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John McCartney

"Almost Home" Inspection Services LLC was created to provide thorough, competent home inspections in Flagstaff and the surrounding area to home buyers, home sellers, and real estate professionals. A home usually demands a large portion of a family’s budget, and it is best to know all the facts regarding a home's deferred maintenance and any other cost and safety issues that a complete inspection will bring to light. New found costs for a new roof, furnace, or deck could certainly impact the value of an existing home. Check out our website at:

Additionally, "Almost Home" provides drone aerial inspections and videography. We are FAA certified and fully insured.

"Almost Home" now adds Radon Measurement to our family of services. We are certified by NRPP, which is recognized nationally as the leading certification program for radon measurement and mitigation professionals. The State of Arizona and radon insurance companies both highly urge utilizing Radon Measurement Professionals with this certification. Our state of the art equipment immediately provides accurate and dependable test data compared to charcoal tests that need to be sent to the lab delaying test results to the Client.


AZ Home Inspector #67698 NRPP Radon #110616 RT Cert. Drone Pilot LEED AP: Energy and Environmental Design


"Almost Home" Inspection Services LLC provides inspection services in Flagstaff and the surrounding area including: - General Home Inspections - Radon Measurement - Drone Inspections and videography

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Thanks John for your quick, very thorough and easy to use report Ben G.
- B.G., September 2019
Thanks John very Professional, Grate Job and I love the CRL program
- H.A., Flagstaff AZ, September 2019
John performed an excellent and thorough inspection and provided a well documented, clear, and concise report.
- L.E., August 2019
John did a great job. He seemed knowledgeable and thorough.
- J.B., Phoenix AZ, August 2019
Thank you John for your quick timing and thorough report!
- E.S., April 2019