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Inspector of Structures


My name is Johnny Rivers and have lived in the Las Vegas valley since 1950 and have worked as an operating engineer for 48 years, I have been married to a wonderful women for 53 years and have two sons.


I couldn’t be happier with the resulting product of Mr Rivera. As a result, the important decision to purchase a house was made with an excellent report. Mr. Rivera was prompt, courteous and knowledgeable about all aspects of the house inspection. The report was clear, detailed and concise. It wouldn’t hesitate a nanosecond in recommending his services to my friends and family. It was a pleasure being the client of Johnny Rivera.
- V.R., July 2019
Thorough and knowledgeable in pool, roof and indoor areas. A pleasure to work with and was willing to explain any issues found.
- C.C., Las Vegas NV, July 2019
Thank you for your very detailed review of all systems and conditions on the property I am buying. You set my mind at ease on choosing this house/property. Should I have the opportunity, I will recommend you and sing your praises to everyone!
- K.P., Las Vegas NV, June 2019
Very informative and professional throughout the inspection.
- M.L., Las Vegas NV, May 2019
Seems like a very complete inspection was done. I wasn't able to be present as I was out of town.
- C.S., White Salmon WA, April 2019
Johnny and his lovely wife were excellent. He took his time, was very thorough, and took time to explain to me everything he viewed as important during the inspection. He arrived on time and his smiling face made me feel like he was my family. Thank you for helping me and taking care of my inspection.
- J.M., Las Vegas NV, March 2019
Excellent! On time, spent hours inspecting and answered all my questions. Highly recommend !
- E.B., March 2019
Extremely knowledgeable, friendly yet professional, open to questions and provides excellent explanations! Very thorough, concise and accurate with lots of photos and notes. Thoroughly explains codes, requirements, required or needed repairs or replacements and information as how to do so. His assistant is top notch and all of the above applies to as well. Highly highly recommend for any structure inspection related needs! Thank you very much Johnny!
- E.R., Bou.der City NV, March 2019
Very thorough! Inspection was scheduled in a timely manner.
- L.C., February 2019
Had one of the best prices and I called around!! Arrived early yippeee didn't have to wait on him. Very professional and pleasant and explained things to me when I had some questions. Highly recommend
- C.M., Henderson NV, January 2019
We were very pleased with our inspection. It was very thorough and covered every area. Johnny also explained everything in detail, and why it would matter. I would definitely recommend him to anyone.
- T.A., Las Vegas NV, December 2018
I had just had surgery and wasn?t supposed to be walking around but I have no complaints what so ever. Everything I missed was explained to my husband well enough for him to relay it to me when needed. It was quicker than expected without any missed corners. I wasn?t forced to waddle around the house and we weren?t talked to like we were from another planet. Unfortunately you helped us see this wasn?t the house for us but we will reach out to you guys on the next one. Thank you so much for all the help.
- N.R., Las Vegas, NV, August 2018
Very through, reasonable cost
- J.S., Wilmington NC, August 2018
Johnny is quick, thorough, and does a great job with his well documented reports. They're easy to follow and the comment blocks that the buyer can add are very unique and useful. I view the same twice on two houses in 2 months.
- J.G., Las Vegas NV, July 2018
I've had five homes inspected in the last 2 years. It's the first time I used Johnny. He and his brother Joe do the most thorough inspection that I have ever experienced. They are great to work with and their final inspection report is easy to use online. Making up your list of deficiencies for your seller is amazing and useful. Very reasonable cost, as well. Can't imagine using anybody else!
- J.G., Las Vegas NV, June 2018
Very thorough inspection. It was done in a timely manner. I got the inspection report soon than I planned. Thank you for such great work!
- K.D., Las Vegas NV, April 2018
Thank you so much for a wonderful detail report. Your speedy and well documented service was more than expected. Can’t wait to let my friends know about your amazing service when they need an inspection done. Again thank you!
- C.K., March 2018
Excellent. Second house you have gone through for us and we appreciate your time and effort to make our transition as painless as possible. Like the explanations of items you looked at and felt the need to discuss them with us. Keep up the good work and support you provide future home owners The Weavers 2975 Bluegrass Ln
- B.W., Mesquite, NV, December 2017
I appreciate your work inspecting this property. I especially liked how you took the time to explain what you did, and answered all my questions. I would definitely recommend you to anyone in search of a home inspector. Thank you so much!
- R.R., November 2017
Johnny was very thorough in his inspection and found some things that needed to be addressed before purchasing my house. Even the little things were found that all I have to do now is purchase a few things for safety. Thank you
- S.H., November 2017
Mr. Rivera did an awesome job of inspecting our new home. He pointed out several things that needed to be corrected and also some minor issues. Overall, his opinion was that the house was in great shape. We are moving from out of state and he made us feel very comfortable that we had made a good decision on this house.
- J.D., Arlington Heights IL, October 2017
Johnny was very professional and made sure he explained any and all questions we had.
- C.P., August 2017
Very knowledgeable, couteous and professional.
- W.M., Las Vegas NV, July 2017
Good Job and Good Rate!!!
- J.C., July 2017
Thank you for your great inspection and done in a timely. We hope sellers will take care of issues. Thanks again for the good service.
- J.O., Las Vegas NV, June 2017
Johnny Rivera is very professional and thorough with his inspection process. You can tell he loves what he does. Would definitely recommend him to others.
- M.H., May 2017
Mr Rivera did a great job this is the 3rd home he has done for our family
- E.F., Grtna VA, April 2017
Thank you for the EXCELLENT service! You were wonderful!
- J.D., Las Vegas NV, March 2017
Johnny was right on spot with the inspection, and his wife was the yen to his yang.
- G.R., February 2017
Johnny R. is quite knowledgeable in all that pertains to the functioning of a house. He has always given me the most thorough services, along with Janet, his wife. She's his right hand and does expedite the process with her assistance. I have been purchasing houses for over a decade. Never have I bought one without his assessment. Great inspection team!!!
- L.D., Las Vegas NV, January 2017
Thorough inspection, knowledgable. Nice people to work with.
- N.D., January 2017
You and your wife were very awesome on the inspection. You couldn't ask for a more thorough job. Your team doesn't miss a beat. Thanks for the wonderful job and I will be using you again really soon.
- , December 2016
You and your wife were very awesome on the inspection. You couldn't ask for a more thorough job. Your team doesn't miss a beat. Thanks for the wonderful job and I will be using you again really soon.
- M.H., December 2016
We would highly recommend Johnny Rivera for any home inspection. He was very patient and helpful with any and all of our questions and issues. We thank him very much for putting us at ease.
- L.J., Las Vegas NV, October 2016
Johnny was very thorough and did not seem rushed to check everything. For example, it would have been easy in a year-old home to just say "yeah, the heat is working", but he waited until the house reached the necessary temperature.
- S.D., October 2016
Very good and thorough job on the inspection.
- K.M., October 2016
Very thorough inspection. Explained everything as we went along. Very knowledgeable!
- R.W., September 2016
He is a very good inspector. He definitely know how to do his job. Thanks Sr. Johnny Rivera
- J.C., Las Vegas NV, September 2016
Great job! Very thorough. Very knowledgeable. Easy to understand. Highly recommended.
- M.W., Henderson NV, August 2016
Mr. Rivera's skill, experience and thoroughness provides me with the confidence to move forward in acquiring my home! I will certainly rely on his services in future real estate deals.
- E.R., August 2016
While I havn't met Johnny in person. I was blown away by the completeness, the pictures, and explanations that accompanied his inspection report. I would recommend his services to anyone who needs an inspection. This will be the 5th home I've bought and this report is by far the best I've seen. Thanks for your terrific work. Frank Biggins
- F.B., August 2016
Johnny has been inspecting all homes which I have purchased in the last 10 years or so. I trust his opinions on all issues relating to my prospective purchases. As I recently said , "You have the last word on this deal".
- L.D., Las Vegas NV, May 2016
John was very friendly and thorough with his inspection. He covered every inch of my house and all the bigger issues, he took the time to walk me thru them. Rivera inspections were great and I definitely recommend them.
- J.T., May 2016
Stay as sweet as you are ??
- P.A., Henderson NV, May 2016
I really liked how Johnny took the time to explain the process and everything he was doing and made sure i understood it, him and his wife were very friendly aswell
- A.J., Las Vegas NV, April 2016
Johnny was awesome, very thorough I would tell anyone looking for a home inspection to use Johnny!
- J.D., March 2016
Professional, Friendly and Helpful. Thank You!
- N.E., Las Vegas NV, March 2016
Very helpful and made sure I was aware of issues as he found them.
- A.W., Las Vegas NV, March 2016
Super thorough, professional, knowledgeable inspection. They gave me confidence in the home I chose and pointed out every detail that I should attend to. Worth every penny!
- L.t., March 2016
Mr. Rivera and his wife did an awesome job for us. They checked everything down to looking inside the toilet tanks to make sure everything was up to snuff. He knew the building codes for different things and what needed to be done to bring them up to the standard. They both took the time to answer all of our questions and put us at ease about what we were looking at. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a top notch inspector who does a great job Bill & Karen C
- W.C., Las Vegas NV, March 2016
I was pleased with the professional inspection performed by Mr Rivera he showed all items inspected and areas of concern. I would recommend his services.
- R.B., February 2016
Thank you for your very through inspection it was most helpful in uncovering many issues that the seller was not completely open with.
- M.K., February 2016
Mr. Rivera did a thorough job inside and outside the home inspected. He explained the systems and answered many questions. His photos showed potential problems I did not know about before. Also he and his wife are kind, likable people. I will be happy to employ Mr. Rivera again.
- N.H., Las Vegas NV, February 2016
Mr. And Mrs. Rivera are an awesome team that were very thorough and detailed with the inspection. Very kind and considerate. Answered any questions/concerns we had. We will definitely refer them to friends and family!
- J.S., North Las Vegas NV, February 2016
Excellent, very detailed inspection. The inspection went above and beyond what I inspected, great pictures with captions so I knew everything you checked. The software program you used to send the report was also excellent. I will recommend your services to anyone looking for a home inspection
- T.L., Las Vegas NV, February 2016
Johnny is very professional, pays attention to detail! Would definitely use their services again.
- G.J., No.Las Vegas NV, January 2016
Johnny did a great job. He was very thorough and answered any questions I had. I would recommend Johnny to anyone having a home inspection.
- L.D., Las Vegas NV, January 2016
Johnny Rivera did a GREAT job. He was extremely thorough, checking up in rafters, all valves and pipes, all appliances (and taking extra steps to connect some to be able to check). His report and photos were extremely helpful for us to make requests for repair or replacement. He also did the home inspection in an EXTREMELY timely manner. We would definitely recommend him to anyone and are so glad that our realtor recommended him to us!
- B.L., October 2015
Very detailed good information I am very satisfied with your report thank you very much
- M.A., Las Vegas NV, September 2015
Great work. Thank you.
- A.B., August 2015
Very pleased with the inspection report. Well detailed.
- M.O., July 2015
great job on both inspections. You are so thorough, I feel secure knowing that your results are accurate and don't need to worry.
- L.D., Las Vegas NV, June 2015
To Johnny Rivera, Thanks Johnny for the inspection on the house I almost bought, the reports were outstanding, and the pictures too, thanks again, I will recommend you to all my family and friends before they buy a house...
- R.K., June 2015
Great job very detailed report, extremely helpful when purchasing a new property
- B.G., Santa Fe NV, May 2015
Very open, honest, and focused. Able to reach Johnny by phone with follow up questions. Johnny will call you back if you leave a message.Very timely. I appreciate him taking the time to show me different things related to the inspection. Are you hiring ?
- R.E., Milwaukee WI, May 2015
Very pleasant, very detailed and thorough.
- M.H., Boulder City NV, April 2015
Johnny was excellent during the home inspection. He showed up early, was extremely pleasant and funny, very thorough, and showed us in detail what he looking at. I will definitely use him in my next transaction!
- K.L., April 2015
We appreciate your expert opinion on the condition of the house that my daughter is considering buying. You were very thorough and knowledgeable, and your report was received very quickly. It was easy to read and understand. We definitely would recommend your services to anyone looking for a home in Vegas.
- P.F., January 2015
I thought that Johnny did a most complete and professional report. I value his report and opinion and it help me on my decision on obtaining this home and to feel comfortable on buying this home.
- M.A., Las Vegas NV, October 2014
I feel they did a very complete and professional inspection. I would recommend and use them again.
- W.M., May 2014
Johnny Rivera was very knowledgeable and competent. Additionally, his company was extremely prompt, and diligent considering I needed an inspection under severe time constraints. I will certainly recommend him and his company in the very near future.
- A.G., February 2014
I absolutely love Johnny Rivera's services. As a new home owner in a new city it was very comforting to work with a keen professional who knows everything and anything about houses!
- P.A., Honolulu HI, February 2014
Johnny always takes the time to answer your questions. He's thorough and has a wealth of knowledge about building and codes. It's hard to find someone with that experience, so available to share his expertise. Thanks!
- R.D., Las Angelas CA, November 2013
A superb job as usual. Thanks for helping me close another sale.
- S.F., August 2013
Great job on the pics and report.
- N.H., Las Vegas NV, August 2013
Johnny and his team do a great job. Always on time as scheduled. Timely in generating the report.
- S.F., June 2013