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Richard Root

Rick and his wife Diann started RVing in 2018 and immediately realized the importance of having an inspection done before taking their brand new class A, even after the dealership did their PDI. From that moment on, Rick became a strong proponent of RV inspection whether you are buying a new or used RV.
Rick attended the National RV Inspector Association course and became a certified inspector. He also participated at the National RV Training Academy and became a registered technician. Rick's RV inspections are detailed and take anywhere from four to eight hours to accomplish. These are the types of assessments RV buyers need when purchasing a new or used RV so that they can make an educated buying decision! Rick likes to say; I expose every Rigs' dirty little secrets.
The NRVIA training and certification Rick obtained can help many RV buyers be more aware of the issues with their future RV before signing on the dotted line. Rick does this by offering certified, in-depth NRVIA RV inspections for his clients. Clients can purchase the RV but can negotiate for the cost to fix those items identified as needing attention before the RV hits the road. Clients can also choose to walk away from the purchase because they do not want to invest in a money pit!

Please feel free to call Rick a (561) 237-5029 or visit


NRVIA Certified RV Inspector, RVTAA Certified RV Technician


Rick is a veteran, retired LEO, and part-time RVer. Rick is detailed orientated and enjoys helping identify each RIG's dirty little secrets in an in-depth inspection report.