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John W. Badger


Member American Society of Home Inspectors


Member Georgia Association of Home Inspectors


Member International Code Council


John W. Badger is an ASHI and GAHI home Inspector who has not only met the rigorous requirements to be a provider of the ASHI Experience, and a certified GAHI home inspector, he is building code certified (CABO/International Code Counsel) and also holds the following certifications;

1. Residential Combination Inspector (RCI) thru the International Code Council
2. He provides a professional home, pool, and radon inspections that combines the highest technical skills with superior customer service. Visit the above listed website, or use the contact information form below to call the home inspector directly to ask questions and schedule your Home Inspection or Radon Test.


* ASHI * GAHI * International Code Council


John W. Badger is building code certified (CABO) and also holds the following certifications; 1. Residential Combination Inspector (RCI 2. Auburn University, Radon Measurement Operators Course 3. ITC #69399 - Level I Infrared Thermographer


I am pleased with professionalism and the inspectot. The report is very thorough.
- K.O., April 2021
I am pleased with professionalism and the inspectot. The report is very thorough.
- K.O., April 2021
John did a great job. He is very professional and friendly. He went over the whole house and took his time. Thank you for your service.
- J.G., March 2021
Very thorough. Really takes care of my buyers. Great communication.
- P.W., July 2020
John is absolutely phenomenal! I attended the inspection, and I am so glad I did! John was extremely professional, thorough, friendly, engaging, and informative. The inspection report he produced will be invaluable to me as a homeowner. If you need a home inspection, look no further than John Badger and Fidelity Home Inspections!
- D.M., July 2020
John was very polite and courteous. John walked me through the process to make sure I thoroughly understood.
- C.P., July 2020
Our realtor referred us to John. He was an awesome and very detailed inspector. He took the time to explain what he did, by taking great photos of everything, and provided recommendations that needs to be repaired. Thank you John for your hard work and dedication!
- T.J., June 2020
John was great and very thorough with his inspection. Ready to discuss any issues with the house to make sure you’re making a wise purchase. Would use him again and recommend him to anybody in need of a knowledgeable and honest inspection.
- J.K., April 2020
We hired John to inspect a home we are looking to purchase within a short turnaround time. John was punctual, professional and very thorough. He identified several items that could have been easily missed. His inspection report included detail information along with photos and a video. For each issue he explained why it was a problem and the potential problems it could cause if not repaired/replaced. Afterwards, John called us and stepped through all of his findings and answered all of our questions. Absolute pleasure to work with and will recommend him to anyone looking for a Home Inspector.
- D.S., April 2020
Did a great job found all types of issues that I had miss definitely worth the money. John was very thorough, experienced, methodical in his inspection highly recommend!
- P.S., January 2020
John was very professional, completed his job in a very good timely manner, he communicate during the inspection of finding. I will highly recommend him in doing your inspection. Absolutely!!
- E.N., January 2020
He is amazing and patient. He took his time and did a thorough job. I will be using him again when we buy a house. I would recommend him to family and friends.
- S.L., December 2019
Thank you for the wonderful service, John! John was extremely prompt in scheduling an inspection and was very thorough and informative with his work.
- M.K., December 2019
I was very happy with John, and his Inspection! He did a great job communicating the issues he found with the house.
- D.K., August 2019
Thank you John for you very thorough and detailed home inspection. I also appreciate your recommendations reading the repairs of some minor issues. I certainly would recommend you to any perspective home buyer. Thanks again, Sue
- S.M., August 2019
John was very thorough and informative. He was willing to answer any of our questions and addressed all of our concern areas. I would highly recommend him.
- S.W., August 2019
John was very thorough and took the time to explain things to me as we walked through the inspection. The seller followed us everywhere (For Sale By Owner) but John was always polite. I have already recommended him to a friend.
- D.B., July 2019
Excellent work. Very thorough! My husband is an architect and you saw things he didn't (which is rare!). Super informative and explained things in great detail. Thank you!
- C.W., July 2019
John was great and knowledgeable. He really worked with my parents and I to make sure everything ended up on the inspection report. He did a great job and making sure we also understood everything on the report. If you want a thorough inspection John is your guy. You will definitely feel confident about whether to move forward or not.
- K.R., July 2019
John was absolutely wonderful. He took his time carefully inspecting everything in this house. He had no problems showing and explaining to me exactly what was wrong. I would absolutely use him again!
- R.P., June 2019
John, 1st of all, arrived on time, and was prepared. He encouraged us to perform the inspection with him, and explained the functions of all systems of the house. The inspection/class was thoroughly and methodically performed. He warned me to dress comfortable, because of time(3-4hrs) for detailed inspection. He knew codes & guidelines since 1980s and the reason for their being changed or upgraded. During the inspection, he'd give tips/class on what to look for each season to help prevent minor repairs becoming major disasters. His reports are easily read & explained with quality photos. John is perhaps the best in GA
- M.R., June 2019
We have used John 4 times and recommended him to family and friends. He is great to work with and extremely thorough!
- J.C., May 2019
John was great. He was very friendly and thorough and he took the time to explain his observations to me. I would recommend John to anyone in need of a home inspection.
- D.J., April 2019
John is a seasoned home inspector and very knowledgeable and methodical in his process of home inspections. He is very patient and takes the time to explain his findings. After the inspection, John follows up with a very detailed report with pictures and explanations. He may even let you try out his infrared scanner.
- E.L., January 2019
John Badger I am so glad I pick you to do the inspection on this home. Your work is 100% in my book. Thanks for a job well done. Many Thanks. Great job.
- J.B., August 2018
Thank you John! You have been amazing and walked us through the major considerations for us to make an educated decision on this. We have an immensely better feeling of what to expect now and will make sure to recommend you to our friends and family! Best Simon
- S.s., July 2018
This was our first home and getting a good inspection was something we were keen to do. I had seen bad home inspectors on TV and heard horror stories of inspectors who are finished in a few minutes. Not John. He is EXCELLENT. He is a really nice guy, professional, has been doing this for nearly 30 years and has all the experience you could ask for. He will have you with him on the day and it will take several hours as you examine the house with him from start to finish. He knows building codes off the top of his head, he knows what should be done and why, and his final report is given to you the same day with photos and explanations of what needs correction. I would hire John again in a heart beat for any home inspection and can't give him high enough praise.
- D.R., June 2017
John was on-time, very professional, he encourages dialog to help educate and has a very friendly personality. I highly recommend him for your home inspection.
- R.W., March 2017
I thought the inspection was quite thorough and we'll explain every step of the way. Mr Badger was friendly and very knowledgeable.
- M.S., July 2016
Excellent job very professional
- J.R., June 2016
John's character is pleasant, respectable, and easy to to be around. He found things we seemed to overlook while viewing the house. Very thorough the way you would want an inspector to perform his job. There is no doubt that we will call John again, if ever needed.
- S.T., June 2016
John was great very friendly very knowledgeable and helpful to understand the inspection not only did he do the inspection he explained it........very detailed this man is the best ever he knows his stuff.
- L.B., May 2016
Great Great Great Great Guy, Very Professional, thorough and honest.
- C.N., October 2015
John did a great job. Very thorough, professional, and informative...and friendly too!
- S.M., August 2015
John, it was a pleasure meeting you on Monday. Thank you for your thorough inspection of 23 Signal Mountain. I will definitely recommend you and would not hesitate to use your service again. Sincerely, Vicki Jenkins
- V.J., August 2015
John, Thank you for your professionalism and great experience on this house. I gained alot of knowledge being there and it helped me feel better about my decisions.
- H.H., July 2015
John was very thorough and a pleasure to work with. He will walk through his process in detail with you and explain the scope of his findings. We were very happy with him and we highly recommend him.
- J.H., February 2015
John is like a walking homeowners manual. He knows everything about anything you ask regarding a house. His inspection was VERY thorough and he took the time to explain everything to us, without making us feel rushed. His report was excelent, full of detailed information and pictures. John was extremely professional and very friendly. He was very accommodating regarding our schedule, which made our life easy. I will recommend him to anyone needing a home inspection and will definetely use him again. Thank you John!!!!
- S.S., November 2014
Thanks so much for your time and explanation of everything yesterday John. Great Job!!
- C.B., September 2014
Thank you John for the outstanding, friendly service and the very thorough inspection. Great job.
- C.W., August 2014
John was very professional, thorough, and full of good information. I highly recommend him and I will hire him again for my next project.
- L.l., April 2014
Mr. John Badger was very professional and personable. He took the time to make sure that he answered all of our questions. During the inspection, we went through the home with him, and he showed us where all the cut-off valves and home essentials where located. He was very knowledgeable and thorough. We would recommend him to anyone needing a home inspection...especially if you are first-time home buyers.
- A.C., January 2014
John responded to our call very promptly and was available to meet our schedule. He met us at the right time and place. John was very thorough and took time to explain his methods and findings to me, my wife and our real estate agent. His report is complete and concise. He treated us like the clients that we were. We were completely satisfied with John and his work and hope to hire him again.
- R.M., October 2013
John is expert at his craft but his skill set doesn't stop there. He is very professional in his interaction with the client. His BEST attribute is his listening skills which gives him that extra ability to observe, diagnose, evaluate and suggest a plan of action that produces long term success. Thank you John! I know what I need to do for my home to be sound and to remain my Place of Peace. You're THE BEST!
- C.F., July 2013
Thank You for doing the inspection and the thorough report.
- S.A., July 2013
Did a great and thorough job explaining the work you did and the issues you found. Felt very confident about the way to proceed to address these items.
- R.P., June 2013
John, Thanks for performing a detailed inspection of our potential new home. We appreciated the time that you took to detail and teach us about each component that you were examining. We would absolutely recommend you for anyone in need of a home inspection. -Keith
- K.H., March 2013