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Jose J Colon Rodriguez HI 9698

Pre-purchase Inspections: Before you purchase a house in the Central Florida, we will evaluate the property for defects, deficiencies, and any possible hazards. All of our inspections provide a comprehensive and accurate inspection report, written on the computer including digital photos of the defects and description of all the systems and components.  We perform all inspections with the latest state-of-the-art testing equipment and will provide a conclusive overview of the existing structure. We will check all of the specialized features in your home. You will feel assured, after leaving the inspection, whether or not to go ahead with the purchase.
What we normally inspect during a normal home inspection: visual exterior and interior structures, driveways & sidewalks, grounds, visual foundation, accessible roof and roof covering, siding & trims, gutters and downspouts, accessible chimney (exterior structure), fireplace, attic, insulation, framing, interior rooms, windows and doors, bathrooms, kitchen & built-in appliances (as required), plumbing and its components, water heater, electrical and its components, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems and its components, ductwork, smoke detectors, stairs.

Pre-listing Inspections: 
Pre-Listing inspections (or seller inspections) are getting very popular because virtually eliminate all the issues and hassles associated with waiting to do the inspections until a buyer is found.  And because knowledge is power, it is very timely to have your home inspected by a professional home inspector, whether you are selling your home on your own or using a realtor. The more you know about your home, the more prepared you will be for negotiation.  Every home is unique and have different strengths and weaknesses; we help you answer how serious the problems are and which must be immediately addressed, and which can wait.
In many ways, waiting to schedule inspections until after a home goes under agreement, is too late. Seller inspections are arranged and paid for by the seller, usually just before the home goes on the market. The seller is the inspector’s client. The inspector works for the seller and generates a report for the seller. The seller then typically makes multiple copies of the report and shares them with potential buyers that tour the home for sale. Seller inspections are a benefit to all parties in a real estate transaction.

New Construction Inspections: The quality of current new construction has often not been what it used to be some years ago, and many buyers have their own opinions for these properties during various stages of the construction process, including slab, frame, and final inspection. This relatively inexpensive inspection protects your purchase, prevents unpleasant surprises, and ensures the quality home that you’ve dreamed about. 
There are different subcontracts who will work on your home during the construction phase. Sometimes changes or modifications are made without the benefit of having them reviewed by the builder’s representative, and these changes or modification may create hazardous construction defects.  The Central Florida area has a limited number of municipal building inspectors, and each inspector typically performs 15 or more inspections per day, spending as little as 15 to 20 minutes on your property.
Because of the Florida climate, often times is very hard on these new construction projects. Rain, ground water and humidity can invade your new construction during the build process leaving your foundation, drywall, insulation, and other features susceptible to water damage, mold and many other dangers.
11-Month Warranty Inspections:  After buying a new home most home builders offer a warranty on their houses covering most issues for up to a year. Only at Max Protection Group Inspection Services we perform a comprehensive and detailed home inspection on your house to determine any issues that should be addressed by the builder prior to the end of the warranty. This is your last chance to have the builder pay for any repairs on your home or lingering issues not handled during the construction phase. We will inspect your home from top to bottom and will identify the issues and create a detailed home inspection report that can be handed over to the builder. All home inspections include thermal imaging (infrared scan) to ensure the unseen is also inspected!
We also offer reinspection services for a discounted price to ensure the builder has corrected any issues found during this 1-year warranty home inspection. Call us today to obtain pricing and get more information on our new home construction and warranty inspection services.

4-Point Inspections: A four-point insurance inspection is sometimes a requirement when obtaining a new homeowners insurance policy or renewing an existing policy for houses that are 25-30 years or older.
This 4-point insurance inspection includes a limited scope evaluation of the following four systems: electrical system, HVAC system, plumbing system and roof components and covering.
The inspections purpose is to determine the components, general condition, and age of these systems. The Insurance Company will typically require that the inspections be performed by suitably licensed and qualified persons. Check with your insurance company to see if our professional qualifications are acceptable.
*Insurance inspections are NOT to be confused with a “standard home inspection” which covers many aspects of the home. For more information talk to one of our inspection specialists.

Wind Mitigation InspectionsA wind mitigation inspection is an inspection that we perform at MAX PROTECTION GROUP Inspection Services for the homeowners and that may help them qualify for an insurance premium discount. These discounts are given to homeowners who have wind-resistance features on their property. These features decrease the amount of damage that may occur during a hurricane or heavy windstorm. This translates into less risk for the insurance company which means savings passed on to the homeowner.

What do Wind Mitigation Inspections cover?
The main areas inspected during a wind mitigation evaluation are the roof design and geometry, roof covering type, and other wind-resistant features of the property. These will include the home’s construction, gable-end bracing, , the roof to wall connections (i.e. metal clips, or straps, etc.), any special impact resistant glass, reinforced garage doors or rated for storm winds, hurricane shutters, a secondary roof water resistance barrier, and any other protection used to help prevent wind-borne debris damage. With your certified wind mitigation report, the insurance company will calculate the amount of discount that the homeowner is eligible for.

Drone Roof InspectionsAt Max Protection Group Inspection Services, we are totally convinced that we must go the extra mile to make sure our customers receive the highest-quality inspection ever. We have state-of-the art drones for inspecting roofs and building exteriors that are either too high or unsafe to walk on. Also, some tile roofs are too unsafe to walk on because of the type of material (clay, slate, or thin concrete tiles) or from slippery conditions due to rain, moisture, or algae growth. Some roofs are only accessible at the 2nd story level which would require a 30′ ladder. Most inspectors do not have this type of ladder and simply inspect the roof from the ground with binoculars. While this is a decent substitute, a drone will have the capability of flying and recording the actual condition of the roof covering as if we were walking on the top of the roof.


Florida License Home Inspector (HI 9698), InterNACHI Certified Professional Inspector (#NACHI16062734)


Max Protection Group performs comprehensive visual inspections on a home’s major visible, structural and mechanical systems for homeowners and buyers. Our inspectors follows Florida state licensing regulations and are NACHI certified.

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Very professional and efficient! Turn around time was very fast. Thank you so much!
- E.T., May 2022
Mr. Colon did an outstanding job in a timely manner. I received the full detail report within 24hrs. The report was very detailed & informative. Unfortunately, I didn't get the pleasure of meeting him in person since I live in NJ but he was very efficient & professional throughout the process. I would definitely use him again & recommend him to anyone.
- C.C., May 2022
Jose did a great job. He was very professional and friendly. He explained everything step by step. I will definitely refer him to friends and family.
- T.C., May 2022
Jose was excellent!!! Although I haven't had the pleasure of meeting him in person, he has been very detailed, informative & professional throughout this whole process. His report gave not only very important details of the inspection, but also included pictures for visuals which I like. I would definitely recommend Jose as an inspector to anyone!!!
- L.H., April 2022
Estoy satisfecho y agradecido por el trabajo y la profesionalidad con la inspection echa a mi casa y espero que continue con sus conocimintos y el buen trato a los clientes Muchas gracias
- R.P., March 2022
Profesional and very responsive thanks so much for your service !
- S.B., Siesta Key FL, March 2022
Es una persona muy correcta y realizo un excelente trabajo. TOtalmente recomendable!!! Gracias!
- M.O., February 2022
Very professional and informative. Class A service.
- F.R., December 2021
Mr. Colon and his company, Max Protection Group, are highly likely to be recommended by me for home inspection services. He promptly responded to my call and understood my requirements for detail and expediency. Mr. Colon performed a thorough inspection and produced a factual and comprehensive report at a fairly reasonable cost.
- L.J., October 2021
Very professional and excellent service, 100% recommended !
- M.R., October 2021
Jose Colon is a knowledgeable professional of his field. He responds quickly to his clients and will give you an honest assessment . I highly recommend his expertise.
- N.C., September 2021
Prompt attention to the requested inspection and excellent work!!!!
- N.C., August 2021
Jose J Colon ..responded our request promptly ,was on time at the inspection appointment and delivered the report in time matter .. Very professional and informative with the client and the Realtor ..I will recommend him without hesitation
- M.M., August 2021
My impression for Jose J. Colon Rodriguez. Jose is a pleasant person he was on point explaining in every detail before and after the 4 point inspection. very pleased with his transparency I felt comfortable talking to him. Thanks you again for all your work. G.Nina.
- G.N., Kissimmee FL, September 2018