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Lydia Dubuisson

Confidence RV is the NRVIA certified RV inspections partner for My RV School.
  • Worried about buying a lemon or a money pit?
  • Need to get the most out of that warranty repair list before it expires?
  • Peace of mind before you hit the road with your loved ones?
Whether you're buying, currently own, or are planning to sell your RV, a certified inspector can be an important part of the process. Give us a call and see how we can help: (855) 697-8123 select the *Inspections* option or email

Together, with My RV School, we also offer wide-ranging additional services from: We are here to help you build confidence in your journey. It starts with helping you find peace of mind with your next RV purchase, or with a thorough review and understanding of the one you have now. 

NRVIA Certified RV Inspector, Registered RV Technician, My RV School Driving Instructor

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