throughout the inspection process. He was professional in his demeanor and did not hesitate to explain problem areas. The report he promptly put together was very organized. I will definitely be recommending his services to anyone in the future as well as if we need another! Thank you Dan.
- J.O., Chicago IL, August 2009
Dan was extremely helpful and very thorough. He took pictures of anything that needs to be corrected so that the seller can correct before I move in. Thanks for a wonderful job!
- L.C., Chicago IL, August 2009
Dan was top-notch and performed the inspection with tremendous attention to detail. He noticed serious issues with a new construction building that we would never have even known existed. We can't thank Dan enough for looking out for our best interests in the purchase of our new home!
- R.C., August 2009
Great service from Dan Cullen & Domicile Consulting! The inspection was very thorough, as were Dan's explanations of his findings and possible solutions to any potential issue. Dan's knowledge of energy and efficiency just add to the value of the inspection - in addition to noting any code violations, repairs, etc, he also gave us plenty of suggestions as to how we could make the home more efficient. The inspection service was worth every penny & more. Would not hesitate to refer / recommend Dan & Domicile Consulting! Top shelf operation.
- L.H., June 2009
Dan: Thanks for your professionalism and expertise. I am sooo very happy that I spoke with Atty. Yolanda Harris and she shared her experience with you. As a matter of fact, she said "you were the best of the best"! Quite true. I will be informing anyone I hear that needs a Home Inspector of your contact info. God Bless.
- E.C., May 2009