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Duane Dolson

Mr. D RV is a Mobile RV Service Company.  Mr. D RV is here to take the guess work out of your next RV purchase. We provide peace of mind to our customers by:

  • Performing thorough RV inspections on new and used RV's
  • Answering questions and briefing clients at the conclusion of the inspection
  • Providing detailed Inspection Reports of our findings  

Buyers aren't our only clients, we help sellers too!  Buyers and sellers both can develop an emotional attachment to an RV, thereby, preventing them from clearly and objectively assessing it's condition.  Mr. D RV will provide an independent and unbiased inspection that helps our client understand the condition of the RV they are about to buy or sell, giving them the confidence to make an informed decision.  We perform thorough inspections at reasonable prices and we also provide oil and coolant analysis.  We are located in Middletown, N.Y. and serve all surrounding areas. We look forward to hearing from you!

Call Mr. D RV today to discuss you inspection needs. 

Phone: (845)-645-6568




NRVIA Certified Level 2 Inspector, RVDA-RVIA Certified Technician, Society of Certified RV Professionals


Mr. D is an active RVer and a Trained Professional. I provide detailed reports on New & Used RV's presenting a clear picture of the RV's condition at the time of the inspection. Make an informed decision! Call Mr. D RV: 845-645-6568.

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Mr. Dolson was truly knowledgeable and made us feel comfortable in purchasing our RV. We live far away from where the RV was, and we needed someone who would do a thorough inspection on our behalf. Mr. Dolson went above and beyond our expectations. He was very responsive and always took our calls or called back quickly. When we received the report, it was incredibly detailed. We were more than satisfied with his performance. Mr. Dolson really takes pride in what he does you can totally tell he loves what he does.
- K.S., Algonquin IL, March 2021
Duane was amazing. He drove four hours to do the inspection on the RV we want to purchase. He was so thorough and his extremely detailed report really helped us understand the issue we need to address with our RV. He reviewed his major findings with us immediately after the inspection and answered all our questions. We highly recommend him!
- G.B., March 2021
This was the first time I had used an RV inspector. I live out of state (900 miles) from where the RV was located. Working with Duane gave me confidence that I knew the condition of the RV I wanted to purchase without seeing it in person. He was extremely thorough, beginning with the first phone call where he explained everything the inspection would entail to the final report that included pictures and descriptions of the RV. He also helped the dealer properly prepare for the inspection as well. All of his correspondence was very professional and timely, and he took the time to explain any questions I had about the results of the inspection. Money well spent!
- H.O., McDonough GA, November 2020
found the little things that would have cost me - I had not seen the vehicle because of distance an was dependent on the report to protect me and I feel that is exactly what occurred - very thankful of the detail in the report
- C.H., October 2020
He did a very thorough job (nearly 8 hour inspection) and called me several times to go over any questions I might have had about things that were in the report. I would definitely use him again if needed and would recommend Duane to anyone.
- L.M., East Falmouth MA, October 2020
Duane was responsive, thorough, and professional. Should I need inspection services in the future I would not hesitate to hire him again.
- R.G., October 2020
Living eight hours from the RV dealership & making a sizeable purchase sight unseen, I realized I needed to find a professional to inspect my new Jayco Seismic 4113 before I signed electronically on the dotted lines. Found Mr. Dolson via an internet search. He contacted me & explained in detail the type of service he provides. I contracted at what I believe was a very reasonable price for his service, travel time (a few hours away from his business address) & the detailed after-action inspection report (with pictures) that he provides. Prior to the inspection I had contacted him multiple times w/concerns I had read online about factory build issues. He noted my concerns and also assured me his inspection would be thorough. After the inspection I received an internet link to the detailed inspection report results and a phone call from Mr. Dolson to go over the results. Because of this I was able to give the Dealership a concise list of items (with details & pictures) that required attention. Certain they were surprised! Very happy that I contracted w/Mr. Dolson. He has given me great peace of mind and I know that he is available to troubleshoot by phone if I have any future concerns. Would most definitely recommend folks contract w/him if planning to buy a recreational vehicle, new or used. ------ V. Bonilla-Foote (Northern VA)
- V.B., August 2020
Duane is very good to work with. His inspection was detailed and communication was good. I would use his services again.
- E.H., West Milford NJ, July 2020
As first time RV owners we didn't know much about what made them function. From the start Duane was a steady hand in helping us make an informed decision to purchase our RV. He explained in very clear terms what his services included, which in turn helped us understand the complexities of this type of vehicle. Being on site while he performed his inspections at the seller's location I witnessed that he performed them in a timely and thorough manner. He then provided us with a prioritized and detailed report on our RV's problem areas within the 48 hour timeframe that he promised. Duane was very polite and respectful when during his inspection the seller placed restrictions on him gaining access to a number of the RV's internal components. He explained to the seller in a very professional manner why it was important to have access to these components. I am not sure if this would have helped the situation in our case , but in light of a seller's potential sensitivity to these matters perhaps in the future he could give the seller a quick overview (on behalf of the buyer) of what his inspection tasks entailed and how long they would take before arriving on site. Duane's post inspection and report follow up services provided us with ample information which went well beyond the findings in his report. Our overall impression of Duane's services was that he provided us with valuable information about our RV which gave us the confidence to purchase it as well as enabling us to follow a road map for addressing its shortcomings and maintaining the vehicle in the future. From a Satisfied Customer, Brad Hathaway
- B.H., June 2020