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Saturn Inspection Agency

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Wernersville, PA 19565

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John P. Stoppi Jr., PE, CHI

Saturn Inspection Agency provides professional home inspections, structural engineering, and buiding inspections.  Saturn Inspection Agency's personnel are trained in home inspection via interNACHI's home inspector training academy and certification program.  We are also licensed Professional Engineers (Structural Enginieers) who can analyze and solve structural and other engineering problems during primary home inspections or as a standalone service.  Finally, we possess training and certification as building code enforcement officers in all building trades, and are able to assist and advise on building code requirements.  

Saturn's personnel are professionally trained, educated, and experienced to provide you with the inspection services you need.  We offer competively priced services that are delivered professionally and efficiently.  We use state of the art inspection equipment and tools, including, but not limited to: 
  • Inspection report software, including mobile device software for on site report composition
  • Infrared cameras
  • CO and combustible gas detectors
  • Laser measuring tools
  • Articulated ladders
  • Concealed space probe cameras
  • Electrical multimeters
  • Receptacle testers
  • Water testing kits
  • Radon detectors
  • Electronic calipers
  • Infrared heat probes
Saturn's personnel are OSHA trained and certified.  In addition, Saturn's personnel have undergone inspection safety courses to conduct safe inspections.  We ensure we posses the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment to safely conduct inspections.  This limits the liability of both the inspector and the homeowner.  

Saturn exceeds the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania's Home Inspection Requirements as outlined in Title 68, Chapter 75 of its Consolidated Statues.  Saturn is able to conduct any ancillary home inspection service or testing via its Professional Engineering license, a unique offering.  


Home Inspector NACHI20012214, PA Professional Engineer PE080432, Building Code Inspector PA L & I UCC 5375


Mr. Stoppi is trained, certified, and licensed as a Home Inspector, a Professional Engineer, and a building code inspector with 20 years of experience. He uses state of the art inspection tools: moisture meters, infrared cameras, and more

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