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Erik Fisher

Make an RV pre-purchase inspection an essential step in the purchasing process as a consumer.
However, you need to make sure to hire a trusted professional to carry out the inspection process, because buying an RV can indeed be a massive investment. Consider RV Onsite Services LLC, based in Linden, North Carolina, as the #1 source for certified pre-purchase inspections in this area. All inspectors are required to be NRVIA  certified (1) and insured specifically for the inspection service business.
RV ONSITE SERVICES, LLC is an experienced and tested RV repair and maintenance contractor as well, providing services in the immediate area and beyond, maintaining this contractor as the best possible candidate for RV pre-purchase inspection.
When our technician carries out an RV pre-purchase inspection, it will be conducted with the thoroughness and attention to detail to astound you. Although we have been working with RVs and their systems for many years, we approach each new inspection with a newfound energy and enthusiasm. We understand that each inspection affords RV ONSITE SERVICES, LLC a brand-new, make or break opportunity for our staff to prove itself as the area's #1 provider of RV pre-purchase inspections, and we never disappoint. We offer oil and fluid analysis services (Fluid Analysis) with certain levels of inspection, as well as providing maintenance testing for the continued upkeep of your vehicle.
Whereas other RV contractors may feel the need to charge hefty fees for RV pre-purchase inspection (given the essential nature of the service), we are not a part of this thinking. RV Onsite Services offers RV inspections for the best competitive prices, if not lower rates than the competition. We would never want a client to shy away from RV pre-purchase inspection due to lack of funds, only to purchase a faulty or dangerous RV that is going to cost them way more money in damages and repair.
If you want to hire a contractor for RV pre-purchase inspection that you can trust to look out for your best interests, go to Http:// or call (919) 280-0095 today!
(1) Refer to for the standards of ethics and training for inspectors


(NRVIA) Certified Inspector #97 (RVIA) Certified Technician Truma Partner LCI, Dometic & AquaHot Technician


Erik Fisher, Lead inspector of RV Onsite Services, LLC. For over 48 years, Erik lives the RV lifestyle. Erik applies his specialized knowledge helping clients making informed decisions on current or prospective investments.

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Mr. Fisher was an excellent choice for completing our inspection. He is very knowledgeable and made sure that he explained the process to us. He scheduled the inspection and made sure he kept us updated on when he would arrive at the seller's location. Excellent photos and explanation about findings. Highly recommend Mr. Fisher.
- D.B., Nashville NC, March 2022
Highly recommend. Mr Fisher was very prompt, thorough & knowledgeable. We would not consider buying RV without NRVIA inspection.
- R.D., Frostburg MD, December 2021
Inspection was thorough & timely. Website was a little hard to understand. A+
- P.H., July 2020
Probably one of the most thorough inspections I have seen of an RV. Given I was purchasing this RV, sight unseen by me, it was important that the inspection cover everything, including the condition of cabinets, upholstery, flooring, etc. Erik covered it all in great detail.
- C.H., March 2020