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Kevin Joyner

Before you purchase or sell your home or property, please call Joyner Property Inspection. We can help protect your investment with a thorough home/property inspection! Call us now to discuss your individual inspection needs. Work Phone: (804) 400-3489

About Joyner Property Inspection

We perform thorough inspections at reasonable prices. We can help you get to know the condition of the property you are about to buy or sell, and give you the confidence you need to make an informed decision.

We are located in Manakin Sabot and serve all surrounding areas. We look forward to hearing from you!


Va State/NRS Licensed // ASHI Certified Inspector // Building Construction Degree Virginia Tech // 20+ years experience


We are completely dedicated to professionalism and customer service with a strong background and presence in the real estate and home building industries!


Kevin did an awesome job. He was thorough, honest, and professional.
- N.H., June 2021
The report is thorough and very helpful. We appreciate the attention to detail and the many photos.
- L.&., April 2021
He was very thorough and professional. He provided verbal feedback for issues he thought most important. I would highly recommend him. He is definitely a notch above other inspectors we have used in past!!
- B.T., December 2020
Kevin is thorough, honest, and straightforward. His background and experience in building lend confidence to his assessments and recommendations. His presentation is direct yet not scary for a consumer. Highly recommend.
- S.C., Richmond VA, December 2020
Kevin came early to the inspection and was well prepared. He did a thorough job and gave us a good understanding of the issues that needed to be addressed with the house. His report was given back very quickly (same day) and was extremely thorough. Lots of pictures to justify his comments. The report made logistical sense and had an order. He was friendly and willing to answer any questions we had on scene as well. While the report was a bit overwhelming for us with the details it is definitely better to have the information when you are buying a house then to not know! Would definitely use him again.
- M.F., December 2020
Very thorough and informative. It is clear he has extensive experience in conducting inspections, but as he walked through his findings, he spoke in terms that someone very inexperienced with home-buying, like myself, could understand and I appreciated that. He clearly explained the reason why and the potential downstream affect the issues found should be addressed by the builder.
- A.V., November 2020
Kevin is the best. Always beats me to the property. A true professional as a home inspector. Tops in his field. Ready to get the answer to help move the process to the end result.
- J.H., Powhatan VA, September 2020
Very thorough and easy to understand. Photos helpful. Appreciated timeliness of conducting inspection. Would definitely recommend your services to others.
- C.R., August 2020
Kevin is the best, most thorough inspector I've ever met. He's professional, helpful, very knowledgeable. He's an all around great guy. I would recommend him to all my friends looking for homes in the area. Thanks Kevin.
- M.D., July 2020
Kevin did a fabulous job! He is meticulous and thorough in his review. We will be recommending him to everyone we know.
- E.M., May 2020
Very thorough and professional
- A.M., April 2020
Very thorough inspection. Felt confident with his findings.
- K.W., February 2020
Kevin is very knowledgeable and thorough. I would definitely recommend him for any home buyer.
- T.L., February 2020
Great service, thorough, and very professional who takes pride in his work!
- R.S., February 2020
Kevin was absolutely perfect. We had a ton of questions, and he answered all with knowledge and professionalism. He took pictures and gave us a detailed report that couldn’t have been more thorough. He was the best, and we would recommend him to anyone.
- N.M., December 2019
Thank you for a fine job inspecting our potential new home.
- M.B., November 2019
Great work! I appreciated how thorough the inspection was, and how we got to see the pictures and got a verbal explanation before we left the house. I really liked how fast we got the appointment and had the report by that evening. Thank you Kevin for being patient and answering any concerns or questions we had. Angela R Gooch Michael E Gooch
- A.G., September 2019
Kevin is worth every penny! His attention to detail is second to none and that shows clearly in the report he prepares and corresponding photos supporting his findings!
- A.N., September 2019
Very professional and thorough. Very knowledgeable about construction.
- D.R., June 2019
Very professional and extremely detailed. Also impressed with your ?common sense ? approach.
- R.H., June 2019
Kevin was very thorough. I appreciated the review he provided at the end of the inspection - with pictures. The report was in my email inbox by early evening as promised. The report website is easy to access and the report is easy to read. Reasonable price, great service. Highly recommend! Thanks!
- C.Y., May 2019
We are very happy with the inspection performed on the property. It was very thorough and professionally done. We appreciate all of the helpful information that was provided in the report.
- S.B., April 2019
We were very satisfied with our inspection service !
- D.B., April 2019
I have had the opportunity to have Kevin Joyner in three inspections those far. Kevin is there to go over his findings once the inspection is completed. He will answer any questions as best as can be done and make you feel comfortable with the entire process of a home inspection.
- J.H., Powhatan VA, March 2019
Thanks so much for a very thorough inspection and for taking the time to explain the findings so well. You made it very easy to understand and the report is extremely useful and makes it easier to prioritize repairs. You made the whole process very easy! I highly recommend your services!
- B.P., February 2019
Thanks so much for a very thorough inspection and for taking the time to explain the findings so well. You made it very easy to understand and the report is extremely useful and makes it easier to prioritize repairs. You made the whole process very easy! I highly recommend your services!
- B.P., February 2019
You have been extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Thanks for sharing your insight and tips. You were prompt and very professional.
- K.T., February 2019
Kevin is truly a professional in every aspect of the word. He is very thorough and takes his time with the inspection. He also takes the time to explain to you his findings and makes recommendations on what needs to be addressed. I highly recommend him and will not use any other inspector again.
- M.I., February 2019
Kevin was thorough and trustworthy. Thank you for your expertise and guidance! I will use you for any future inspection needs.
- M.A., January 2019
My husband and I were very pleased with Kevin's inspection process. He was extremely thorough and paid attention to every detail. We would absolutely recommend his services without hesitation!
- S.T., December 2018
Not that I have had a lot of experience with Home Inspections, but I was quite pleased and impressed by Kevin's thoroughness and attention to details, as well as his obvious consideration for the condition of the property, appearance-wise (making sure that the property looked the same on his departure as it had on his arrival). I would not hesitate to use his services again, and will most-assuredly recommend him to anyone who is needing an inspection performed.
- M.D., December 2018
Awesome job! Thanks for explaining the process and making it clear to us what all was being inspected.
- P.E., October 2018
Kevin's inspection was comprehensive and documented perfectly with pictures. Outstanding! I knew I would get a high quality product and professionalism from him... because 18 years ago he and his father _built_ my previous home and it was quality through and through. Very happy that some things do not change.
- D.T., October 2018
My husband and I were VERY pleased with the service provided by Kevin. Professional and thorough! ! Would absolutely recommend Kevin without hesitation!
- A.F., October 2018
Mr. Kevin Joyner was prompt, professional, and above all had a keen eye for details. His inspection was extremely thorough and we were impressed by his meticulousness. Mr. Joyner?s inspection was exactly what prospective home buyers hope to receive when they purchase a home. I would recommend his services without reservation to all of my friends and family.
- M.C., October 2018
Kevin was extremely thorough and took the time to explain everything, which was very helpful since we are first time home buyers and this is uncharted territory for us.
- D.&., October 2018
Kevin did a fantastic job with our home inspection! His work was completely professional in every sense of the word; his attention to detail is amazing. We would confidently recommend Kevin for anyone seeking a fair, honest and very THOROUGH home inspection.
- G.P., July 2018
Kevin did a great job for us! He provided us with a thorough report and took the time to chat with us throughout the inspection as well as run through all of his photos and explained them before leaving the property which was really helpful to hear it explained before reading the full report. We would definitely use him again and recommend him to anyone in need of a home inspector!
- M.C., July 2018
Kevin was very thorough with our home inspection. He exceeded our expectations in every way. Definitely will recommend him to others for a home evaluation and inspection.
- B.Y., July 2018
Thanks for the detailed inspection.
- D.R., July 2018
Kevin was very professional and informative on all aspects of the home. We would not hesitate to use him and recommend him to others.
- A.G., May 2018
Thank you for being so thorough!
- C.G., April 2018
Kevin did a very thorough job and took the time to walk me through his pictures and comments at the end of the inspection.
- N.Y., March 2018
Mr. Joiner arrived on time and was polite, respectful and professional. He did a thorough job inspecting the house we planned to buy. He tested every window and door, faucet, electric outlet and box. He identified cracks in the foundation needing to be addressed and pointed out everything that wasn't up to current building codes. His report was comprehensive, with photos pointing out every system and defect. At the end he again listed every defect and the approximate cost for remediation. We consider him to be among the finest professionals in his field.
- E.L., March 2018
Appointment was set up within a week and inspection was very thorough!
- A.H., January 2018
Kevin was great! Extremely thorough and professional.
- J.&., December 2017
Kevin did a fantastic job with our home inspection and was a pleasure to work with. The process was so much more informative than I expected- Kevin took the time to walk us through a report of every minor issue with the house, and gave us advice on how to maintain the home going forward. I would highly recommend him.
- J.&., December 2017
Very thorough , efficient , and helpful . Thank you!
- M.C., December 2017
A pleasure to work with, Kevin earned our trust and confidence. He drew on his extensive experience, knowledge, and background to provide us with a timely, complete, and thorough inspection. In discussion and his final report, Kevin was candid and honest. A skilled professional, he greatly exceeded standards and expectations. Kevin is our recommendation for anyone needing a home inspector!
- , November 2017
A pleasure to work with, Kevin earned our trust and confidence. He drew on his extensive experience, knowledge, and background to provide us with a timely, complete, and thorough inspection. In discussion and his final report, Kevin was candid and honest. A skilled professional, he greatly exceeded standards and expectations. Kevin is our recommendation for anyone needing a home inspector!
- , November 2017
Kevin did a fantastic job on the inspection. I appreciated him going through the summary the day of the inspection and his super fast turn around of the inspection report (the same night as the inspection)!
- M.P., September 2017
The inspection went very well. I was informed about everything that was found. I got to see all the pictures of the appliances and rooms, etc. I was asked multiple times if I had any questions or wanted anything in particular to be reviewed. I had a great experience.
- D.F., September 2017
Kevin's knowledge of the home's component systems along with his attention to detail were evident throughout the entire inspection process from start to the completed report. His direct yet easygoing manner is a sign of a professional fully comfortable with his line of work.
- J.B., August 2017
Kevin was very knowledgeable about home inspecting and detailed about structural and plumbing
- O.M., August 2017
Kevin was awesome! He was prompt and his attention to detail is unsurpassed. What I value most is his integrity, which is difficult to find. Thanks again Kevin!
- M.M., July 2017
Thank you for being so thorough during the inspection. We really appreciate your time!
- B.D., July 2017
I found Kevin to be thorough and professional. The detail he provided will allow me to have a full appreciation for not only necessary repairs that should be completed prior to purchase, but also those minor ones that can be done over time after taking possession.
- J.J., July 2017
Kevin was very thorough, friendly and informative.
- J.Z., July 2017
I am a first time homebuyer and needless to say the process can be a little intimidating. I've been fortunate to have great people like Kevin to help me through the process. Kevin was very thorough, inspecting every aspect of the home and taking pictures throughout. He walked us through everything that he did and let us know what we should expect and what we should be concerned about. You could tell right away that Kevin really knew his stuff and it really set us at ease. I couldn't recommend Kevin more highly!
- N.P., July 2017
Kevin you did a wonderful job, I appreciated your expert knowledge that you showed in your report. I would recommend you to anyone looking for home inspections.
- W.S., Doswell VA, May 2017
Kevin was extremely thorough and did a great job. I am really glad that my agent recommended him, because he found a lot of minor things on a house that was in relatively good shape. I'll definitely hold on to this report for a while to remind me of what I need to take care of over the first few years of owning the home.
- P.U., Richmond VA, May 2017
Kevin is very professional, thorough, & detailed. Received inspection report same day & it was easy to understand w/ clear pictures. Site also easy to navigate. Would definately use Kevin again & highly recommend him.
- D.L., Ashland VA, May 2017
You did an awesome job Kevin. Thank you so much for your help with the inspection.
- C.P., April 2017
Very thorough and helpful. Very professional. Will ask for him in next home purchase.
- R.M., April 2017
Thanks for a very thorough inspection, good job. ---JDD
- J.D., Mechanicsville VA, April 2017
Kevin was extremely helpful and informative while doing our home inspection. He explained a lot of different things to us that will make us more knowledgeable first time home owners. I will definitely make it a point to recommend Kevin to anyone else needing an inspection!
- D.C., April 2017
Thanks for your help inspecting out home. We thought your services were great.
- M.M., March 2017
Fantastic Job! Great inspector. No nonsense and Very Smart.
- D.M., March 2017
Thank you, very detailed report. I appreciate you taking the time to talk about the findings after your inspection
- T.B., March 2017
Kevin Joyner was professional from start to finish. He was extremely thorough in the inspection, spending hours making sure that he covered everything. He was very patient and took the time to share his findings, making sure that I understood each part of the process. He offered to help me understand how certain appliances worked so that I would feel comfortable in my new home. His report of the findings was detailed and thorough. I will definitely be using Kevin for any inspection needs I have in the future. I recommend him highly.
- S.M., March 2017
Very professional and thorough. I am glad we went with Kevin for our home inspection.
- D.T., February 2017
We really appreciated Mr. Joyner's attention to detail. It gave us peace of mind that he was as thorough as he was and explained everything to us.
- M.B., Richmond VA, February 2017
Thorough and fair.
- T.W., February 2017
Highly recommended. Kevin was very professional and patient in guiding me through the things he inspected. He gave advice on what were critical and not and what to watch for in the future. You can view your report online at your own convenience with pictures, comments and some video clips. The best experience I've had with home inspection.
- T.H., Henrico VA, February 2017
Very thorough, explained what he found as we went through the inspection, answered all my questions, highly recommend Kevin.
- E.S., Mechanicsville VA, February 2017
Extremely thorough and very quick with the results. Thanks again!
- J.A., January 2017
Kevin was very respectful and thorough. Any questions I had during the process, he took the time to answer. At the end of the inspection he recapped everything and provided comments in a way that was easy to understand. The report was turned around in a very timely manner and was very well organized. I would recommend Kevin for anyone's upcoming home inspection needs!
- B.H., Richmond VA, January 2017
Kevin ... I would recommend you in a second! Enjoyed working with you!!! Very professional, personable and prompt. Thanks!
- S.C., Glen Allen VA, January 2017
Great inspection. Definitely keep you in mine when we prepare a house tp sell.
- D.J., Providence Forge VA, January 2017
Kevin was very thorough and I greatly appreciate it.
- M.L., SANDSTON VA, January 2017
I honestly could not be more pleased with the service you provided. You took the initiative to complete the exterior inspection prior to our scheduled inspection date because of the forecast. Your inspection was detailed, thorough and honest. I would highly recommend you to any and everyone buying a home. Thank you again!
- L.M., Farmville VA, January 2017
Approachable, professional, and very thorough. I was very impressed with Kevin's knowledge and ability to explain things to us. His work ethic is one of the best that I have ever seen. I would highly recommend him to anyone.
- D.C., December 2016
Mr. Joyner was prompt and extremely thorough. We particularly appreciated his taking time to go over his findings and recommendations while we were at the house, as well as his detailed report--which we had via email before the end of the day.
- A.J., December 2016
Thorough, meticulous, knowledgable and personable. Highly qualified. Strongly recommended.
- P.B., Henrico VA, November 2016
Mr. Joyner has assisted my mother in two separate inspections and was recommended to me because of the detailed report he put together for her. After two separate occasions where I had to postpone the inspection at last minute, Mr. Joyner remained patient and flexible with his schedule. Once we got in to do the inspection, Mr. Joyner showed his attention to detail by pointing out things I would have never noticed on my own! His level of professionalism was outstanding and the written report I received was thorough and full of handy information. I highly recommend Mr. Joyner to anyone looking for a home inspector!
- A.B., November 2016
Being a first time home buyer I'm very thankful I have a wonderful realtor who referred you. You were very professional and thorough and explained everything you did to help me understand. I would definitely recommend you to future homebuyers. Thank you
- J.S., November 2016
My wife and I truly appreciate Kevin's attention to detail and his thorough inspection of our prospective new home. We feel piece of mind having this report and knowing exactly what needs to be addressed, repaired, and/or replaced.
- W.B., Henrico VA, October 2016
Kevin was awesome and very thorough. I'm glad my realtor referred him!
- B.H., October 2016
We appreciated Kevin's professional demeanor and thorough work in inspecting all aspects of our home. We contracted for the inspection to help us better prepare for selling our home and we were completely satisfied with the results. We identified things that needed to be addressed and we were able to reassure ourselves about questions that Kevin resolved for us.
- T.P., September 2016
Kevin did a thorough and professional job in inspecting the property. He photographed and documented everything in great detail and discussed the type of repair that might be necessary with regard to each item. It was a pleasure to work with him. Highly recommended.
- J.D., Glen Allen VA, September 2016
I was very impressed with the thorough report I received. I will recommend Kevin to my friends.
- B.O., September 2016
Very thorough report with an excellent summary. The use of video technology was especially helpful.
- A.S., September 2016
Kevin did a fabulous job of explaining everything he found in a 25 year old home. He is extremely knowledgeable about good building practices as well past recalls.
- D.B., Gum Spring VA, September 2016
Thorough and detailed, an excellent experience, thank you so much!
- A.P., September 2016
Exceptionally knowledgeable, professional, and thorough. Definitely, Mr. Joyner is now my inspector of choice for all future needs.
- D.T., Biglerville PA, August 2016
Kevin made it a very pleasant experience especially since I was a first time homebuyer. He was extremely knowledgeable and kept me well informed throughout the whole process. His report was very meticulous and detailed. Will definitely use again for my next home.
- D.M., August 2016
Fantastic and thorough work. Looking forward to doing business with you again as I continue to invest.
- K.T., August 2016
Kevin, I was impressed with how thorough you were in the inspection and the knowledge you have of home construction.
- A.D., August 2016
Kevin does an excellent job with his home inspections. His past experience with homes of age and experience as a home builder, means that he has seen and experienced EVERYTHING that can happen in a home. He has the knowledge to determine what differences are significant and which ones are not. He is also a good communicator with the less experienced client.
- A.K., Richmond VA, August 2016
Very friendly, professional, knowledgeable, and communicative. Extremely prompt in submitting his detailed report, and very responsive when a change was requested in the recommendations.
- C.M., July 2016