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Teresa Willis

Sparkle RV Services offers a full range of RV Services to get you on the road for your next adventure.

Dreaming about your first RV, we can help you discover the best RV for you. Ready to buy, we can make sure you are buying an RV ready for the road instead of ready for the shop. Need help operating and maintaining your RV, we can help you keep your RV on the road for years of adventures.

Sparkle RV Services include purchase and rental assistance, RV basics training and workshops, RV driving and backing lessons, and inspections, maintenance and repair.

RV Purchase & Rental Services
We can help you discover your travel style, your must haves and your negotiables when it comes to which RV to purchase or rent. We can help you determine the best RV models for your travel style. Then we can help you shop for your RV.

RV Inspections
Once you have found an RV that is perfect for you, we offer premier pre-purchase inspections with over 500 points of inspection to ensure that you know exactly what you are buying.

Our inspections arm you with the knowledge to negotiate a reduced sale price or to make repairs, to decide that this is not your RV after all or to buy your RV with the peace of mind that you will not be making costly repairs or spending your summer with your RV in the shop.

RV Basics Training & Workshops

RV Basics Training
Now that you have your new RV, you will want to know how to properly operate and maintain it to keep it on the road for years of adventures. Sparkle RV Services offers new owner training that provides detailed information about the operation, maintenance and troubleshooting for your new RV.

Even if you had a walkthrough at the dealer, they are not as detailed as what we offer. We take the time to make sure you are learning everything you need to know.

Plus, we provide the support to back up your new training. Text or call anytime you have questions.

RV Basics Workshops
We offer RV education workshops throughout the year, or we can schedule a custom workshop for your group.

RV Driving and Backing Lessons
Whether you just bought a driveable or a towable RV, it is important that you know how to safely drive and back your new RV. Even though in most states no special license is required, there are many differences between driving a recreational vehicle and your personal vehicle. And those differences can be the difference between arriving safely at your campsite or being stuck on the side of the road after an accident.

We have a proven method for teaching RV driving and backing. In just 2-4 hours, we will give you the skills and confidence to safely drive and back your new RV.

RV Inspections, Maintenance & Repair

RV Inspections
In addition to our pre-purchase inspection, we offer a life safety, water intrusion and maintenance audit to help you keep your RV ready for the road. There are things you need to do to maintain your RV and we want to help you do that.

RV Maintenance
Once we have identified potential issues in your life safety, water intrusion and maintenance audit, you can do it yourself or we can do it for you. Sparkle RV Services offers roof and exterior service, AC and appliance service, fresh water tank, waste tank and water heater cleaning and sanitizing, and winterizing service.

RV Repair
If you are having problems with your RV, we offer mobile repair services.


NRVIA Certified RV Inspector, RVTAA Registered RV Service Technician


Sparkle RV Services offers a full range of RV Services to get you on the road to your next adventure. Call us today to get your adventure started.

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