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Charles West

Before you purchase or sell your home or property, please call Mich-Inspect. We can help protect your investment with a thorough home/property inspection! Call us now to discuss your individual inspection needs. Work Phone: 616-755-2255

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We perform thorough inspections at reasonable prices. We can help you get to know the condition of the property you are about to buy or sell, and give you the confidence you need to make an informed decision.

We are located in Sidney and serve all surrounding areas. We look forward to hearing from you!


Charlie did a wonderful job and made me feel both comfortable and informed of any potential issues or things to be aware of being a home owner
- J.C., June 2020
very knowledgable, thorough and professional
- J.M., April 2020
Charlie is extremely thorough with reporting the current conditions of properties during his inspections . He is highly trained & knowledge. If you have any questions he is always available to answer. I like to have my buyers "shadow" him during this process in order to gain knowledge pertaining to their potential new home. If there are issues that arise during inspections, he can suggest professionals be called to further investigate issues. Charlie has been inspecting homes with my buyers for many years, he takes his time and is never rushed. Using the knowledge provided by Charlie my buyers have been able to make informed decisions regarding their Real Estate purchases. I highly recommend using him for your home inspections.
- J.F., September 2019
- M.W., August 2019
You made the whole experience a lot less stressful with your knowledge, expertise, and candor. Thank you Charlie! I can happily say, ?We have a house guy now!?
- C.J., June 2019
Very professional, kind and informational!
- A.Q., April 2019
Factual and thorough. He does not let his own opinions of a home get in the way of his work and presents great information for any category of the house.
- J.M., March 2019
Mr. Charles West is very knowledgeable and an expert in his craft. I received a well guided inspection, with a personable touch that can't be bought.
- D.B., March 2019
I enjoy having you do my inspection. Your personal approach to your clients keeps the anticipation to a minimum. Thank You Charlie
- L.H., October 2018
Knowledgable, thorough, professional property inspections. Great communication with the client, able to inform and educate buyers about the existing and potential issues and knows what issues to become alarmed about and what issues are less significant.
- J.M., October 2018
Thanks Charlie! Always trust you to do a great job for my buyers & sellers!
- M.V., Portland MI, September 2018
Thanks for everything! Like your style... to the point...helped us make an informed decision! Saved us a lot of grief.
- R.R., August 2018
I enjoyed the extreme details you provided.
- J.S., July 2018
Knowledgeable and personable, Charlie was a pleasure to work with. Thanks Again!
- J.O., May 2018
Great guy! Insightful and very helpful. Will recommend to anyone buying a house.
- K.V., April 2018
Great guy! Insightful and very helpful. Will recommend to anyone buying a house.
- K.V., April 2018
Never having had a home inspection before we really had nothing to compare this service to but can not imagine anything better than what we received as far as professional. Charley was kind, considerate, patient and personable. Every question we had was answered and then some. We left feeling very confident that the absolute best man did the very best job! Thank you, Charley!
- C.H., March 2018
Charlie performed a very thorough and professional inspection. I was very impressed and happy with his report. I would definitely enlist his services again!
- J.S., November 2017
Charlie did an amazing job!!!
- G.S., Grand Rapids MI, October 2017
Charles did a fantastic job on our home inspection. He was easy to work with, cared about the little details and showed that he was concerned with our well being! I could not recommend him more highly. Call Charles the next time you need your home inspected. You wont be disappointed!
- C.D., September 2017
Charles, I feel that you went above and beyond what I expected and paid for. I appreciate you taking the time to fill me in on a bunch of little FYI things about my new home. I am better off having spent those few hours and I really know more about my home now. I would highly recommend your services, and I have saved your number. Very professional and patient. Also, thank you for your service! I am proud to call you a brother. AIRBORNE!
- K.Y., September 2017
Charles took his time to make sure he did a thorough inspection on our property. He walked us through every problematic area of the home and coached us on how to approach a solution. He was very professional friendly. I will definitely recommend him to anyone I know looking for an inspection!
- M.M., August 2017
They do an Awesome Job my clients very happy them and the job that they do for them
- J.S., August 2017
Very helpful and honest with a great personality! Highly recommend!
- K.H., Ashley MI, August 2017
Charles West took the time to discuss with me the issues that he was finding during the inspection. He even made multiple trips to the house being inspected due to the need for the sellers to make areas accessible. I would highly recommend him for a home inspection.
- J.H., August 2017
Charlie is the best, this was the second time we used him and it was a no brainer to go back. Super thorough, explained everything, very personable. A+ dude
- B.K., Grand Rapids MI, July 2017
Very friendly and answers any questions! Really appreciated Charlie's service.
- M.D., July 2017